goodsin lyrics by olivetheboy

“Goodsin” lyrics by Olivetheboy

Goodsin Lyrics by Olivetheboy

Here are the lyrics of Goodsin by Olivetheboy



Olivetheboy Goodsin lyrics

Keep quiet keep quiet …
A moment of silence for my baby
Don’t talk let me talk

{Verse 1}
Loving You girl no get holyday
I do am all day everyday mmmm
I need no one like I need you
O nah nah

Loving u girl it get Pom Pom
shey you go know how I want de Pom Pom shey oo
I need no one like I need you o
Onah nah mm shower body down and come my lover mmm
Make I dirty you well with my love laa laa


And I say hop on my bed,
let’s sin baby come on good sin good sin
no be bad sin good sin good sin no be bad good sin alhamdulai
Baby let sin good sin baby come on
Good sin good sin, come on good sin alhamdulai


{Verse 2}
Bring out the dirty part of me,
She bringing out dirt on my clean bed
Do you see the irony?
Shit is so funny
Lady am I right?

She feeling all nice
Say she gon die,
She fainting, oya come online
She missed my eyes, cos when I hop in it,
I look straight in it walahi!

Shower body down and come my lover,
Ooo laa laa
Make I dirty you well with my love laa laa
Oh I say
Shower body down and come my lover
Make I dirty you again,
That’s cos 90s baby

And I say hop on my bed,
let’s sin baby come on good sin good sin
no be bad sin good sin good sin no be bad good sin alhamdulai
Baby let sin good sin baby come on
Good sin good sin, come on good sin alhamdulai


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He says falling in love with the girl, even though it might be considered a sin or something bad, feels so good even though it’s wrong and he doesn’t mind at all, because it brings so much pleasure and happiness for him.

Goodsin Lyrics Olivetheboy is about the trust that Olivetheboy establishes with a lady because she has the capacity to cool him down and hold his hand. Here, Goodsin by Olivetheboy points to the fact that the lady knows what exactly Olivetheboy wants because the lady knows what he needs every time.

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Goodsin lyrics by Olivetheboy is about how a lady has offered so much stability to Olivetheboy’s life that he can’t do without her.
Olivetheboy goodsin lyrics

He wants to hold her hand every time and make her hold his hand too. To an extent, Goodsin Lyrics by Olivetheboy proves that relationships can be about helping each other recover in such a way that it becomes almost impossible to be separate from each other. According to Goodsin Lyrics Olivetheboy, whenever he is broken, she offers him such stability; such calmness.

According to the singer, engaging in sexual activities for pleasure allows individuals to experience intense physical sensations and pleasure. The release of endorphins during sex can create feelings of euphoria and relaxation, contributing to an overall sense of well-being. And he doesn’t consider this a sin at all.

Also, Engaging in pleasurable intimate activities can foster emotional intimacy and strengthen the bond between partners. Sharing intimate moments of pleasure can deepen trust, enhance communication, and promote a sense of closeness and connection. This is why Goodsin Lyrics by Olivetheboy goes as far as establishing that it might be a good thing afterall.

Olivetheboy further explains that engaging in sex for pleasure encourages exploration and creativity in the bedroom. It provides an opportunity for individuals and couples to experiment with different techniques, positions, fantasies, and role-playing, enhancing the excitement and novelty in their sexual experiences.

For him, Pleasurable sex is linked to improved overall well-being. It contributes to a sense of happiness, fulfillment, and contentment in life. The positive effects of sexual pleasure can extend beyond the bedroom, influencing other aspects of an individual’s life, including work


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The calm delivery by Olivetheboy on this song is what is needed. It is so cool; so amazing that it makes Goodsin flow so beautifully. It’s commendable how Olivetheboy can be on a track and it can have such tranquility, such beauty, such perfection. To be honest, a calm delivery was needed for this song and that is exactly what they both did on the song. Really, kudos to them both on this track. The fact that their voices are above the mix but the production is on point is what makes the track almost perfect.

Also, can we talk about the symphony? Goodsin was meticulously made.



This track sounds like a safe place- a really safe place and this can easily be distinguishable through Goodsin by Olivetheboy. Anyone can relate to this song and it is a couple anthem anytime any day. It is a song that can be played at wedding that couples can listen to and feel so happy about each other. In fact, single people will want to be in a relationship because of this song!

Replay Value

Goodsin Lyrics Olivetheboy adds to the replay value of the track. The delivery, reliability and sheer symphony of Goodsin adds to its replay value.



Delivery: 1.6/2

Mixing and Production: 1.4/2

Lyricism: 1.8/2

Relatability: 1.7/2

Replay Value: 1.8/2

Total: 8.3/10







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