Soso lyrics meaning Omah Lay

“Soso” lyrics Meaning by Omah Lay {Fully Explained}

Soso lyrics Meaning by Omah Lay

Based on popular demand. Here is Soso lyrics Meaning by Omah Lay Fully Explained 



Omah Lay Soso lyrics Meaning {Explained}

Soso lyrics speaks mainly to Omah Lay’s pain and how it becomes almost impossible for him to explain why he is going through the things he is going through or why he is doing the things he is doing. Omah Lay does not hold back in showing that his involuntary actions come from a place of pain. 

This is relatable in the sense that we are always at that point in our lives where we feel like everything is going wrong but there is just one person who gets us- someone that can take all the pain away- for Omah Lay- that person is Soso- Most likely a Woman- some sort of goddess or deity

Also, Soso lyrics meaning can be said to be about a lady who understands him so much that he asks her to take away his pains because he is tired of having them. Here, soso lyrics meaning may indicate that the lady may not necessarily be his lover but may be his mother because he mentions her name severally and says “maami”. 

The reason for this is not far-fetched because when Omah Lay expatiates on how he has been in such a place that he can’t control himself again, he calls to the woman in question to come take away his pain because apparently, she has done it before and he is imploring her to come do it again.


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Soso as a Deity/Goddess

Soso could also be a deity, and, infact, the music video of the song and the way Omah Lay uses the word “Soso” in the song implies that it has a very high chance of being about a deity whom Omah Lay calls out to to take away his pain and anguish

Here, Soso might not be a woman, and even if she were, she would be a deity or some type of goddess whom Omah Lay implores to take away all his pains so he could feel whole again.


That’s Soso lyrics meaning by Omah Lay

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Soso is relatable because of the way Omah Lay channels his pain through this song. He unabashedly states that he has been in such a place that has brought him so much pain and he can’ explain why he is doing most of the things he is doing.

He even mentions that he cut off his dreadlocks and he can’ explain why. He cries so much because he is so pained and that’s why he calls on Soso to come share the pain with him and take the pain away.

Soso meaning omah lay

Also, Soso lyrics makes this song relatable. We all have that person that can take our pain away when we share it with them and that’s what Omah Lay implies with Soso.

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Omah’ delivery on Soso may not be the perfect one, but he definitely nailed the song in terms of making us feel what he is going through.

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Replay Value

Soso lyrics, as well as its extreme Relatability, makes Soso have a high replay value. First, the hook “Soso take my pain” is so catchy and has even been used in so many dance challenges both on Tik Tok and Instagram. So yes, Soso stands out.


Official song lyrics 

Soso take my pain away
Soso take my pain (Away, away)
Soso take my pain away
Soso take my pain
Soso take my pain away
Soso take my pain
Soso take my pain away
Soso take my pain (Mad)

Ah-ah, ah-ah
All of the things them talk,
I no dey hear, hear
Try wetin I do if you no dey fear, fear
One mind dey tell me to disappear, ‘pear
Soso come and help me oh ’cause

I don pray, mami
I don break, commandment
I can’t stay for one place
For God’s sake
Oh, my dear
Come take my pain away from me, oh

Soso take my pain away
Soso take my pain away
(Soso, please, come take my pain away)
Soso take my pain away
(Soso, Soso, Soso, Soso)
Soso take my pain away
(Take my pain)

Shibiri, shibiri, shibiri
They are talking shit shibiri
Water no get enemy
‘Til you fall for Oshimiri
I poto, poto my eyes
Ten shots, high rise
Touch God, I cry
Offshore, cut my
Girlie, me I don pray, maami

I don break, commandment
I can’t stay for one place
For God’s sake, my bae
Come and ginger me
Only you dey feel my pains
Give me vitamins wey go
take these pains away
Soso, oh, Soso, Soso, oh

Soso take my pain away
Soso take my pain away
(Soso, please, come take my pain away)
Soso take my pain away
(Soso, Soso, Soso, Soso)

Soso take my pain away
(Take my pain away)
Soso take my pain away
(Take my pain away)
Soso take my pain away
Soso take my pain away
Soso take my pain

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The young man just sold his soul

Soso is a very bad song that boy do not know God 🙏🙏🙏🙏

He singing the way he feels

I think there’s a bigger story here….if you look at the video it’s talking about the African slave story….it’s taken right at the harbour ….next to the sea….with Omaha lay kneeling down….Infront of an African God….who seems to be sharing in his pain but allowing it any way…he then gets surrounded by African girls wearing black they paint his face with all sorts of colours perhaps foreshadowing the different races he has had to encounter ….it’s a bigger story about africa

What I can decipher from the lyrics is that he’s heartbroken wether by someone close or far, but the video depict he’s heartbroken for real wether by situation he’s in or something phenomenal we listeners can’t understand.. ire oo

Osinachi Eze

Omay lay combined heart break and spirituality in this song
no reason am far make u no craze

Soso is a deity to me cos if you check the video out you will notice omah kneeling in front of a deity like being initiated and. And if you listen to the lyrics as well he mentioned something like breaking commandment and begging his mother not to vex. And also saying if you have mind come do wetin he do, so to me it seems omah is initiated into some kind of supernatural spirit for fame and money.

This is a really good write up

I don’t think soso is a gods or woman
Soso simply means ‘please’ in ogoni and as a Rivers boy he just using the language to please.

So what is now the commandment he btoke… Soso is s god or deity
Take note

I think Soso means “Hurry up” or “fast”

Soso take my pain away
We all have dt one person who takes our pain away 😔😔😔😭I love this song t

Thanks for the song nice one 👍


Soso in my own word is a water goddess

So-so is a marine spirit

Sebastião Amorim

Que análise incrível!
Me ajudou muito a entender a música.
Ao meu ver Soso é uma divindade, um Deus.
Na minha cultura seria ‘ senhor tire minhas dores’ ou “Deus tire minhas dúvidas’ …

The Scoove Africa

Je suis contente que tu ames

Soso is an entity a god or deity….not a woman

The Scoove Africa

Thanks for this amazing perspective! She could be a woman who is a deity.

He has deside to worship anther god and he call up to is mum to forgive him for what he, committed. The diety has once come to is recuse dat y is calling on him

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