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The Scoove Tech: SEO and Web Content Agency

The Scoove Tech: SEO and Web Content Agency

The Scoove Tech

The Scoove Tech is a subsidiary of The Scoove Africa and it is a tech company that specializes in offering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to brands, blogs, company websites and personal websites.

The Scoove Tech also does Website Content Writing which involves the creation of content exclusively for websites.

However, we do not create content for blogs. What we do is create content for websites and then use our SEO skills for them.


Our Services

the Scoove Tech
Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

The Scoove Tech is majorly an SEO company.

We offer search engine optimization services to Blogs, Websites and Brands. Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to increase the visibility of a domain: A blog or website on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo (among other search engines).

The purpose of this is to make such website rank better all the time- specifically on the first page of Search Engines


Not only do we know the right techniques, we have the right professional skills to pull this and on top of that, we have the right people.

With the proper Search Engine Optimization techniques used on your company or personal website, we would improve your visibility on search engines thereby making your services or products available to millions of people.

Not only do we know the right techniques, we know the right professional hat-tricks to pull this, and on top of that, we have the right people.

Click here to read more of our SEO services


Web Content

the Scoove Tech

We believe using Search Engine Optimization on websites may come with an amount of responsibility to create content for such website.

In fact, this will make it easier for us to work on your website content and apply the right SEO skills to make sure that your content gets more visibility online


Our Target Market

At The Scoove Tech, our target market are Companies with websites who want to improve their online visibility as well as Individuals with websites who want content on their websites and also want to increase their visibility on the internet.

There is also an exclusive offer for celebrities who need a web content creator for their websites

We also offer SEO services to Blogs.

  • Company Websites
  • Personal Websites
  • Brands 
  • Blogs



We do not have a fixed amount of price because we believe that it would be arbitrary to set a particular amount on a job that we don’t know what needs to be done with.

However, we can offer you a range.

First, we do a diagnosis to consider what SEO strategy your website would need.

Afterwards, we use the needed SEO strategies for the website you need our services for. This can cost less than #20,000.

However, if you want to hire us fully for the SEO of your company or personal website, there would be a discount since it’s a contract.

Contact us.

You can contact us here . However, you can also:

Call or WhatsApp: +2349131294201 or +2349078017816.

Send an E-mail to: 


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