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The Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria 2022 {Ranked}

The Best Web hosting Companies in Nigeria 2022 (Ranked)

The best web hosting companies in Nigeria

As a Blogger or website owner, there is something you do not want to get wrong, and that thing, is webhosting. There are a lot of things that Webhosting contributes to your blog’s growth and development, and this is why we have comprised a list of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria.

These Web hosting Companies are chosen based on their speed, Average response time and features.

As a Blogger or website owner, you want to make sure that you have it positive when it comes to these things.

At the end of the list, there are tangible reasons given as to why you should consider these factors when it comes to web hosting.

Also in this list of the best webhosting companies in Nigeria, we will be citing their advantages and disadvantages.

The Best Web hosting Companies in Nigeria 2022

  1. DomainRacer
  2. Hostinger
  3. Truehost
  4. HostPapa
  5. GreenGeeks
  6. GoDaddy


1) DomainRacer 

Domain racer webhosting

Founded: 2012




☆Worldwide Speed: A+

☆Average Response Time: 1.49ms

DomainRacer is well-known web hosting and domain name registrar company around the globe. They offer one of the cheapest and most quality web hosting services in the market.

You can get complete root control of cheap linux ssd vps hosting resources. DomainRacer offer Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, LMS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Application Hosting – WordPress, PHP, MySQL, E-commerce, Web developer, Node.js, Magento, etc.

DomainRacer provided the page loading speeds with an average time of 149ms. They give great piece of mind by offering a 99.99% uptime commitment. You will get unlimited data transfer rate and a blazing fast browsing experience. One more noticeable thing about DomainRacer is they have its own search engine.



  • Security Features

DomainRacer is always focused on the security of your website and giving you a hassle-free experience. They have the highest security tools like cPGuard, ImunifyAV+, Imunify360, ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, EmailSpam Protection, MagicSpam Protection and Firewall.


DomainRacer is the official partner of OPSSHEILD so you get a free cPGuard. You also get a free SSL certificate with all web hosting plans. Along with DomainRacer web hosting offer IP blacklist monitoring tools.


  • Global Data Centers 

Users can host business websites across the country. It is the best web hosting platform for expanding your business all over the world at a low cost. According to your requirements, you can select a server location between these countries. They have tier-IV servers in India, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, France, Germany and many more.


  • Free & Unlimited Extra Ordinary Features

With this web hosting provider, you are lucky to get many free and unlimited web hosting stuff. All web hosting plans come up with free 21x faster LiteSpeed cache technology, free NVMe SSD storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 99.99% uptime guarantee, free HTTPS certificate, 7+ security features, free expert support team, free weekly JetBackup and many more.

Along with this you can create a website with the help of a free website builder and install 450+ applications in one click Softaculous. Get a free SEODefault tool to maintain the ranking of your website. They support to HTTP3/QUIC protocol.


  • Customer Support 

DomainRacer is always ready 24/7/365 days to solve your hosting and domain regarding inquiries. DomainRacer gives quick responses via 5+ media such as Phone, Live Chat, Email, Ticket and WhatsApp. They also give support from knowledge-based tutorials and guides, YouTube video series and eBook.



DomainRacer is a popular web hosting provider but their advertisement seems less as compared to other hosting services.

DomainRacer Web Hosting Plans

Domain racer webhosting

See All DomainRacer Web Hosting Plans here

☆TST Score for DomainRacer: 4.5/5


2) Hostinger

web hosting in nigeira

Founded: 2004


☆Worldwide Speed: A+

☆Average Response Time: 149ms

Like other webhosting companies that offers webhosting services in Nigeria, Hostinger is not a Nigerian company. But over the years, they have proved to be one of the best webhosting company in Nigeria.

They have over 1,000 employees and their Webhosting services are fire.

The intriguing things is that Hostinger started as a free webhosting company- which is risky but thumbs-up move to gain the trust of their users.

Once they did this, they could get the trust of their clients and now they offer webhosting services to more than hundreds of thousands of websites.



1) Uptime Monitoring

Hostinger has amazing Uptime monitoring which includes their customer support in case you have questions to ask.

It would appear that their uptime monitoring helps fends off any technical issues your website may have because they detect and prevent it before it happens.


2) Customer Service

This is an A+ for Hostinger. Their customer service is on pint and they have professionals to help you figure out whatever you don’t seem to understand on your website.


3) Security

Like every other website, Hostinger has amazing security in place to ensure that your website is protected against attacks.



  • Hostinger is a little expensive. They can charge up to 2,200 for their monthly hosting
  • Their 48-months plan is way too long a contract and it leaves you no choice.


Hostinger Web hosting Plans

Best hosting company Nigeria

Click here to see all Hostinger Webhosting Plans


TST Hostinger Score: 4.2/5




3) Truehost

Best web hosting in Nigeria

Founded: 2016


☆Worldwide Speed: A+

☆Average Response Time: 550ms

Truehost may be one of the newest geeks in the webhosting game. But you bet that their game is on point otherwise they won’t be making this list or even making number two.

Yes, we can say that Truehost is one of the best webhosting company in Nigeria because not only do we use their web hosting services, we have compared and we still choose them.



1) Data Centers in Nigeria

Yes, you heard right! Truehost has Data Centers right here in Nigeria and this makes their web hosting services good.

Their data centers allow for easy connectivity and good SSL between their servers and our websites.

Besides, while some webhosting companies offer webhosting services in Nigeria, only few of them have data centers in Nigeria.

It is commendable to note that Truehost also has offices and data centers in other African countries.


2) Cheapest Web hosting in Nigeria

Truehost is one of the best webhosting company in Nigeria and yet, their webhosting service is one of the cheapest.

They have Silver, Gold and Platinum webhosting based on the size of your website and of course, what you actually need.

Their Gold Webhosting costs as little as #1,200 per month and an average of #10,00 per year- if you want to opt for the yearly plan.

While their other plans start as low as #175 per month– if you really have a small website.

This is almost equal to free hosting


3) 24/7 Customer Support

Believe it when we say we’ve had a first-hand experience with Truehost’s Customer Service and we cannot underestimate how much we have been helped.

Even to the extent of simple things like pointing the name servers of a website.

Truehost is ready to offer you customer support anytime you need it. It doesn’t matter with what. Even if it doesn’t concern your webhosting services with them.

They are eager to help. You could even join their affiliate program if you want to.


4) Security

Truehost offers free SSL Certificate and has good technology for website security. Which is commendable.



  • The major disadvantage with Truehost is that they don’t have uptime monitoring. If your website went down or is unresponsive, you would have to contact them for technical support.


Truehost Web hosting Plans

web hosting in Nigeria 2022

See all Truehost’s Web hosting Plans here

TST Truehost Score: 3.8/5

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4) Host Papa

best hosting in nigeria

Founded: 2006


☆Worldwide Speed: A+

☆Average Response Time: 130ms


Like GoDaddy, HostPapa is not a Nigerian-based hosting company.

They are based in Canada but they do offer web hosting services in Nigeria. And believe us when we say they are one of the best webhosting company in Nigeria.

Although it appears they may not have a physical branch in Nigeria, their reach in Nigeria is commendable.

Currently, HostPapa is regarded as one of the best web hosting company in Nigeria according to the 180,000+ websites they serve.

The argument made in support of HostPapa being one of the best webhosting company in Nigeria, is based on their superiority.

It is said that not only are they superior, they have the ability to satisfy their customers to the extreme.

Let’s see how true that is.



1) Automatic Website Backup

Okay, you have to believe when we say that this is huge.

Although this is a feature you may have to pay for. It appears it is worth it.

Most website owners have to separately backup their websites through a plugin. But with HostPapa, that is not the case, there is an automated backup that comes with the kind of hosting plan you want.

If you are wondering why website backup is so important, then you need to know that there have been situations when a site crashes or goes down, or is taken offline.

When it is restored, most- if not all of its posts and pages are lost.

This can impact a site really badly- especially if the chunk of your traffic comes from search engines- especially Google.

So yes, this automatic website backup makes HostPapa one of the best webhosting company in Nigeria there is.


2) Security

Remember what we said on superiority? Well, Host Papa establishes this through their Website security technology- which is amazing, by the way.

First, you don’t have to worry about paying for SSL Certificate because HostPapa gives free SSL certificate.

Along with advanced CDN, HostPapa protects your website against vulnerabilities, spam and attack from bots or hackers.

What’s more? They also have real-time alert for when your site is not responding or when it faces a threat.



  • HostPapa’s plans may be a little step for new site owners with small budget
  • Their lack of data centers in Nigeria is worrying.


Host Papa Web hosting Plans

best web hosting in Nigeria 2022

See all Hostpapa’s Webhosting Plans here

TST HostPapa Score: 3.5/5


5) GreenGeeks

best web hosting nigeria

Founded: 2008


☆Worldwide Speed: A+

☆Average Response Time: 178.6ms

GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly (Environmental friendly) webhosting company in Nigeria which means their web hosting services is as green as possible and has not effect on the environment. This makes them one of the best web hosting company in Nigeria.

It appears that the focus of GreenGeeks as being one of the best web hosting company in Nigeria, is not to have billions of customers but to have billions of customers who all have their attention 24/7.



1) Speed Technology

As one of the best web hosting company in Nigeria, GreenGeeks uses LiteSpeed, LSCache, FreeCDN and HTTP/2 to ensure that websites that use their webhosting services get the best possible speed.


2) Security

One of the most important thing in Webhosting, apart from speed, is the security. It is no good to anyone if your site is insecure.

It would even lead to an increase in bounce rate because visitors will certainly not trust your site.

As one of the best web hosting company in Nigeria, GreenGeeks uses zero-day vulnerability fixes and custom security techniques to keep your website safe


3) Stability in Hosting

There have been several reports by Bloggers and Website owners about how unstable and mixed up web hosting companies get with the different hosting accounts of bloggers.

The defense may be that when a web hosting company has so many hosting accounts to take care of, there may be cases of mix-ups.

But this defense is weak.

Even if it were not to be considered weak, it is no excuse at all. GreenGeeks offers an account isolation offers through the use of container technology. That way, they can monitor your blog.


4) Storage 

If you run a big website, you get hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors like we do here, you definitely need unlimited SSD.

As a best web hosting company in Nigeria, GreenGeeks offers unlimited SSD for people who are willing to pay for it.

Their web hosting plans will be discussed after the features.

They use Solid State RAID-10 technology to ensure maxi mum storage for their users.


5) Customer Support

It is no use if a webhosting company is one of the best in Nigeria but lacks customer support.

The truth is, there are so many bloggers who do not know the technical aspect of blogging and they would need support when it comes to web hosting.

GreenGeeks offers a 24/7 customer support when it comes to their customers.


6) Uptime Monitoring

GreenGeeks offers uptime monitoring for accounts they host.

Uptime Monitoring is simply the continual process of checking up a website to see if it’s running and everything is working fine.

An Uptime Monitoring website tool that most bloggers use is Jetpack. It alerts you when your site is not responsive, or is not loading at all, or is down completely.

GreenGeeks offers this feature.


7) SSL Encryption

Sorry we are getting technical but you will have to know about these things anyway.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and it is an encryption technology that is used for establishing a connection through a link between a server and a website, or mail or browser.

Now, if you run a website that allows people to pay for products or services, you will need to pay for SSL because it protects the transactions made by your customers on your website, especially if your website is for e-commerce.

GreenGeeks offers SSL encryption and this makes them one of the best web hosting company in Nigeria.

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  • It has been said that while GreenGeeks offers customer support, it is not 24/7. This is a disadvantage considering that in cases of emergences, there is a high chance that the company is not available to offer support when it comes to technical issues.


GreenGeeks Web hosting Plans

Best web hosting company in nigeria

See all GreenGeeks Web hosting Plans here

TST Score for GreenGeeks: 3.2/5


6) GoDaddy

best web hosting companies in nigeria

Founded: 1997


☆Average Speed Duration: 420ms

☆World Wide Speed Test: A+

GoDaddy is a Domain Registrar and Web hosting Company based in America, but they offer services in Nigeria and most African Countries.

They are making our list as one of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria because of their exhaustive webhosting offers.

Not only have they been in existence for long, they have dominated the world of webhosting and currently serve millions of websites and blogs across the world. This makes them one of the best web hosting company in Nigeria.




1) Easy C-panel

As a website owner or Blogger, if you like to get handsy with everything concerned your site, you will be assigned a Cpanel where you can access all the features of your blog.

Some web hosting companies have technical Cpanels that makes you feel scared about what you are about to get into. However, with GoDaddy, their Cpanel is easy to use and self-explanatory.

With GoDaddy’s Cpanel you can have free access to over 150 blogging apps.


2) Network security

As mentioned earlier, network security takes precedence over anything when it comes to Web hosting, GoDaddy offers this and you bet it is one of the best.

They use DDos Network Security Protection to ensure that the private information and details of your visitors are protected.


3) Global Reach

When a web hosting company has been in use for a long time, you can only imagine the amount of Global reach they will have.

GoDaddy has that global reach. They have data centers in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.


4) Powerful Hosting

The applause given to Godaddy as one of the best web hosting company in Nigeria is their powerful webhosting technology. If you run a powerful site, GoDaddy is your Go-to (Pun Intended).

If you need to increase your website RAM/IO or CPU, GoDaddy is the one.



  • GoDaddy is quite expensive for the average blogger.

GoDaddy Web hosting Plans

web hosting company in Nigeria

See all GoDaddy’s webhosting plans here

TST Score for Godaddy: 2.9/5

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The Best Web hosting Companies in Nigeria 2022

  1. DomainRacer
  2. Hostinger
  3. Truehost
  4. HostPapa
  5. GreenGeeks
  6. GoDaddy

That is the list of the best webhosting in Nigeria


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