Best Gmail Alternatives 2022

The Best 5 Gmail Alternatives in 2022

The Best 5 Gmail Alternatives in 2022

Gmail is undoubtedly one of the best email servers to use and it is the most common one being used nowadays but it does make you wonder what alternatives to Gmail exist and are they much more private than this widely used service? 

So without wasting more time, let’s dive further and see what other emails besides Gmail can be used. 

  • ZOHO Mail 

Best Gmail Alternatives 2022

The company that makes Zoho Mail also makes many other services, just like Google. This lets Zoho Mail users join an ecosystem that syncs and organizes all your data, no matter what platform it’s on. This is one emerging contender on the list of alternatives to Gmail. 

Zoho Mail looks like a full-fledged alternative to Gmail. It has a user interface that looks modern and is full of features like a calendar, notes, and contacts. With easy-to-use customization options and pre-packaged themes, you can also change the user interface to your heart’s content.

End-to-end encryption and S/MIME encryption are used by the email provider to protect the user’s privacy. It also says that it doesn’t use any data other than what it needs to work.

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  • Mailo

Gmail Alternatives to use 2022

This email service has been around for 20 years and has changed a lot over that time. When it was called Francemail in 1998, the Mailo was only available to people in France. It was later made available to people all over the world. It is one of the best alternatives to Gmail in France. 

In order to reach its goal of total security, it bought back the rights to NetCourrier and switched its focus to security, starting with encrypting all parts of its service. Also, because the company is based in the European Union, it has to follow the strictest laws in the world about protecting personal information.

You might also be wondering how to create an anonymous email account since Gmail being a popular service has more potential to be attacked. You can ofcourse, always use VeePN when sending out your emails for privacy reasons.


  • GMX 

Best alternatives to gmail

Another best Gmail alternative is GMX. It is one of the first alternatives to Gmail. It was started in 1997, so it has had plenty of time to grow and develop into a full-fledged email service provider. It comes with an organizer, an online office, and contacts. It also has cloud services that can sync with other devices and a lot of security features.

End-to-end encryption makes the service very safe, and it uses TLS/SSL encryption, just like Gmail. But, unlike Gmail, it doesn’t open your mail without your permission and scan it for advertising. The service works with antivirus software that can’t be broken and a spam filter that is standard in the industry.

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  • Mailbox.Org

Best Gmail Alternatives 2022 is one of the most viable alternatives to Gmail servStartice based in Germany that cares about privacy and offers both free and paid plans. Let’s take a look at some of its free services, which are almost as good as the paid ones.

Like other email services that care about privacy, uses end-to-end encryption, SSL/TLS encryption for all data transfers, and PGP encryption.

The user data is also stored on two different servers in Germany. This means that your information is protected by the strictest data protection laws. And if one of the servers stops working, the other one takes over and keeps the system running.

The user interface has everything you need in an email service: an email archive, custom folders for better organization, a calendar, and cloud storage. It also works with third-party mail apps, so you can check your email from anywhere and on any device.


  • StartMail 

Alternatives to gmail

SmartMail is like Gmail in a lot of ways. If you care about privacy, it gives you a polished user experience and full PGP integration. This means that you can talk to other people who also use PGP in private.

This is not a true end-to-end encryption system because it is only used on the server. But it should be safe enough to use in most situations. You can even add things like two-factor authentication to your account to make it even safer.

The email also has burner emails that are fully built in. You can use them instead of your real address when you sign up for something online and don’t want to get spam. This can also be helpful for online shops.


Here you go, these are some great alternatives to Gmail that you can use if you want to explore other options. 


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