Victony Soweto Lyrics Meaning

Victony “Soweto” Lyrics Meaning { Fully Explained}

Victony Soweto Lyrics Meaning

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Victony Soweto Lyrics Meaning (Verse 1)

{Verse 1}
Call all your brokoto
No go dey slogodo oh
Body dey draw me like ogbono oh
Body Dey rise my tonono oh
I say call all your brokoto no go dey slogodo oh
Girlie dey burst my bololo oh
Girl make I salute your commodore oh 

Soweto Lyrics meaning by Victony in verse 1 implies that someone- most likely his friend, should call all the sexy ladies he can find because Victony feels horny.

Brokoto” is a slang to describe luscious women. 

Victony implores his friend to not be sluggish in doing so, as seen with the term “No go dey slogodo oh”- which means “Don’t act sluggish in calling the luscious women”.

Soweto lyrics meaning further progresses in verse 1 when Victony confirms how horny he is by saying “Body dey draw me like Ogbono”. He compares his body’s desires of wanting sex to the reaction of Ogbono– a popular tasty soup.

He then proceeds by saying that the girl makes him feel crazy. The “bololo” refers to his male organ, and he asks to take control/appreciate her body, when he says “Make I salute your commodore”

Soweto Lyrics Meaning (Chorus)

Girl if you balanciego
I give you paper
Oh no go do me Diego, my Maradona
Girl if I lap your soweto, na Maphorisa
Girlie your back e be tornado
And I go follow your craze go
Craze go 

Victony Soweto lyrics meaning here sees the singer boasting that if all she wants is designers, he is more than willing to buy it for her.

There is the mention of the designer “Balenciaga” with the combination of the word “ego” which means “Money”. Victony promises to give her “paper”.

Here, Victony reveals the meaning of “Soweto”. Soweto meaning by Victony implies a lady’s backside. Victony says “If I lap your Soweto (backside), Na Maphorisa.

He further states that her backside is like a “Tornado” because it has a wrecking effect on him

Victony Soweto Lyrics Meaning (Verse 2)

Tunde don dey Craze oh
Ehhh for your waist oh
And I go pay for your lace oh
I go dey for your ways oh
Tunde don dey Craze oh
Ehhh for your waist oh
And I go pay for your lace oh
I go dey for your ways oh 

Here, Soweto lyrics meaning is used by Victony to infer that another man- whose name is Tunde, is equally obsessed with the girl’s backside.

He says “Tunde do dey craze o” which means “Tunde is going crazy” because of the lady’s waist. She is so desirable that every man wants her

Soweto Meaning by Victony

Soweto” means a lady’s backside, and Victony says he is very obsessed with it as any man can be.



Anthony Ebuka Victor (born 5 January 2001), known professionally as Victony is a Nigerian singer, rapper and songwriter.

He is from the Orsu local government area of Imo State.

He was influenced while growing up by artist like davido, wizkid, mi, falz etc, He is signed to a Nigerian record label called Mainland BlockParty and Jungle Records.

He released a debut studio album Saturn, in August 2020. He released his first single titled Ina Benz, which was his first appearance in the music industry.

Vict0ny first came unto the scene when he traded rap verses with Ladipoe on his revival Sunday series. He made his debut with a mixtape on SoundCloud titled The Outlaw King, the reason he is still known as “The Outlaw King”.

The mixtape was followed by covers of international hit records like “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B,[6] “Moonlight” by XXXTentacion, and “On the Low” by Burna Boy.

Soweto Lyrics Meaning Victony

Victony started off as a rapper but later switched and started releasing R&B, trap music, and Afropop records.

2021 started with his record “Pray” gaining traction, a song that was released after he was in a car crash. He got his biggest break in October 2021 when he teamed up with Mayorkun on the song “Holy Father”.

The song was number one on Apple Music Nigeria and peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Top Triller Global charts in December 2021.

He later collaborated with Grammy Award-winning producer Rexxie on an EP called Nataraja.


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