19 thoughts on “Sam Smith “Unholy” Lyrics Meaning {Fully Explained}

  1. When I first heard this song I had to listen again a few times. I understood it to be about a man who not only cheats on his wife with this young person, but the married man is with someone underage. No one mentions the underage aspect, but that is why I feel it is unholy.

  2. I personally never knew what they were saying until I read the lyrics and I never really thought about it and it’s not really that great of a song

  3. Wait I thought it was about a mechanic working late whose side piece visits him in the garage 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Well. It seems the purpose of a lyric-meaning article is to examine all possible meanings of the song

  4. With due respect, I believe you missed past the mark. Body Shop means a strip club. He sat back means the lap dance chair whereas she’s been dropping it means the woman’s been getting down on him and popping it means the same as flashing it to him. Nothing against homos here, but the song is not about that.

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