How to create and manage a successful Youtube Channel

YouTube is one of the best and outstanding platforms that helps publishers as well businesses to grow their brands, not just that its a unique platform for some to earn money on daily bases. It might interest you to know that the number of users opting to videos on a daily basis now has double the number it was some years back. This is because video contents are becoming more engaging than articles lately.

In this article I will be highlighting some of the important things to consider before creating and launching your desired YouTube Channel for many of us in the business and those with the desire to join the league and start earning online via video marketing with YouTube as a platform.

For instance you want to learn “How To Knot A Tie”? You would rather watch a video tutorial on how each step by step is being carried out instead of reading a long explanatory paragraphs in an article which is sometimes boring.

Lately millions of people are all over YouTube seeking Life Hack Videos or other exclusive video content.

What are Life hack videos? This a videos made for the purpose of rendering a life solution to specific problem experienced by many.

In addition to the aforesaid, it might also interest you to know that unlike starting a blog which requires an initial startup fee hence you will need to purchase a domain which now cost around 3-10 dollar a month or even other online businesses which also would require a startup cost to begin,  starting an online Marketing business with YouTube as your platform requires no startup cost.

To start an online marketing with YouTube as your platform all you need your Google account (which is super easy to create) and a camera or your cellphone’s camera (if you desire to show your face).

Below are the suppose 7 important things to consider in order to successfully get your YouTube Channel Up and running.


The first thing is to pick a niche. This may seem too obvious but before you create a YouTube channel, you must consider your area of specialty. What kind of content would you like to present?. To help you out with this, ask yourself “what are the things I’m passionate about?”. You may have up to 5 hobbies or interest but you will definitely have that one which gives you so much fufillment. picking something you are passionate about helps in the long run because you’ll less likely lose interest along the way. Secondly, picking a niche helps with the YouTube algorithm because you don’t make money on YouTube by just posting “randomly”. You have to pick a particular area and stick to it.


Inline with what I said earlier, on YouTube you  don’t just post random videos content hence you won’t be able to attract the right visitors that shares your niche. So you have to engage in deep research in order to enrich your content thereby making it outstanding to your viewers.

There are numerous ways you can come up with video ideas that can be appealing but one easy way you can do that is to leverage on search engines. Youtube is a search engine like Google  but guess what?, you can use both YouTube and Google to know what people are searching for. In order to do this go over to YouTube’s search bar and type in any keyphrase or keyword of your choice, take for example your channel is a tutorial channel, type in the phrase ” how to?”. Did you notice anything?, well if you are observant, you will begin to see suggestions just beneath the search bar “how to make money online,  how to drive e.t.c” . This are all questions that real people are searching out on YouTube everyday. You can repeat this over and over again for any word, topic, phrase or question. It will give you generate ideas for your next topic just remember to stay within your niche.



At this point, you are ready to create your channel and get it up and running. This is very easy to do hence you just need to Sign into YouTube using your Gmail and click on the user icon at the top right of the screen and after that, click on the gear icon to get to your account’s YouTube Settings.

Finally Click on Create a new channel.

Then choose “Use a business or any other name” related to your niche

Add your Brand name and click create.


Now is the time to upload content. When I talk of quality content, it doesn’t necessarily mean ultra-HD video quality. This means that you need to ensure the content presented by you is up to standard. If you don’t work on your content strategy, no one will like to watch your videos.

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This simple means implementing search engines and getting to the No. 1 spot light when people search for a video on YouTube or Google relating to your niche, they land on your video.

How do you ensure that people always find your content through search? .

Search engine optimization is a different topic on it’s own but just to put you on the right track, here are a few things to take note of;

> Your Title should always contain a keyword/phrase people are searching for. I have shown you how to research that but another way is to go over to Google, search for something and in the result when you scroll down, you will see a section called “people also ask” . Of course you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that section contains questions that people type into the search query. you can incorporate them into your title.

> Add some keywords to your description: preferably the first line.

> Add keywords to your tags

>Upload high quality YouTube thumbnails


To give your channel a boost, you don’t need to rely on YouTube alone for traffic.

Therefore you have to take leverage on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest , Reddit and others.


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Use them to direct people to your channel so that you can start gaining those views.


Post frequently, preferably once everyday. The more videos you have, the higher your chances of getting noticed. Success on YouTube doesn’t happen overnight. It requires hard work and perseverance.

8.) Get Monetization:

Through the YouTube Partner program, you can start making money on YouTube. but to be eligible for this train, you have to meet the requirement of 1,000 subscribers, 10,000 views and 4,000 watch hours in total.


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