April 16, 2024

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The Scoove Africa is a News, Media, A&R and Entertainment Blog that exposes users to exhaustive and credible content across mediums like Organic Search Engines.


Music Lyrics

Majorly, The Scoove Africa updates users about the lyrics to their favorite songs so they don’t have to hum along while they are jamming these songs.

We write music lyrics majorly for Nigerian songs but there are some cases where we branch out and write lyrics for foreign songs upon popular demand. You can easily access our music lyrics catalog here or when you search your favorite Nigerian song lyrics on Google.

Check out on of our most popular music lyric here: Mavin “Overdose” Lyrics


Album Reviews

We feed users the latest music news and write Album reviews. Most of our popular Album reviews can be accessed when you search for a review of your favorite Nigerian album on Google or other search engines.


Check out one of our most popular album reviews: {Review}: Fireboy’s “Playboy” Album has no skips


Music News


Everyone wants to know what’s going on in the music industry and this is where we come in! We make sure we get our facts right and inform you.

We also compile a list of the best Nigerian albums for each year, The Best Nigerian Songs, The most listened to Nigerian artists on Spotify, The most watched Nigerian YouTube Videos yearly and for the past 10 years!



Yes! This is not an exception. Our movie News catalog is very interesting. We have news on all you need to know about your favorite movies: Anikulapo Movie, Blood Sisters, Glamor Girls…They are all on Google for you to read!


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