Fireboy playboy album review

{Review}: Fireboy’s “Playboy” Album has no skips

Fireboy DML Playboy Album Review

Here is a review of Fireboy Dml’s Playboy Album by The Scoove Africa

Fireboy Playboy Album Review

Fireboy DML “Playboy” album has all hits and no skips. The replay value peaks at an 80%.

There is a confluence of maturity and sound evolution that Fireboy exudes. The growth is undeniable.

Change sounds like an actually suitable intro for an album like this, and not the stereotypical album intros that most singers do. Of all 2022 Nigerian Albums, only Rema’s Rave and Roses, and Fireboy’s Playboy Album have had the best intros so far.

Playboy Album review

Playboy Tracklist

Change is a song about fame, but Fireboy says he’s ready for it all. Change sets the best tone for Playboy album.

While Bandana begins the album majorly by stating how big Fireboy DML is, Asake’s chorus helps make the song catchy and memorable.

Playboy Album review also shows that a blend of Asake’s glibs and Fireboy DML’s lyrics is amazing on Bandana and it’s easily one of the hits of Playboy album.

Ashawo is another hit off Playboy album, and it will most likely make more streams and stand out among other songs off Playboy album.



The song is a natural hit song. It literally doesn’t need promotion.

Fireboy playboy album review shows that Fireboy sings Ashawo from the standpoint of Ashawo being a men as well as women’s thing- not what women do alone. Being an Ashawo is not by standing at the side of the road at night.

It’s about being with people because of other added “advantage” and not because you really want it. It’s a need, not a want.

And the unpredictable feelings of human beings makes us susceptible to being an Ashawo. Although it would have been better if Fireboy didn’t line hits back to back based on the track sequencing.

But the truth is that most, if not all the songs on this album have a considerable replay value.

Playboy is a hit, we all know that, so there is no point establishing whether or not this song fits into Playboy Album.



The song queues behind Ashawo, but based on Track sequencing, it should have come before Ashawo. However, it is understandable that it comes after Ashawo because it’s a new song and Playboy is a single off the album.

So far, Adore is the least “hit” on this song, but it is definitely a good song. The lyrics of Adore, as well as the talk rap of Euro at the beginning, makes it sound like a really good song.

Fireboy “Ashawo” Lyrics

Fireboy may be a Playboy, but he is definitely hooked on a girl who has broken his heart, but he still really loves her. Meanwhile, Adore has the least power, even though it’s a really pleasant listen.

Sofri sounds so much like a common song and it sounds like a really vibey song, but the theme is too common. Don’t get it wrong.

Sofri may most likely make it as one of the hits on this album, but it’s definitely not in the top 9 songs.

Diana would have been a really catchy song if the hook/chorus of “Diana” had been really worked on to make it sticky in such a way that you listen to it and you honestly can’t get over it.

The amount of lyricism dedicated to this track is not as much as that of “Bandana” or “Playboy”, but one thing that stands out on this album is how the Mixing and Production stands out and makes the delivery on the song reach out to us.

Where the lyrics fall behind, the production and delivery step up. Also, it’s almost hard to catch Chris Brown on this song.

Kudos to Fireboy DML for actually featuring Rema on a song that talks about Compromise with a lady.

Right now, as depicted in Rave and Roses, Rema is all about being the Playboy whom every lady wants to sleep with, and he seems to be having his fun.

But Fireboy DML is saying that he is the pro; the player, and the being a player sometimes requires compromise. The nice thing is that Rema actually does well on the song. The chorus also makes Compromise a really catchy listen.

Timoti is a capable hit, but if Nigerians can’t relate to the glibs, it might be the least successful song on this album. Of course, that does not mean it’s not better than Adore in terms of street Relatability.

Both Peru songs are the best songs on the album.



And it’s a really smart call that Fireboy DML decided to include both songs on the album. They both deserved to make the cut and we definitely didn’t get tired of listening to it.

Okay, Afro Highlife is a justice to the genre itself. This song speaks of originality, it speaks of reminiscence.

It is raw, and that’s what proves Fireboy DML is an artist, not just a singer. Afro Highlife is easily one of the best songs on this album.

Of all the songs on Playboy Album, Having Fun sounds the least replay-able. Still a good song because of the sheer authenticity of Fireboy in stating how he has so many temptations.

Glory is too stereotypical as an album closer. It almost downplays the album because it doesn’t make the album end with a bang. Meanwhile, the other hit songs on the album make us want to listen to the album as many times as we possibly can.

Glory is a story of Fireboy DML himself, and had it been as synonymous in theme and style to the other songs, it would have been the best album closer.


Fireboy Playboy Album Review

Fireboy DML “Playboy” album has all hits and no skips. The relay value peaks at an 80%. There is a confluence of maturity and sound evolution that Fireboy exudes. The growth is undeniable.



Delivery: 1.5/2

Relatability: 1.4/2

Lyricism: 1.6/2

Replay Value: 1.7/2

Mixing and Production: 1.4/2

☆Total: 7.6/10


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Playboy Album Review shows that by far, it is the best 2022 Nigerian Album so far. And it has a huge tendency that it maintains this position.

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