Chloe pray it away lyrics meaning

Chlöe “Pray it Away” lyrics meaning {Fully Explained}

Chloe Pray it Away lyrics meaning {Fully Explained}

Chloe Bailey has released “Pray it away”- the lead single from her upcoming debut studio album “In Pieces”. Here is Pray it away lyrics meaning as inferred by Chloe in the song



Chloe Pray it Away Lyrics Meaning {Verse 1}

[Verse 1]
Fuck nigga, fuck nigga, fuck nigga
I just learned to hate from a fuck nigga
Just start healin’
Now when I hear his name, I get more triggered
My feelings, my feelings, my feelings
They really got hurt by a fuck nigga
Damn, I waste this time for nothin’
I faked it for nothin’

Can’t talk to my friends ’cause they hate you too
And if the option’s violence, don’t make me choose it
God knows my heart, I’m wildin’, wildin’
So close to doin’ somethin

Pray it away meaning as inferred by Chloe in the first verse brings up a situationship scenario where she says she has so much hatred for a guy and that hatred is now eating her all up.

She describes the guy as a “Fuck Nigga”- apparently someone that is not worth her time and emotions.

She admits that while she bears so much hatred toward the guy, she has been trying desperately to heal herself, but anytime she hears his name or remembers their time together, she gets triggered again and wants to do something bad to him based on the hatred she bears towards him.

Chloe pray it away lyrics meaning

Pray it Away lyrics meaning by Chloe in the pre-chorus sees her stating that she would have loved for her friends to be part of her healing process but they hate the guy too and would only further spur the distasteful feelings she has towards him which may lead to one only available option- Violence.

She says she hopes she doesn’t resort to this method because there are better healthy ways to sort out a heartbreak and she doesn’t want to choose violence. 

Chloe Pray it Away Lyrics Meaning {Chorus}

Maybe I should go and take it to church (Uh)
And wash it away ’cause I want that nigga to hurt
But I’ma just pray it away before I give him what he deserves first
Ah (Ah), ah (Ah)
Take it to church

Here, Pray it away lyrics is based on the fact that she doesn’t want to resort to anything ungodly just because she is hurting.

Hence, she would rather pray her unhealthy feelings and thoughts away so she would not carry them out on the guy whom she refers to as a “Fuck Nigga”.

She says he deserves every action her thoughts might bring but she doesn’t want to choose any of those things as an option. Hence, she is going to pray it all away in church.

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Pray it Away lyrics Meaning {Verse 2}

[Verse 2]
I am not trippin’, I know he disloyal
Should’ve let him trick on me, not really love him
‘Cause when things go bad, that’s when I get crazy
And when I get angry, the gun is off safety
You know I’m not perfect, I’m no Virgin Mary
I feel what I feel so my actions may vary
That’s on my soul, I lost my halo, my halo is gone
I’m on the road

Hey, God knows my heart, I’m wildin’
So close to doin’ somethin

Verse 2 brings out the heightened lyrics meaning of Pray it Away by Chloe. Here, she states that she knows that he is disloyal, but in her hope that something would come out of it, she loved him only for him to hurt her.

This made her go crazy and she considers her feelings to when the gun is off safety.

Chloe pray it away lyrics

She becomes unhinged when she realizes that all her love and affection was thrown away, and now she’s one angry, hurt woman who wishes she had mete out the same feelings the guy had for her rather than facing a situation of unreciprocated love.

Chloe further admits that she “A’int no Virgin Mary”, she has her faults, and the guy knows all that, yet he betrayed her by chunking out all the love she gave him.

Chloe Pray it Away lyrics Meaning {Bridge}

Lord knows I’m tryin’, I pray every night
But I can’t help that I’m messed up in the head
Tryna be saved, but you gonna need savin’
‘Cause you got someone else in my bed
Call on the Lord
Down on my knees, yeah, I’ve been here before
Don’t wanna do somethin’ that I’ll regret, I’ll regret, I’ll regret it again
Regret it, regret it again

So I take it to church, so I take it to church
Take it to church (Church)
So I take it to church, take it to church
Oh, oh
Take it to church, it to church

Pray it away lyrics meaning by Chloe enforces that she has been to church as many times as she can, she is trying to take the high, divine, godly road, but her head is still messed up because she knows the guy is going to need saving if she lays her hands on him.

He has someone else in her bed and she is just hoping she won’t do something she is going to regret.

That’s Pray it away lyrics meaning by Chloe


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