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“Blood and Water” Season 3 Episodes   

“Blood and Water” Season 3 Episodes  

Blood and Water Season 3 Episodes


Here is a recap of Blood and Water Season 3 Episodes



Blood and Water Season 3 Episodes

Blood and Water Season 3 Episodes are divided into six parts and at the end of the sixth episode, there appears to be a wrap-up of the plot that has laid out since season 1



Episode 1: Re-orientation

Episode 1 lays out the major plot of Blood and Water Season 3 Episodes. Wendy travels for her Future Leaders Program and confesses that she really likes Chris, and that they should try long distance. Meanwhile, Fikile recruits Puleng to help find her father. Lisbeth Molapo finally comes to the city to “clear her name” while Reece struggles to pay the money she lost from dealing.

Blood and Water season 3 full episodes


Episode 2: The Recruit

In Episode 2, Lisbeth assures her husband and KB that she has nothing to do with Nwabisa’s disappearance. Fikile and her father try to find her through the police, but all to no avail. Infact, she already became a prime suspect in her own disappearance.

Fikile and Puleng accuse KB of not trying to rat out his parents and he annoyingly tells them to back off. Meanwhile a video of Tahira getting drunk resurfaces and he loses her position as head girl. Lisbeth shows up in the school for a meeting and tells Puleng and her dad to “Drive Safe”


Episode 3: Blind Spot

In Blood and Water Season 3 Episodes, Episode 3 marks the beginning of the climax. Puleng and her dad are involved in a ghastly accident and Puleng’s father dies. She breaks her neck and wrist and is made to undergo physio for a month. At Reece’s party, drugs are planted on Wade and Puleng is kidnapped.

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Episode 4: Out of the Shadows

Wade’s mother gets him out of jail, and after a while, it dawns on everybody that Puleng is actually missing Tahira is trying desperately to win her Head Girl Position back after she agrees to collude with a board member to uncover the truth behind the Matric Ball Committee accounts.

Chris begins to take a deep interest in Lunga- Puleng’s cousin who is staying with them at the moment. Episode 4 marks a turning point in Blood and Water Season 3 Episodes


Episode 5: Mayfair

Wade already found out where they were hiding Puleng, and he puts his phone as a tracker on the truck. KB finally agrees to help the team after having grave suspicions’ that his parents are involved.

The team tries to look for Puleng as she suffers in the place where she is held up. There, she meets Sam’s mother who is also looking for a way to escape.

KB’s mother discovers he already knows and while Fiks and Sam visit KB to ask while he has been offline, they see that his mum held him hostage. Lisbeth shoots Fikile and Matla and she runs away. Episode 5 is the climax of Blood and Water season 3 Episodes.


Blood and Water season 3 Episodes

Episode 6: A tale of Two Sisters

In this Episode, the board finds Mrs. Daniels unfit as the principal.

Puleng tries to escape and Fiks needs a liver transplant. Matla reveals where Puleng is being held and the team tries to rescue her. However, Puleng appears to be fighting her own battles as she harms the man that tries to lay his hand on her.

At the end, the police are contacted, Puleng and the girls are rescued while Fikile gets the transplant she needs from her birth father


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“Blood and Water” Season 3 Cast & Expectations

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The series follows 16 year old Puleng (Ama Qamata) whose sister, Phume Khumalo was kidnapped at birth by a child trafficking syndicate(Point of Grace). On Phume’s 17th birthday, Puleng sneaks out with her friend, Zama (Cindy Mahlangu) to a high school party where she meets Fikile(Khosi Ngema) who goes to Parkhurst High.

It turns out the party they’re at is actually Fikile’s 17th birthday party. Puleng gets a strong feeling that Fikile is her long lost sister so she orchestrates a scholarship to Parkhurst High to begin her investigative journey and prove that Fikile is Phume Khumalo.

Season 1 & 2 basically dwells on this plot but at the end of season 2, Puleng succeeds and proves Fikile is Phume.

Season 3 follows the aftermath of this big revelation. How Puleng and Fikile navigate their new found relationship. And all the truths yet to be uncovered in the Point of Grace/Phume Khumalo case.

The series revolves around Puleng (Ama Qamata), a high school girl whose sister Phume was kidnapped as part of a human trafficking network shortly after birth.

On the same day of Phume’s birthday Puleng was invited to a party of Fikile Bhele (Khosi Ngema), a popular athlete studying at Parkhurst College, a prestigious school in Cape Town.

After Wade (Dillon Windvogel), a new acquaintance points out their resemblance, Puleng starts to suspect that Fikile is Phume. She has lived in the shadow of her sister all her life so she decides to get to the bottom of things. She transfers to the elite school to investigate.

While solving the puzzle, Puleng discovers that the mystery of her missing sister is not the only secret that her friends and family keep.

In February 2019, it was announced Netflix had picked up their second South African original production after Queen Sono with a new teen drama from Gambit Films directed by Nosipho Dumisa and written by Daryne Joshua and Travis Taute. Bradley Joshua and Benjamin Overmeyer would produce.

In June 2020, Netflix renewed the series for a second season. The writers’ room was expanded for the second season, and Thati Peele was added to the directing team.

On 6 April 2022, it was revealed the third season of the show was under production

The cast was reported when filming for season 1 began, with a line-up of Ama Qamata, Khosi Ngema, Thabang Molaba, Dillon Windvogel, and Natasha Thahane. Gail Mabalane, Sello Maake, Arno Greeff, Ryle De Morny, Getmore Sithole, Xolile Tshabalala, Monique Rockman, and Cindy Mahlangu would also feature.

Qamata was connected with the casting director through her work on Gomora.

Leroy Panashe Siyafa, Katishcka Chanderlal, and Alzavia Abrahams joined the cast for season 2 with Greteli Fincham promoted to a more central role.

Principal photography for the first season began on location in and around Cape Town in June 2019.



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