Omah lay reason lyrics meaning

Omah lay “Reason” lyrics meaning {Fully Explained}

Omah lay Reason lyrics meaning {Explained}

Here are the meaning of the lyrics of Reason by Omah Lay


Omah Lay Reason lyrics meaning {Verse 1}

How long will it take you to realize?
I don’t know who to run to right now
Army is opening heavy fire
I’m unsafe, but I’m still out here

In the first verse, Omah lay draws a comparison between an army opening “heavy fire” and his current life situation. The “heavy fire” the army is opening is used to represent the plethora of things life is throwing at him now so much that he realizes that he doesn’t have anyone to run to but to face the situation and fight it even though he knows he is not mentally or emotionally stable to stand against it. Hence, the use of the constant word “fighting” in the song.


Reason lyrics meaning {Pre-Chorus}

What are we doing my dear, my dear? (Fighting)
I surrender you myself, myself (Fighting)
My hands are in the air, in the air (Fighting)
Only time will tell the difference clear

At this point, Omah Lay questions the whole purpose of fighting against something you are definitely going to lose to- or maybe just for him as he considers that he doesn’t have enough willpower to fight the current situation he is in. He wants to surrender to those situations and the “heavy fire” he is receiving. Infact, this might have come from the realization that the fight and struggles will go on forever and he doesn’t just have enough strength to do that. He wants to be rid of the constant encouragement to fight and feel strong


Omah Lay Reason lyrics meaning {Chorus}

What is the reason you do not have your own peace of mind?
Are you having fun or are you doing this thing to survive?
Are you taking the pictures of every memories of your life?
What’s the reason why we’re still out here?

In the chorus, the song reaches its peak as Omah Lay, now assuming a first person and separating himself from the song, asks the person he is supposedly addressing (the listeners of course) why they might not experience peace of mind or the willpower to feel at ease or go through life with some shred of happiness. 


“Soso” lyrics Meaning by Omah Lay {Fully Explained}


Omah lay reason lyrics  meaning wants to know if we (the listeners) are just acting like passengers in our own life rather than observing it and taking pictures of every moment with our minds so we can cherish it. The goal is to steer the listeners towards understanding the importance of making the most out of life and cherishing every moment.

It is when we remember these moments that the feelings of joy and fulfillment come flooding back and we feel whole. However, when we don’t pay attention to them, we can’t remember them well and we feel lost and hopeless.


Reason lyrics Meaning {Verse 2}

Shekeleke give me one, better finger two
Make a nigga suit and tie, let him fly like you
Showing you the route, you tryna untie my shoes
Is that good?

What are we doing my dear, my dear? (Fighting)
I surrender you myself, myself (Fighting)
My hands are in the air, in the air (Fighting)
Only time will tell the difference clear

What is the reason you do not have your own peace of mind?
Are you having fun or are you doing this thing to survive?
Are you taking the pictures of every memories of your life?
What’s the reason why we’re still out here?


Here, Omah Lay reason lyrics meaning speaks against holding others back and not showing them how we have become successful just because we don’t want them to compete with us or have the same things we do. He says “Make a nigga suit and tie, make him fly like you”- which translates to simply lifting others when we are at the top. 

Meanwhile, he also speaks against those that pull you down when you’ve pulled them up because they never wanted you to succeed in the first place. This is why he said “Show you the road you try untie my shoes”, I.e prevent me from making progress. Here, Omah Lay reason lyrics meaning points out that we are our own problems.


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Stanley Omah Didia (born 19 May 1997), known professionally as Omah Lay, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He gained widespread recognition in early 2020 after his self-produced single, “Bad Influence”, went viral on social media.

Stanley Omah Didia was raised in the Nigerian city of Port Harcourt. He was born on May 19 1997, He hails from Egbeda, Emohua, Rivers Local Government Area in Rivers State.

He attended Comprehensive High School in Rivers State before proceeding to the University of Port Harcourt.

He comes from a musical family and his grandfather played instruments for the singer Celestine Ukwu before he died in 1977. Lay’s father played the drums.

What is the meaning of reason by Omah Lay

Omah Lay started out in a rap group under the stage name “Lil King.” He later moved on to songwriting and music producing, which went largely uncredited, and as a result of that, he released “Do Not Disturb” in April 2019. “Hello Brother” was released a month after.

He signed to a record label named KeyQaad in June 2019, and took a seven month break.

During the break, he worked on his debut EP, Get Layd. He told OkayAfrica, “I started working on it August [of 2019]. At some point I had to go off social media, stay away from a lot of things and keep my head straight to get the project right. The first song I’d recorded on Get Layd was ‘Bad Influence.’ I’d done that way before the songs we had to put on the project.”

Following the break, he released “Bad Influence,” which became the most streamed Nigerian song on Apple Music at the end of 2020.

On 14 February 2020, Lay released “You,” his first official single. He released his five-track debut EP, Get Layd on 22 May 2020.

The EP peaked at number one on the Nigerian Apple Music charts.

All five songs from the EP reached the top 15 of the Apple Music charts for Nigeria, with “You” peaking at number one.

In October, Lay appeared on Olamide’s album Carpe Diem, on the track “Infinity”, which topped the Apple Music charts for Nigeria.

On 20 November, Lay released his second five-track EP, What Have We Done. All five tracks reached the top 12 of the Apple Music charts for Nigeria, with “Godly” reaching number one.

On 3 July 2020, Lay was the first artist highlighted for Apple’s Africa Rising Campaign to spotlight African talent.

In December 2020, he was included in BBC Radio 1Xtra’s annual “Hot for 2021” list.

He was the first African artist featured on Audiomack’s #Up Now program for emerging artists; was included in Montreux Jazz Festival’s “20 artists to watch in 2021”;and was named BET’s Amplified International Artist of the Month for November 2020.He is currently signed to Dvpper Music Distribution in Nigeria, and Sire Records for international distribution. He was nominated in four categories at the 2020 Headies Awards, winning the Next Rated award.


On 25 June 2021, Lay was featured alongside fellow Nigerian singer Alpha P on Nigerian producer Masterkraft’s official remix of Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s single, “Peaches”. On 8 July 2021, Lay released a new single, “Understand”.

On 3 March 2022, he released a collaboration with Bieber, “Attention”, which serves as the second collaboration between the two artists


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