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“Blood and Water” Season 3 Cast & Expectations

“Blood and Water” Season 3 Cast & Expectations


It’s a new year at Parkhurst High and it can only mean one thing. More suspense and mystery!

  • What will the gang be up to this season?
  • Which relationships will thrive?



We can’t wait to find out when the new season of Blood and Water comes out on Friday, November 25th. Only on Netflix.

The last season ended in dramatic fashion when Fikile basically got dragged out of the matric ball by her dad and the police because her mom, Nwabisa was kidnapped from prison.

We now know Fikile and Puleng are sisters but there’s a twist, Puleng’s dad is not Fikile’s dad which means Puleng’s mom cheated on her Dad. Oops.


Blood and Water season 3 looks like it’s going to be the best season yet.


The first line in the trailer is ‘Puleng, one choice can affect your whole life’. That sentence carries a lot of weight and knowing Puleng, she WILL make a choice that affects her whole life.

This line is followed by a car crash, with a car summersaulting many times, it appears to be Puleng and her Dad in the car.

Then what looks like someone being interrogated by the police, which means something bad has probably happened.

This sets the tone and lets you know this is going to be the most dangerous, dark and twisted season yet.

Watch full trailer here:


  • Ama Qamata as Puleng Khumalo
  • Khosi Ngema as Fikile ‘Fiks’ Bhele
  • Thabang Molaba as Karaba ‘KB’ Molapo
  • Dillon Windvogel as Wade Daniels
  • Arno Greef as Chris Ackerman
  • Natasha Thahane as Wendy Dlamini
  • Cindy Mahlangu as Zama Bolton
  • Greteli Fincham as Reece van Rensburg
  • Leroy Siyafa as Sam Nkosana
  • Mekaila Mathys as Tahira Kahn
  • Gail Nkoane Mabalane as Thandeka Khumalo
  • Odwa Gwanya as Siya Khumalo
  • Getmore Sithole as Julius Khumalo
  • Xolile Tshabalala as Nwabisa Bhele
  • Sello Maake KaNcube as Matla Molapo
  • Sonia Mbele as Lisbeth Molapo
  • Katishcka Kiara as Pauline
  • Alzavia Abrahams as Zayd
  • Gary Joshua as Gabriel
  • Mpho Sibeko as Lunga
  • Sandi Schultz as Nicole Daniels
  • Megan-Lee Johnstone as Leigh-Anne
  • Thapelo Mokoena as Anthony Gabisa

That’s Blood and Water Season 3 Cast


Blood and Water Season 3 Cast & Expectations

1) Puleng-KB-Wade Love Triangle

Blood and Water season 3 cast

It looks like the love triangle that’s been going on for the past two seasons continues this season with KB being the “side ting” this year.

Still maintaining their lead roles in Blood and Water Season 3 cast, Puleng, KB and Wade are in for uncertainty and cnflicting emotions

In the trailer, KB tells Puleng “I don’t want us to be over” . She says “I’ve moved on” KB then asks “have you?”

Cast of Blood and Water season 3

I don’t think she has KB!!!

Let’s not forget at the end of season 2, after Puleng broke up with KB, she started dating Wade. Only for her to go behind Wade’s back and kiss KB in the backroom at the matric ball.

Wena Puleng! Make up your mind

“Blood Sisters” Netflix Cast


2) Fikile Has Her Hands Full…

Blood and Water season 3 plot

To an extent, it seems Fikile will be the Major Blood and Water Season 3 cast because the series is becoming more and more about her than it is about Puleng.

I feel Fikile is going to have things tough this season, but then again hasn’t she always?

At the end of season 2, Fikile found out her parents were not her actual birth parents, and worse her Mom had trafficked her as a child.

Now, Fikile has to deal with getting to know her new family better and trying to save the old one which she very much still loves.

Oh, let’s not forget Nwabisa, her mom, was kidnapped from Prison, so she’s going to be spending a lot of time trying to find her.

She doesn’t seem to have a lot of luck in relationships too, she thinks she has found the one and then he gets whisked off to witness protection.

Lisbeth is Going to be a Problem

Lisbeth was introduced in a cliffhanger at the end of season 2 as the person who kidnapped Nwabisa, Fikile’s mom, from prison.

She had left when KB was still a baby and the Phume case was adjudged to be the reason she had gone into exile.

Also, she is probably the real leader of the human trafficking ring and she was controlling her empire from afar.

Her being back means things have gone out of control and she’s here to contain it before it gets worse

In the trailer, she said would do anything to protect her family. I’m indulged to think that would include murder or worse.

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3) Puleng “Holmes”

Blood and Water season 3 plot

In season 1 and 2, we witnessed Puleng,  put on her detective hat and go to lengths to prove that Fikile was indeed her long lost sister, Phumelele Khumalo.

From sneaking out at night to visiting shady neighbourhoods and houses in search of answers, there was nothing that girl did not do. In the end she succeeded and I’m sure Sherlock Holmes is really proud.

In this new season, Puleng will be the major Blood and Water season 3 cast and she is definitely up to her antics again and this time it looks like her mission is to bring down the human trafficking syndicate.

But it also means more trouble and we hope our girl stays safe.


4) The Henchman

Blood and Water season 3 cast

The human trafficking story arc is going to introduce new characters, Lisbeth being one of them.

But one to look out for is the henchman. The henchman was introduced at the end of season 2 when he was sent to watch and eventually attack Sam’s mom.

His character seems like one the audience would love to hate, I mean he was pointing a gun at our dear Puleng.

He would definitely be used to perpetuate a lot of crime. I see him being a very important character.

The Henchman looks like the latest addition to Blood and Water Season 3 Cast



Blood and Water is a South African young adult series. It is one of the most popular Netflix series from Africa.

Blood and Water season 3 plot

The series follows 16 year old Puleng (Ama Qamata) whose sister, Phume Khumalo was kidnapped at birth by a child trafficking syndicate(Point of Grace). On Phume’s 17th birthday, Puleng sneaks out with her friend, Zama (Cindy Mahlangu) to a high school party where she meets Fikile(Khosi Ngema) who goes to Parkhurst High.

It turns out the party they’re at is actually Fikile’s 17th birthday party. Puleng gets a strong feeling that Fikile is her long lost sister so she orchestrates a scholarship to Parkhurst High to begin her investigative journey and prove that Fikile is Phume Khumalo.

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Season 1 & 2 basically dwells on this plot but at the end of season 2, Puleng succeeds and proves Fikile is Phume.

Season 3 will follow the aftermath of this big revelation. How Puleng and Fikile navigate their new found relationship. And all the truths yet to be uncovered in the Point of Grace/Phume Khumalo case.

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