14 gospel songs you should be listening to

14 gospel songs you should be listening to!

Gospel songs have a way of turning our lives around in ways we never expect. They give us peace of mind about disturbing situations and circumstances. They also give us assurance about those circumstances and keep us spirit-filled. We just cannot live without them, and it is in light of these that we bring you 14 gospel songs you should be listening to right now!

1 ‘Now’- Ada Ehi
2 ‘Na you dey reign’- Mercy Chinwo
3 ‘Set me on fire’- Tomi favored
4 ‘Olorun Agbaye’- Nathaniel Bassey ft. Chandler Moore
5 ‘Love will always win’- Travis Greene
6 ‘Heaven at last’- Minister GUC
7 ‘Seated on the throne’- Oche Jonkings
8 ‘Sparrows’- Cory Asbury
9 ‘Wide as the sky’- Matt Redman
10 ‘Have my heart’- Chandler Moore and Chris Brown
11 ‘Raise a hallelujah’- Jonathan and Melissa Hesser
12 ‘This is a move’- Tasha Cobbs and Brandon Lake
13 ‘Won’t let go’- Travis Greene
14 ‘Holy Ghost’- Bri Babineaux

1 ‘Now’ By Ada Ehi

Listen to this song with the intent of making bold declarations and with a form of alignment that not only uplifts your spirit, but make things begin to change immediately. The songs says ‘The lord has spoken once, we have heard him twice. All the power and glory belongs to him. We are filled with his spirit and authority’. The song is taken from Ada Ehi’s latest ‘Born of God’ album and it is my favorite.

2 ‘Na you dey reign’ By Mercy Chinwo

So, I’ve had this song for quite some time on my phone. Then, one day, I was listening to music and it slid in. Despite being a danceable tempo, it was on repeat for several days! It gives you a wonderful feeling of pride of salvation and puts you in the mood to praise God. I can’t wait to see the live performance of this song! It is taken from her latest album ‘Satisfied’.


3 ‘Set me on fire’ Tomi Favored.


‘Set me on fire’ is taken from Tomi’s ‘Ignite’ song. I first saw a sponsored post on Instagram about this song and I made a choice to listen to it. I didn’t know who Tomi is, and I haven’t listened to any of her songs before. But now I will look out more for her songs. This song can literally set you on a spiritual fire! especially when you are praying. She says ‘Jesus, we will live out loud for you’

4 ‘Olorun Agbaye’ Nathaniel Bassey ft. Chandler Moore and Oba

Honestly, this song should not have been special considering that ‘Olorun Agbaye o, you are mighty’, is a lyric/song we’ve all known since we were young. However, Chandler’s verse combined with Nathaniel Bassey’s and Oba’s just makes it Brand new+ so spiritual. It is an exaltation of God in a very impressive and spirit lifting way. Bassey says ‘By the blood you have shed we have overcome, discharged and acquitted for life!’

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It makes you think of the whole salvation process. The chorus goes ‘You have a track record of keeping your word’ the song will make you think deeply about God, and if you set your mind right, see God in his glory.

5 ‘Love will always win’ by Travis Greene
Travis Greene creates a special song with ‘Love will always win’. He underscores how the decisions we have made have pitted us against one another. He says ‘I see so much war, do we know what we are fighting for? There is a truth that just might save us; love will always win’. Honestly, you should see the music video too, it explains the song 200%


6 ‘Heaven at last’ Minister GUC


Taken from his recent ‘The message’ album, ‘Heaven at last’ is a plea song to God to take us to heaven; to experience it and also prepare us for the second coming of Christ. It keeps you on your feet about one of the major reasons of salvation. The song says ‘Patiently waiting for the time when you will take me to the place where I belong. Earnestly waiting…’

7 ‘Seated on the throne’ by Oche Jonkings.
I don’t know how I came by this song but I know I was searching gospel songs on YouTube (Vidmate to be specific). The song just came up and I was attracted by the title. I love songs that draw crystal images of God and heaven in my mind, and that is what ‘Seated on the throne’ does. Oche sings ‘You are seated on the throne, the Lion and the Lamb’- a reference to God and Jesus.

8 ‘Sparrows’ Cory Asbury


‘The sparrows don’t worry about tomorrow, or the troubles to come. The lilies aren’t thinking of the seasons, so why should I be?’ This intro is all we need to remind ourselves of how God takes care of us and the whole world. If you listened to Nathaniel’s Bassey’s ‘Wonderful wonder’, then Cory Asbury combines the appreciation of nature and a comparison to how Nature leaves everything to God and why we should to. Cory sums up the song by saying, ‘I can’t even get past your kindness’

9 ‘Wide as the sky’ Matt Redman


There was a time late last year that all I did was wake up in the morning and listen to this song. The lyrics are heavily beautiful in adulation of God! The song says ‘Hands up, hearts open wide as the sky…hands up, hearts open wide as we cry. Lord we lift your name on high’. Then Matt Redman goes. ‘Let all the other names fade away until there is only you…’
The song makes us recognize the sovereignty of God over earth and how we should worship that.

10 ‘Have my heart’ Maverick music ft. Chandler Moore and Chris Brown

When I first discovered this song, I was like ‘What! Where have you been?’ The song can bring tears to your eyes. It adequately exemplifies one’s submission to God and how God accepts us just as we are and renews our nature.
My best lines are ‘You love with no reservation, you are not looking for perfection. There is no need in me pretending, I give you everything’. Chandler Moore and Chris Brown make this song perfect, just too perfect… It is so spirit-filed. Also, the chorus is heartwarming and easy to learn.

11 ‘Raise a hallelujah (Bethel music) Jonathan and Melissa Hesser
Raise a hallelujah is a victory song and it originally sprung up in the mind of the singer when a boy was declared to be dead in the hospital. The singer then goes, ‘I raise a hallelujah in the presence of my enemies, I raise a hallelujah, louder than the unbelief’.
The song solidifies your assurance in Jesus. It gives you a certification that the antics of the devil are just what they are- antics. Sing this song in the middle of tribulations and allow peace to flood your heart.

12 ‘This is a move’ Tasha Cobbs ft. Brandon Lake


I have been a fan of Tasha Cobbs for God knows how long. I love how she combines lyrics in a powerful way and how extremely spirit-filled her songs are. She even has a Grammy award! ‘This is a move’ is just too powerful, too compelling to explain. It’s like an encounter song with Jesus

13 ‘Won’t let go’ by Travis Greene

If you listened to ‘Reckless love’ by Cory Asbury and loved it (I mean, who doesn’t love the song tho?), then you should totally listen to ‘Won’t let go’. It opens with ‘You fill me up straight for the journey’. A reference to how God provides everything we need for something but we don’t notice or pay attention. Travis goes ‘When I am ready to give up lord you won’t let me, oh you keep holding me’. The song accentuates how God will never give up on us even when we are ready to give up on ourselves.

14 ‘Holy Ghost’: Maverick city ft. Bri Babineaux. The song is a cry out for the fresh infilling of the Holy Ghost. ‘Oh how I need you more…a fresh outburst. With no resistance I give permission. Come now, invade my heart’. It bridges an amazing communication with the Holy Spirit.

Honorable mention
* ‘Grace’ cover by Johnny Drille
Do yourself a favor and listen to this gratitude cover song by Johnny Drille. It is so wonderful!
This is our list of 14 gospel songs you should be listening to right now. Which one have you listened to? And which is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!

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