lonely at the top lyrics meaning Asake

Asake “Lonely at the top” lyrics Meaning {Fully explained}

Lonely at the top lyrics meaning

Here is the meaning of the lyrics of lonely at the top by Asake


Asake lonely at the top lyrics meaning

Lonely at the top lyrics meaning emphasizes that while it may be lonely at the top, he doesn’t care. As long as he is making enough money and enjoying his life, he doesn’t care how lonely it is. Afterall, it is better to be lonely at the top and rich, than to be surrounded with people who you don’t even fully trust, and be poor

Lonely at the top lyrics meaning by Asake asserts that being successful and reaching the top of your field is a remarkable achievement that deserves recognition and admiration. However, it’s important to acknowledge that success often comes with its own set of challenges, and one of them can be the feeling of loneliness.

In fact, he even infers now that being popular means that he gets more girls than before, and he doesn’t mind if he “steals” them and their attention away as that is what fame and talent affords him.

This is why the lyrics say:

Ọ́lọ-lọlade maa n gb’ọmọ lọ (Gb’ọmọ lọ)
Bọrọkọtọ idi ṣ’ọmọ lọ (Ṣ’ọmọ lọ)
Ẹ fi wọn s’ilẹ jẹ kan ma lọ

Which roughly translates too: “Ololade goes home with the women/the fat-buttocked women”

When you strive for greatness and dedicate yourself to your goals, it’s natural to face moments of isolation. The path to success often requires sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance, which can result in limited time for personal relationships and connections. As you ascend the ladder of success, you may find yourself standing alone at the summit.


What does lonely at the top by Asake mean

But remember, being lonely at the top doesn’t mean you are truly alone. It’s crucial to realize that your success has been built upon the support, mentorship, and collaboration of others along the way. Reflect upon the relationships you have forged, the team members who have contributed to your achievements, and the friends and family who have stood by your side.


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Use your position of influence and success to foster connections and give back to those who have supported you. Reach out to like-minded individuals who share your drive and ambitions. Seek out communities of peers, mentors, or fellow professionals who can provide guidance, understanding, and a sense of camaraderie.

Additionally, lonely at the top lyrics meaning implores him to remember to prioritize self-care and personal fulfillment. Take moments to step back from your relentless pursuit of success and engage in activities that bring you joy and nourish your soul. Cultivate hobbies, pursue passions outside of your professional life, and find balance between work and personal relationships.

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Asake also uses lonely at the top  to establish that true fulfillment comes not only from personal accomplishments but also from making a positive impact on the lives of others. Seek opportunities to give back to your community, support causes you are passionate about, and use your success as a platform for creating a better world.

Being successful and reaching the top of your field is an incredible achievement that requires dedication, hard work, and perseverance and this is what Asake has done repeatedly. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the journey to success can sometimes be a lonely one. Despite the accolades and recognition, you may find yourself feeling isolated or disconnected from others. In those moments, it’s essential to remember a few things:

Success is often accompanied by material wealth and achievements. Asake implores us to take time to appreciate the blessings in your life and express gratitude for the opportunities you’ve been given. Gratitude can shift your perspective and remind you of the meaningful aspects of your journey, helping you find fulfillment beyond external markers of success.

That’s lonely at the top lyrics meaning

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Ahmed Ololade Asake who goes by the stage name Asake is a Nigerian singer-songwriter who was born in Lagos State, Nigeria, in the late 1990s.

At a young age, he found his musical talent, which led him to begin sharing freestyles as a means of amusing others online in his early days.

With his song “Omo Ope” topping the Nigerian Apple music charts, Asake, commonly known as “Mr Money,” is currently one of the promising young stars in the Nigerian music industry.

Some have compared his singing style to Bella Shmurda, Barry Jhay, and Zinoleesky, however his voice is softer and deeper.

Due to his incredible voice and skillful use of words, he is one of the few up-and-coming musicians with the potential to dominate the Nigerian music scene. This is not surprising to many of his fans.

He began performing at a young age and posted several freestyles online, which helped him gain popularity with his audience.

They enjoyed listening to his songs until he gained more visibility with the aid of some Nigerian influencers, including Sydney Talker, Broda Shaggi, and Tunde Ednut.

He is a committed musician who has gone by the stage name Asake ever since he became a rising celebrity.

Asake was born and reared by parents from the Yoruba tribe in the country’s western part in Lagos, Nigeria.

He spent the majority of his formative years in the country’s southwest before moving on to study theater and performing arts at the esteemed Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife, Osun State. Later, he moved to Lagos State to further his musical career.

He allegedly dabbled in dancing throughout the course of his career and performed as a dancer on various occasions, but he never considered it a job.

But he was determined to fully focus on being a musician due to his intense love for music. In 2020, he dropped his debut single, “Mr Money,” further establishing himself as one of the most promising musicians in the Nigerian music scene.

Later, he released other songs, including “Omo Ope” with Olamide, which became popular and peaked at No. 1 on the Nigerian Apple Music list in February 2022.

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