Advertise with us

Advertise with us

The Scoove Africa is a huge media and Entertainment blog with several hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. Every day we get unique visitors from several countries in the world.

At the end of the month, out stats show us that we get visits from at least 185 countries in the world.

88% of our traffic comes organically, i.e. directly from search Engines such as Google and Bing (especially Google). This explains the influx of unique visitors we get per day.

The remaining percentage comes from direct traffic made on our blog. This is through someone clicking a link to read a post after they already came to our site through a search engine.

Why You Should Advertise With Us

For brand exposure, simply put. We have hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and you can bet that we can help you expose your brand to our blog community.

Our Users

Our Users are majorly here for music, movies and entertainment content. 

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