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How Mobile Device Management Solution Can Prevent Uninstallation Of Applications

How Mobile Device Management Solution Can Prevent Uninstallation Of Applications

Here is how Mobile Device Management Solution Can Prevent Uninstallation Of Applications

There is no doubt that mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc have changed the working environment for the better.

It has streamlined and simplified the work process for improved productivity, flexibility, and ease. On the contrary, companies simultaneously face a lot of challenges in the pursuit of digitizing their workforce to keep business data and devices secure.

Albeit the business is successful in providing their employees with a remote working environment, it puts the sensitive corporate data under constant risk of data breaches or cyberthreats without a structured mechanism to manage, organize, monitor, and protect these devices.

The crucial business documents, as well as applications required for the day-to-day operations of a business, are housed in these mobile devices which makes the interconnected corporate network system vulnerable to an array of security predicaments.

how I can use mobile device management

The majority of these digital threats are present when employees misuse or abuse the gadgets given to them for specific work purposes.

When mobile devices are unmanaged; gaming, entertainment, and social media applications can be easy distractions for employees.

Visiting these unauthorized applications and browsing sketchy websites can pose a hazard for business devices.

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Non-work-related applications that are downloaded and used on corporate-owned devices as it not only decreases productivity but there are higher risks of malware and cybersecurity threats to the business when exposed to unauthorized applications.

According to the latest figures, the current number of smartphone users in the world today is 6.378 billion, and this means 80.63% of the world’s population owns a smartphone.

The extent to which employees are using these mobile devices in their work environment is also increasing steeply.

This trend brings about a new set of challenges of privacy, management, autonomy, and security that are here to stay.

The best bet for companies in today’s digital scenario is to leverage Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to mitigate these challenges.


How To Prevent Employees From Uninstalling Applications?

Businesses do not have the luxury to afford mistakes by employees in workplaces as monetary loss and information loss can cause irrecoverable harm to the company.

One of the main focuses of deploying corporate-owned devices as enterprise culture is to ensure multiple applications that run major work operations are protected and secured as it encompasses the processing and storing of principal data and operations.

The system relies on these applications to work efficiently and smoothly for the productivity of employees and the growth of the business.

MDM, or Mobile Device Management, is software that enables IT administrators to secure, control, and enforce policies on smartphones, tablets, and other devices being used in the workplace.

With the continuous rise in security and data breaches, the MDM software is essential to the modern workplace.

The intent of MDM is to optimize the security and functionality of mobile devices within your company while simultaneously protecting the corporate network. Important data and information are stored in work applications and the business operations also heavily rely on these applications to complete tasks and reach company targets.

In this scenario, it is crucial for businesses to adopt a reliable MDM solution like CubiLock to enforce the safety of these applications in an effortless and hassle-free manner.

CubiLock is an Android mobile device management software that provides centralized control over preventing installation and uninstallation of applications on mobile devices.

It allows the use of limited applications and disables end-users from installing any applications unapproved by the organization. This gives a streamlined interface to employees to remain coordinated and on target with their work.

It additionally safeguards the employees from causing any mishaps of erasing corporate information and records from their side accidentally which eliminates all instances of accidents that are generally a probable occurrence while working with technology.

To mitigate the dangers of blunders and to keep employees from uninstalling applications, mobile device management is the best answer for any business.

CubiLock is an effective mobile device management solution for a fleet of corporate-owned mobile devices that run on multiple operating systems which offers protection and assurance of all device-led business activities.

It takes up the intricate and unwieldy process of device management and replaces the several IT hours needed for provisioning, managing, and maintaining security with effortless cloud-based software.

CubiLock permits organizations to specifically apply policies according to the necessities of the particular business, where it gives end-users restricted command over devices, pushes applications related to work profiles, and keeps corporate information shielded that eventually keeps employees from uninstalling significant applications from the system.

Hence, it is clear that without a dependable mobile device management solution, the distractions caused by installing unwanted applications can directly affect the efficiency of employees.

Also, Preventing employees from uninstalling applications on corporate-claimed gadgets is one of the most worthwhile guards for any business to ensure information wellbeing and protection of applications.

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