25 thoughts on ““Soso” lyrics Meaning by Omah Lay {Fully Explained}

  1. Soso is a River Goddess that got him possessed or initiated in one occult but I think he’s kind of broke a rule/commandment and he’s still suffering the torment by not having peace of mind …by having pains and anguish and here now he’s kind of rendering an apology to the river Goddess Calling on her to take away his pain

  2. I think there’s a bigger story here….if you look at the video it’s talking about the African slave story….it’s taken right at the harbour ….next to the sea….with Omaha lay kneeling down….Infront of an African God….who seems to be sharing in his pain but allowing it any way…he then gets surrounded by African girls wearing black ..as they paint his face with all sorts of colours perhaps foreshadowing the different races he has had to encounter ….it’s a bigger story about africa

    1. What I can decipher from the lyrics is that he’s heartbroken wether by someone close or far, but the video depict he’s heartbroken for real wether by situation he’s in or something phenomenal we listeners can’t understand.. ire oo

  3. Soso is a deity to me cos if you check the video out you will notice omah kneeling in front of a deity like being initiated and. And if you listen to the lyrics as well he mentioned something like breaking commandment and begging his mother not to vex. And also saying if you have mind come do wetin he do, so to me it seems omah is initiated into some kind of supernatural spirit for fame and money.

  4. I don’t think soso is a gods or woman
    Soso simply means ‘please’ in ogoni and as a Rivers boy he just using the language to please.

  5. Soso take my pain away
    We all have dt one person who takes our pain away 😔😔😔😭I love this song t

  6. Que análise incrível!
    Me ajudou muito a entender a música.
    Ao meu ver Soso é uma divindade, um Deus.
    Na minha cultura seria ‘ senhor tire minhas dores’ ou “Deus tire minhas dúvidas’ …

      1. He has deside to worship anther god and he call up to is mum to forgive him for what he, committed. The diety has once come to is recuse dat y is calling on him

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