5 new Whatsapp features to watch out for this year

Five new Whatsapp features you should watch out for this year

Whatsapp is constantly upgrading, although not like Xender. Whenever apps are upgraded, we always want to see few features improved to help us enjoy the app better and improve our user experience. Imagine the disappointment when we realize that the app came back after upgrade without as much as a difference. Fortunately, we won’t be having this disappointment because Whatsapp is set to add five wonderful features to the app this year.

Here are five features you should watch out for:

1 Instagram reels on Whatsapp
Very soon, Whatsapp will add Instagram reels to a section where users will be able to watch these reels live. Since Facebook integrated with Whatsapp and Instagram, we are speculating that this may be one of their long-term plans. It is now very easy for you to connect your Facebook and Instagram account and this is probably what this feature wants to achieve with Whatsapp too; Where you have Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp connected. Who’s ready to watch some reels?😉

2 Group Calls on Whatsapp desktop app

Group calls have been made available on Whatsapp for Ios and Android users for years. Now, Whatsapp is working on making it available for the desktop app too. Already, Whatsapp has added a feature of voice and video calling to the desktop app. There will be a support for Whatsapp Group voice and video calls for Whatsapp desktop app. Users will be able to call a number of people through voice and video to ensure effectiveness in meetings or even for individuals who just want to chat. It is being speculated that this feature will be made available for Whatsapp Web too, but so far, nothing has been said on this.

3 24-hour disappearing messages
Whatsapp is set to add a 24-hour disappearing message feature to the app, and there is a prognosis that this works for stories too, although we are not too sure how this will work for stories since they disappear after 24 hours too.

4 Multi-device support
Very soon, Whatsapp is set to add multi-device support feature to their Android and Ios app. We don’t know for the desktop app and Web app for now. But for the mobile apps, a plan is underway. The main purpose of this feature is to allow Whatsapp users use their account on more than one device at a time. Meanwhile, we are not sure how entirely secure this is going to be but we hope Whatsapp is going to add some security measures to prevent hacking and blackmail.

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5 Audio-message
There is a new audio message feature which will soon be made available. Users will have control on the audio they send and receive to other users. They can control the speed at which the message plays. There are other features to this new audio- message upgrade which are yet to be revealed. Currently, audio messages are set to 1x speed, but according to WABetainfo, the new audio feature will bring the ability to play audio in 1.5x or 2x speed as the user so wishes.

We can’t wait for these features to be added to Whatsapp and improve our user experience!

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