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Made in Lagos: Album review

Made in Lagos: Album review


October 30, 2020, Wizkid Ayo Balogun released his third studio album and boy, did the whole world go ‘ablaze’ with excitement? The expectations for this album was super high and fans were extremely intrigued about its release considering that Wizkid had starved his fans for an album for God knows how long. Anyway, we have put together a review for the album and we added a few things you noticed or didn’t notice, as well as our observations. Enjoy as we get into a track by track analysis of the album

1 Reckless

What a smashing way to open an album. Wizkid opens with his ‘level’ on this song. ‘Me never let them play on my Banjo’. ‘Everybody asking for me’. He even goes on to acknowledge God’s amazing grace on his life. I must confess, Wizkid’s songwriting has improved and the way he recounts part of his life experiences on this song is simply amazing ‘I don’t give a man more than he deserves cause they always bite the hand that feeds them’
‘Reckless’ leaves you yearning for more in the album and it exemplifies Wizkid’s dedication to God. ‘We sing amazing grace all night’ even if this depicts reveling as a form of praising God. Because I doubt he refers to a night vigil. The only thing I don’t get is why Wizkid titled the song ‘Reckless’ considering that the lyrics are not entirely synonymous with it.

2 Ginger ft. Burna Boy

This song is okay, but honestly, there is nothing special about it. . The collaboration on this song is what makes it special. No wonder it was the highest charting single on MIL .The song tune change between 2:37 and 3:17 by Burna did well to make it end beautifully. By now, it dawns on you that the mood of MIL is a certain smooth vibe. It is not fast and not slow and it allows people to listen and learn comfortably since it appears to be a lyrics embedded album.

3 Longtime ft. Skepta

We love the African-European sound blend on this song, considering that both artists represent a genre each. It is just too beautiful. The European sound dominates the track, but the sound of the drums brings us back. Wizkid sounds kinda mature as he goes ‘Omo to wun mi ni ma fe’ (I will marry the woman of my choice). If you noticed, so far the influence on MIL has been 55% English, 35% pidgin and 10% Yoruba.

4 Mighty Wine

Mighty wine is a romantic song, but it is not a custom one. ‘Mighty wine is a reference’ to a girl who ‘intoxicates’ wizkid. Therefore, she is a representation of a mighty wine.

5 Blessed ft. Damian Marley

The voice of a woman advertising pure water in the intro of this song gives us a Lagos vibe. A quick acoustic reference to where Wizkid grew up which prepares us for what we are about to hear on the song. The acoustics draw wonderful images of Lagos. In my opinion, Damian Marley wasn’t supposed to open the song. It took us off. It just didn’t fit what was expected of the song. Wizkid’s verse should have come first. His verse analyzes his experiences. Not only does his voice sound mature. You can feel his ‘mature mentality’ on the song. ‘Friends lost…praying they have no losses. ‘Blessed’ is a good song, but Wizkid should have featured another artist.

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6 Smile ft. H.E.R

‘Smile’ is Wizkid’s way of saying he loves it when people express happiness in one way or the other. Even though it is not an addictive track, the song simplifies that happiness is what makes the world go around. For the smile, Wizkid says ‘I’d do anything for my love’. It is a good romance song and H.E.R did her part on the track.

7 Piece of me ft. Ella Mai

Ella Mai is the best artist to feature on this song! Wizkid’s intro wasn’t entirely thrilling but Ella Mai gets you more interested in the song and uplifts Wizzy’s own verse. It is a good romance song too.

8 No stress

‘No stress’ is okay, the beats and the lyrics are good. The lyrics are explicit though, and I guess this is why parental advisory was written on the album cover. Wizkid has really blended into the American music style and it is so evident in ‘No stress’. In fact, if you didn’t know he is Nigerian, you’d probably think he is American. Well, apart from the Pidgin.

9 ‘True love’ ft. Tay Iwar, Projexx

‘True love’ is one of the songs I am pained about on this album. What is Tay Iwar and Projexx doing on a common romance song as this? Both Tay Iwar and Projexx are really talented artists, but Wizkid should have featured only one of them. In fact, if you didn’t see or know that there are two features on the song, you wouldn’t notice when you listen to it. But well, collaborations sets listeners expectations for albums. Meanwhile, ‘True love’ should have been about Wizkid and Tay Iwar or Projexx finding ‘true love’ after forming ‘Hard guys’ or guys who just look out to have fun. It would have made the song more interesting. Wizkid’s intro on the song is fire though.

10 Sweet one

Sweet one follows immediately. But seriously, it shouldn’t have made this album considering that just like Mighty wine, True love, Essence, No stress and Roma, it is a romance song with lyrics not different from others. It kinda waters them down. Also, it shouldn’t have been so long since it isn’t special song. Apart from this, it is dulcet to listen to.

11 Essence ft. Tems

The sync between Wizkid and Tems is what makes the song special. Honestly. It is okay. It is not just as intriguing or passionate as one might have thought it to be.

12 Roma ft. Terri
‘Roma’ is a romantic song about a girl named ‘Roma’ and is a slight departure from other romantic songs on the album.

13 Gyrate

As the name suggests, ‘Gyrate’ has a party vibe more than a romantic vibe. It sounds really good and Wizkid should have centered it on hanging out with his friends rather than hanging out with his women. Thankfully. It has a romantic vibe but the party vibe supersedes it.

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14 Grace

‘Grace’ is a very wonderful way to sum up ‘Made in Lagos’ considering that Reckless opens with Wizkid’s life experiences and what life has taught him. He says ‘I stand real tall no matter what I face. I never worry about what the next man says’. Wizkid also makes declarative statements on this song which is apparently backed up by God’s grace

What should have been done to make ‘MADE IN LAGOS’ PERFECT

Wizkid should have explored other topics like giving advice to young ones, and talking about the current situation in Nigeria. Also,few of the love songs sounded quite identical and those songs should have had sub themes.


Wizkid is a music genius. Made in Lagos is a good body of work. You can listen to the songs and connect them together. It shows how Wizkid has totally evolved over the past few years as a musical artist. The songwriting is perfect, the beats are wonderful and the track sequencing is top notch. It is a thorough body of work. Kudos to Wizkid on this album

Rating {10: 2 points each}
Track listing: 2
Songwriting: 2
Replay value: 2
Structure/Rhythm: 1
Mixing/producing: 1
Total: 8 out of 10

Do you agree with us? Leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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  1. Okay,you are going to offend me with that “there’s nothing special about Ginger”, the first song I fell in love with in the album. Maybe because my favourite was featured but it’s still damn special.

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