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Next Rated 2023 Winner’s Prediction: Asake vs Seyi Vibez

Headies Next Rated 2023 Prediction


The Next Rated 2023 Nominees list is a voting category for the most promising act with an Ep or Album in the year under review.


Here is the Next Rated 2023 Nominees list

1.) Young Jonn

2.) Seyi Vibez

3.) Asake

4.) Victony

5.) Spyro


In this case, The Next Rated 2023 Nominees list was compiled by going through a list of promising acts in the music industry and choosing them. This winner prediction does not determine who will win the award but predicts it to a large extent, so let’s see who has the most chance of going home with the most coveted award of the night- The Next Rated Award.

The Headies Next Rated 2023 nominees list are: Young Jonn, Seyi Vibez, Asake, Victony and Spyro


Headies Next Rated 2023 Winner’s Prediction


5.) Spyro

Next Rated 2023 predictions

With majorly one hit song under his belt, Spyro has the least chance of winning the Headies Next Rated Award. True, he has had a wonderful year with the release of “Who is your guy?” and even got a remix with Tiwa Savage, but there are far more competitive nominees who have a higher chance of winning the Next Rated 2023 Award than he does.

Therefore, our predictions show Spyro has a 40% chance of winning the Next Rated 2023 Headies


4.) Young Jonn

Next Rated winner prediction 2023

Young Jonn is one producer that shocked Nigerians and broke the norm by becoming an artist with hit songs. Infact, a lot of people now might know him more for his music than for his production skills. And it appears Young Jonn excels immensely at both.

He has released a couple of hit songs “Aquafina“, “Dada ft Davido” and his biggest hit- “Xtra Cool

However, not even these couple of singles have sealed Young Jonn’s entry in the music industry so much for him to win a Next Rated Award. While these are amazing songs, he doesn’t have a critically acclaimed body of work released yet like some other Next Rated nominees do.

Therefore, Our Predictions show that Young Jonn has a 50% chance of  winning The Next Rated 2023 Headies


3.) Victony

Next Rated 2023 nominees

Victony is one artist that doesn’t get his flowers enough in the industry. Yes, we all know he is good, but in conversations where new age Nigerian artists are being mentioned, you might not mention in among the first five names that drops in your head.

Not only does he have hit songs- his most recent being the viral ‘Soweto“, he also has stellar body of works like “Outlaw“- A soothing sonic project. In other words, it would be deserving for Victony to win the Next Rated 2023 Headies, but the presence of a certain nominee in this category makes it very hard for him to win the award. Asake is not a better artist than Victony.

However, the versatility and relatbility of their songs and projects is what makes one more popular and widely accepted than the other.

Therefore, Our Predictions show that Victony has a 65% chance of  winning The Next Rated 2023 Headies


2.) Seyi Vibez

Next Rated 2023 nominees

A lot of people have classified Seyi Vibez’s sound as “Afro-chant” because of the plethora of traditional adlibs that characterize his songs, and most times, the strings of adlibs do not correlate to one another or make enough sense to the average listener.

But the argument is that his music is enjoyable- at least for those that find it to be so.

It appears that Seyi Vibez’s sound was so similar to that of Asake’s own, that Asake’s fans felt the “need” to listen to another artist with a similar genre. This may explain his large fanbase and commercially successful projects despite their release ever market day.

Therefore, our predictions show that Seyi Vibez has an 85% chance of winning The Next Rated 2023 Headies


1.) Asake

Who is Next Rated 2023 winner

A lot of people predicted Asake would fall off after the release of his debut album and the number of hit songs that accompanied his debut in the industry. However, with the release of his second studio album- “Work of Art”, he has proved that his evolution is undeniable, and that he is here to stay forever.

He has two critically acclaimed studio albums, an okay Ep and amazing numbers on streaming platforms. Let’s give honor to whom honor is due.

Our Predictions show that Asake has a 95% Chance of  winning the Next Rated 2023 Headies.



Headies Next Rated 2023 Winner’s Prediction

  1. Spyro- 40%
  2. Young Jonn- 50%
  3. Victony- 65%
  4. Seyi Vibez- 85%
  5. Asake- 95%

What do you think about these predictions?


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