Hey boy Sia featuring Burna Boy

Hey boy Sia Ft Burnaboy: Here are our first thoughts

On Monday January 11 2021, Australian Singer-Songwriter Sia revealed on Instagram that the remix of her hit song ‘Hey Boy’ would feature Burna boy. She did this by uploading a picture of the artwork on her page. Then, on Tuesday January 12 2021, she posted again on Twitter informing every one of the release of the song today- Thursday 14, 2021.

‘Hey boy’ was initially released in November 2020 and it was a successful song. It was written by Sia with Kamille and Jesse Shatlan. ‘Hey boy’ is off her upcoming ‘music’ album scheduled to be released in February 2021. It would also be accompanied by her Musical film also titled ‘Music’

Well, here are our first thoughts on the song and music video.


‘Hey boy’ starts funky. It initially sounds like the old American music style with Sia’s powerful voice opening in a feisty way. By the time Sia gets through the first verse, we are already addicted to ‘Hey boy’. It is just too thrilling to not fall in love with. I love the lyrics. Sia sets a very good pace in the song and by the time Burna Boy sings his verse, we have fallen head over heels in love with the song.

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The lyrics go ‘Hey boy, what you got for me? Come around now. Hey boy, better run now!’ The song is not slow or emotional and this makes it more interesting and fun to listen to. When you listen to Burna’s verse, you would notice that the afrobeats is not eradicated even though he sounds quite American.

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‘Hey boy’ is not a disappointment at all! You should totally listen to it. If you haven’t been a fan of Sia. This song would make you go back and listen to her other songs. You would also impatiently wait for Sia’s upcoming album titled ‘Music’, since this song is from it.


I have never seen an animation music video. I was slightly not pleased when I saw that ‘Hey boy’ is total animation. Still, it doesn’t make it bad at all. Even if I opine that it should have had a real music video, we must be realistic with ourselves. It might be quite impossible to shoot the music video considering the second wave of covid-19 and how a lot of restrictions have been put in place. Besides, Sia and Burna live in different continents, so it just might not be feasible.

Again, if ‘hey boy’ had a real music video, it might be hard to see or believe the romantic connection between Sia and Burna considering their age. Burna is around 27, while Sia is 45 years old. It just might not be very believable even if we have seen such before. Therefore, the animation video best does justice to our believability.

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‘Hey boy’ visuals are attractive and the graphics are equally compelling. Kudos to Sia on this music video. One would totally fall in love with how Sia goes on up on stage and throws away her microphone. The stage lifts her up and she enters into a ‘space-like’ environment where she is surrounded with plethora of images and objects, and expressions of her desires for Burna boy. The music video is not disappointing either.

Truth be told, ‘Hey boy’ would do well and people are going to love it.

Sia and BurnaBoy

Sia has been active 1990 and you could call her one of the greatest musicians that ever lived. If you don’t know, she produced ‘Diamonds’ with Rihanna. After having a successful career in Australia, she moved to London, England where she had her first debut in the U.S Billboard 200 with her sixth studio album ‘1000 forms of fear’

She has nine Grammy nominations and an MTV Video Music award. She has also received 12 ARIA awards (The Australian Recording Industry Association music Awards).

If you are wondering why she likes to cover her face a lot, she does it to protect her privacy. In fact, she took a hiatus from singing once due to been uncomfortable of her ever increasing fame. She has two children.

For Burna Boy, this is his second international collaboration in two years; the first one being with Sam Smith’s ‘Oasis’. We could not be happier for him

‘Hey boy’ remix featuring Burna Boy is available on all platforms!

Have you listened to the song? If yes, let us know what you think in the comment section. You can also like this post below.

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As long as burnaboy is there, I will definitely listen to it. Maybe this is where my love for sia will begin.

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