Ojemba Meaning

“Ojemba” Meaning: Phyno and Olamide Song Explained

Ojemba Meaning” Phyno and Olamide Song Explained

If you are a fan of the newly released song by Phyno and Olamide titled “Ojemba”, you might have been wondering “What does Ojemba” mean? And why is it the theme of the song? Well, here is Ojemba meaning fully explained.


Ojemba Meaning

Ojemba is an Igbo word which translates to “Traveler”. The word “Ojemba” itself comprises two Igbo words “Oje” and “Mba”. “Oje” means “The one who goes” while “Mba” means “Nations or lands”.

Therefore, put together, the rough translation puts Ojemba meaning as “The one who travels to Nations”, i.e. The Traveler. That’s Ojemba meaning.


Ojemba Meaning in Phyno and Olamide’s Song

Ojemba meaning as implied in Phyno and Olamide’s song describes a situation where Phyno compares himself to a traveler who went from his homeland with big dreams and nothing but God’s prayer and the hope of God’s support. 

Ojemba e nwe ilo means

Ojemba meaning as inferred by Olamide and Phyno therefore implies that both of them have come a long way and have traveled through life and the music industry (Not literally), but with the cognizance that they have put in a lot to be where they are right now and can see the result.

They have been backed up by God and they can never overemphasize that.


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Also, Ojemba meaning points to how every traveler must settle somewhere no matter how much they love traveling to nations of the world.

There must be somewhere they can establish themselves and reflect on their successes and that’s exactly what Olamide and Phyno are doing.

As travelers who have seen so many experiences in the world; and in the music industry. They know how God has really helped them and the many obstacles they had to face.

They also describe how things have been different for them because there were loads of expectations from them. 

“Heavy is the head wey dey wear the crown”


You might also wonder: What does Ojemba e nwe ilo mean?


Ojemba e nwe ilo meaning

The word Ojemba itself is derived from the Igbo expression “Ojemba e nwe ilo” which means “A traveler to many nations or distant lands should not have enemies”.

That’s what Ojemba e nwe ilo means. The reason for this is not far-fetched. If you are going to places/nations where you are obviously not a native, you should not have enemies because you won’t know people there and you are going to need their help.

Ojemba Meaning

Besides, your success and survival there largely depends on your interaction with the people.


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Ojemba lyrics 

Oluwa cover me o
Man no fit be God o
They wan make I slow down o
But I no go look back o
Ọ kwa Chukwu na-enye o
E dey sweet me for belle o
Ife ọ sọlụ fa mebe o
Abụkwa m ojemba enwe ilo

God cover me for my front
and my back o (Ojemba enwe ilo)
U wish me to fall, I go jump,
I go pass o (Ojemba enwe ilo)
Chasing the bag,
ife anyị na-achọ bụ ego mbute
(Ojemba enwe ilo)
No weapon fashion
against me shall prosper o
(Ojemba enwe ilo)

This little light of mine o,
I’m gonna let it shine o
See wetin God don design o
(Ojemba enwe ilo)
This little light of mine o,
I’m gonna let it shine o
See wetin God don design o
(Ojemba enwe ilo)

If I fall, I rise,
I got my eyes set on the prize
You know say shoe get size
And all my shoes na designer
Heavy is the head wey dey carry the crown
Omo, my shoe no go fit any man

Even if I dey for dungeon or underground
Oluwa cover me anytime
And if you snooze, you collect
And if you loose, dem forget you,
my guy, you go quench
So many goons for my set
Many goons wey dey para
Wey dey zazu for the bench o
We can’t stop, we carry shinning armor
On our way to Zion
All my guys them be Lion
Mo ti ya wan

God cover me for my front
and my back o (Ojemba enwe ilo)
Obstacle come, I go jump,
I go pass o (Ojemba enwe ilo)
See, no looking back,


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