The best 2023 Nigerian albums

The Best 2023 Nigerian Albums So far…Ranked

The Best 2023 Nigerian albums so far, Ranked

Here are the best 2023 Nigerian albums so far, ranked by:

  • Lyrical depth
  • Coherence as a body of work
  • Relatability to audience, and,
  • Replay Value


The Best 2023 Nigerian Albums, Ranked:

10) “God’s Engineering 2.0” A-Q

A-Q’s rap game is always amazing, and God’s engineering is just proof that A-Q is establishing the blueprint of his rap game in the Nigerian music scene


9) “Thy Kingdom Come” Seyi Vibez

If there is one true thing, Seyi Vibez has a vault of songs and records songs almost everyday. Because it doesn’t explain how an artist can release two albums conveniently in a year and still top charts conveniently with them. The replay value of Thy Kingdom Come is quite a good one and has endeared listeners to the body of work since its release

☆Rating: 6.1/10


8) “Patient Zero” Monaky

The best 2023 Nigerian albums

The comparison of Monaky’s sound and voice to that of Burna Boy’s own is not a disrespectful one. Although the measure of artistry and sound cannot be compared, the talent can. Monaky’s debut album “Patient Zero” has such sonic quality in reference to songs like “House Party”, “Siren” and “Payroll” are wonderful listens.

☆Rating: 6.3/10


7) “Avana” Olivetheboy

 2023 Nigerian albums

Yes, it’s an EP, but it would be disrespectful not to include this body of work on the list. Olivetheboy’s ‘Goodsin” took Nigerians by surprise because of the sonic quality of the song from an upcoming artist. The project itself is such an amazing music experience that doesn’t fall short of the hunger of an upcoming artist trying to gain recognition and prove that he has what it takes to be top-tier

☆Rating: 6.5/10


6) “Rave and Roses” Ultra Version

2023 Nigerian albums

“Rave and Roses” was an okay album when it dropped, but for a few hits that made sound like a really good album. However, with “Charm”, “Holiday” and “Calm Down Remix”, Rema seems to have evolved overnight to dish such amazing sounds that toppled most of the songs on the original album.

☆Rating: 6.8/10


5)  “Legend or no Legend” Wande Coal

When legends come back to make albums, it’s okay to title the album “Legend or no legends”. Wande Coal’s album was quite a listen, and although it shouldn’t be compared to his previous body of works, it is an enjoyable listen.

☆Rating: 6.8/10


4) “Body and Soul” Joeboy

“Body and Soul” might not have made enough “noise” upon release, but not only was it commercially successful, it gave a lot of Joeboy’s fans satisfaction because of the quality of his sound.

True, the album did not show a considerable evolution in Joeboy’s artistry or his desire to perfect his sound more. However, it has a satisfactory listen and revolves around the theme of finding love and trust in a relationship. “Body and Soul” by Joeboy is by far one of the best 2023 Nigerian albums so far

☆Rating: 6.9/10


3) “Work of Art” by Asake

The best 2023 Nigerian albums

Asake’s debut projects took the world by storm because his sound was nothing like we’ve heard before in Afrobeats. The way he could piece together the most meaningless adlibs and turn them into something rhythmic and “vibey” was something Nigerians could not get over. Meanwhile, with “Work of Art”, Asake is on a traction of perfecting his art and making people see that he has grown so much. On the album, very few songs bear resemblance in production to his erstwhile projects.

Asake’s “Work of art” stands out as one of the best 2023 Nigerian albums.

Outstanding Songs: Sunshine, Basquiat, Lonely at the top, Olorun

☆Rating: 7.2/10


2) “Boy Alone” Deluxe by Omah Lay

The best 2023 Nigerian albums

Boy Alone was an album that grew on people. It didn’t entirely make waves upon release but upon frequent listens, has grown so much on people that it has one of the most long-running hit songs on Boomplay “Soso” despite being released in 2022. Omah Lay’s efforts in sticking to the theme of sadness, loneliness and depression that he went through in life and its influence on the album is unparalleled. With its deluxe, Omah Lay proves that it is indeed one of the greatest Nigerian debut albums ever.

“Boy Alone” deluxe is easily one of the best 2023 Nigerian albums so far

Outstanding Songs: Reason, Soso, Bend You, Woman

☆Rating: 7.4/10


1) “Timeless” by Davido

Timeless by Davido best 2023 Nigerian albums

One thing that makes Timeless different from most of Davido’s album is the amount of intentionality that went into making it a body of work. Unlike its predecessor- “A Better Time”- which is just a bunch of collaborations with some a-list artists (although offering some good songs), Timeless is more calm well-curated. Infact, the collaborations on the album feature a load of unknown artists who haven’t even had their own songs or are relatively unknown. Songs like “So far, “Timeless” by Davido is the Best 2023 Nigerian album.

Outstanding songs: Kante, No Competition, LCND, In the Garden, Over Dem

☆Rating: 7.5/10


The Best 2023 Nigerian albums so far:

  1. Timeless by Davido
  2. Boy Alone Deluxe by Omah Lay
  3. Work of Art by Asake
  4. Body and Soul by Joeboy
  5. Legend or No Legend by Wande Coal
  6. Rave and Roses Ultra Version by Rema
  7. Avana by Olivetheboy
  8. Patient Zero by Monaky
  9. Thy Kingdom Come by Seyi Vibez
  10. God’s Engineering by A-Q

That’s the list of the best 2023 Nigerian albums so far. Thoughts?


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