How to take a screenshot on your Laptop or PC

How to take a screenshot on your Laptop or PC

How to take a screenshot on your laptop/PC

Hi there! So you were surfing through the web and saw some detailed information online that you want to save but cannot because you are using your PC/Laptop and don’t know how to do that. Well, in a few simple steps, I would teach you how to do that and you might feel funny for finally knowing that it is so easy.

1 Make sure you are on the page/document you want to screenshot. For example, let’s assume this page is the one I wish to screenshot, I would remain on the page cos that’s how it works.

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2 Next, you only need two buttons: The windows button and the ‘Prt sc’ button.

*The windows button is usually located at the bottom left of the laptop’s keyboard. However, to avoid generalization, it is the button being touched in the button below. It is a unique button and it shouldn’t be hard to find.

*Next is your ‘Prt sc’ button (which means Print Screen). It is at the top right corner of your Laptop. It is the button pointed to in the image below.

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3 Now, to take a screenshot, press both buttons at the same time. Normally, the screen of the laptop goes dim for a few seconds. That’s an indication that you have taken a screenshot. It should work immediately if you do it right. When I learnt it too, I tried it like three times. I finally got it right when I did it patiently.

4 Proceed to your file folder, go under pictures, then under the screenshot folder, you will find your screenshot(s)

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*Again, note that you have to press both buttons at the same time

Meanwhile, if you are using Mac or Apple, you will need to press command+shift+3 at the same time as shown in the image below. That does the trick.

Easy right?

If you have questions, let us know in the comment section.

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