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The Scoove Tech is a subsidiary of The Scoove Africa and it is a tech company that specializes in offering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to brands, blogs, company websites and personal websites.

The Scoove Tech also does Website Content Writing which involves the creation of content for websites. However, we do not create content for blogs.

What we do is create content for websites and then use our SEO skills for them.

Search Engine Optimization

The Scoove Tech is majorly an SEO Agency in Nigeria. We offer search engine optimization services to Blogs, Websites and Brands.

Search Engine Optimization is a skill used to increase the visibility of a blog or domain on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo (among other search engines) to make such websites rank better all the time- specifically on the first page of Search Engines

As an SEO Agency in Nigeria, we have the proper Search Engine Optimization techniques which we use on your company or personal website to improve your visibility and ranking on search engines thereby making your services or products available to millions of people.

Not only do we know the right techniques, we know the right professional tricks to pull and on top of that, we have the right people.


Our Target Market

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The Scoove Tech is an SEO Agency in Nigeria with target markets being Companies with websites who want to improve their online visibility and ranking on search engines, Individuals with websites who want content on their websites and also want to increase their visibility on the internet.

We also offer SEO services to Blogs.

Also, there is an exclusive offer to celebrities who are too busy to create content for their websites and also need to increase their website visibility on search engines

  • Company Websites
  • Personal Websites
  • Brands
  • Blogs


How do we do Search Engine Optimization for your website?

There are a few processes involved in doing Search Engine Optimization for your website.

As an SEO Agency in Nigeria, The Scoove Tech believes that SEO is a continual process which is used to achieve a continued visibility result, and this is why we have a number of simple but thorough process which other SEO Agencies may not have.


SEO Audit

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First, The Scoove Tech is a leading SEO Agency in Nigeria because we know how best to examine or diagnose your website.

We use a number of specified tools to evaluate how your website compares to other website, the amount of Domain Authority you have, the amount of backlinks you have and how your LCP and FCP affects user experience.

We are not a pushover SEO Agency in Nigeria (wink😉). When we conduct this audit, we identify what the problem is and employ the best strategy towards solving it.

There doesn’t always have to be a problem. In fact, there are instances where we realize that the off-page SEO of a website is good and we just need to focus on the on-page SEO.

There are so many websites that require Off-page SEO advantage to increase their visibility and better ranking on search engines to expose their services (or in the case of personal websites), their content to millions of people.

For many other websites, it’s On-page SEO that is the major issue. This is not a problem for us as we have the best consultants to help you with the use of natural keywords and other on-page SEO hat tricks to make your site rank better on search engines.

It is our duty as an SEO Agency in Nigeria to recognize whether or not a website has problems with both their off-page and on-page SEO.

In the cases of a few websites, they don’t have problems with both but they just need the services of an expert to improve their ranking.

You can request a free SEO audit of your site here to give us a trial!


Web Content

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We believe using Search Engine Optimization on websites may come with an amount of responsibility to create content for such website.

In fact, this will make it easier for us to work on your website content and apply the right SEO skills to make sure that your content gets more visibility online. Our Web Content services is what gives us an edge as an SEO Agency in Nigeria.


Website Creation/Web Developing

The Scoove Africa has an in-house Web developer to help our clients create website if they want to. This comes at a discount if we will be providing content subsequently for such website.


Why should you hire us?

The truth is that, you need us as much as we need you. We are literally taking everything off your hand to give your website the best possible traction it can get on the internet.

We have the resource, the personnel and the skills coupled with years of experience.

The Scoove Tech is that SEO Agency in Nigeria that will help you build your website from scratch, create the content for that website and make it rank on the first page of Google and other search engines as many times as you want it to.

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As an SEO Agency in Nigeria that recognizes that SEO audits and requirements for every website is different, we don’t have fixed pricing. But we have a range.

This is because some websites require only off-page SEO help while some require on-page SEO help. Some require both and we only charge based on the kind of service needed.

This is to the advantage of our clients to avoid overcharging when in fact a simple technique could be the solution to their online visibility issues.

To contact us for pricing, click here or send a mail to

As mentioned, we do a diagnosis to consider what SEO strategy your website would need. Afterwards, we use the needed SEO techniques for the post or website you need our services for. This can cost less than #20,000.

However, if you want to hire us fully for the SEO of your company or personal website, there would be a discount since it’s a contract.

Our Consultants

As an SEO Agency in Nigeria, The Scoove Tech has trained and vetted SEO consultants who have been made to undergo the process of how to use Search Engine Optimization techniques in the best possible ways.

The Scoove Tech is an SEO Agency in Nigeria with trained SEO Consultants who have worked with our Parent website- The Scoove Africa with their SEO skills to make most of their content visible on search engines thereby exposing the website to hundreds of thousands of internet users.

Here are our consultants:

Olayiide Bolaji

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Role: Lead SEO Consultant, Web Content Creator

Olayiide Bolaji is the major SEO handler and Lead SEO Consultant of our Parent website- The Scoove Africa.

He has years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and Web Content Creation having coached others about the skill itself.

He leads the team of SEO and Web Content creation here at The Scoove Tech


Busari Olamide 

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Role: SEO Consultant

Busari Olamide was trained by The Scoove Tech in search engine optimization skills.

Having vetted her skills, training and experience, Busari Olamide is an SEO Consultant at The Scoove Tech with amazing SEO knowledge and its practical application


Emeka Chigbo

Role: Web Content Creator

Emeka Chigbo has been a freelance writer for The Scoove Africa for a while. He creates original Web Content which makes his Content very unique and interesting.

Not only does he have the writing skills, he has the expertise to go with it.

Emeka Chigbo is a Web Content creator at The Scoove Tech


Sultan Habiblah

seo agency in nigeria

Role: Web Developer

Sultan Habiblah is our Web developer who has mastered Website Creation skills and designs the most incredible mind-blowing websites!

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