Battle on Buka Street

“Battle on Buka Street” Movie: All you need to know

Battle on Buka Street Nollywood Movie: All you need to know

Here is all you need to know about Battle on Buka Street Nollywood Movie


When one person takes a step, you take another step ahead of them



Cast: Funke Akindele, Mercy Johnson, Tobi Makinde, Sola Sobowale, Kelvin Ikeduba, Nkem Owoh, Bimbo Ademoye, Tina Mba, Femi Jacobs and Wumi Toriola.


About Battle on Buka Street Movie

Battle on Buka Street is a 2022 Nollywood Movie by Funke Akindele. The film follows the events that happen on a street called “Buka Street”- a street especially famous for its special preparation of Buka Food by its many talented cooks.

Battle on Buka Street is directed by Funke Akindele and Tobi Makinde. The film is jointly produced as a collaboration between Funke Ayotunde Akindele Network (FAAN) and FilmOne Entertainment.The film is set to have its theatrical release on 16 December 2022.

The plot revolves around the battle between two women who confront each other in a food challenge in order to win the prestigious ‘King of Buka Street’ which is a title conferred to the best local food seller in the region

Buka” is the Yoruba word used to describe a place where mostly swallow foods are prepared and sold at inexpensive prices 

Battle on Buka Street movie presents all the amazing and talented women who can cook swallow food well, but where there is so much talent, there will always be competition.

Battle on Buka Street

Funke Akindele/ Sola Sobowale

Battle on Buka Street movie therefore follows a food challenge where all these talented women who sell Buka food participate in so they would crown the person who would become “King of Buka Street”.

Apparently, Battle on Buka Street movie proves that the competition is not only one of a mere contest between the women.

Alongside their children, they get really malicious with each other and find ways to get ahead of each other in the game. They may be in the same business, but they are not friends.

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As Battle on Buka Street movie progresses, we see that the rivalry turns into an actual crime as Yejide’s husband in the movie- (Character played by Femi Jacobs) kills a man and is now on the run, separated from his wife and children- Ademide and Fadekemi.

Battle on Buka Street is a comedy movie that promises to entertain viewers with light-hearted humor and considerable action from a cast of talented actors and actresses


Background of Battle on Buka Street 

Battle on Buka Street gets its background from the old contest culture between people who sell swallow food in the early/late 90s.

The idea behind it is that Yoruba men, or men generally, love eating swallow because of the satisfaction and enjoyment it brings them.

Battle on Buka Street movie


Therefore, they were always willing to pay any amount for it. Besides, once they found a Buka that provided them the enjoyment of the assortment of swallow foods like Amala and Pounded Yam, then they were living a happy life.

It therefore became a rivalry between the women who owned Bukas. These women would do literally anything to make sure that they get the best of customers and prove that they serve the food better than their counterparts. 

For example, in Battle on Buka Street movie trailer, we see Yejide (Character played by Funke Akindele) calling out to people to come eat amala while stealing the shine from Mercy Johnson whose own mother owns a Buka too.

Although the rivalry is mostly an unspoken one, it is a strong one and has almost always been associated with the use of extra forces to make the buka owners stay on top.

There have been so many cases where Buka owners did something to their food to make sure that their customers always returned to them.

Or in some other cases, did something evil to their competitors to make sure they stay out of business or people never patronize them again.

As the movie tag says “When one person takes a step, you take another step ahead of them”

This is the background of Battle on Buka Street Movie



Battle on Buka Street has an ensemble cast of Funke Akindele, Mercy Johnson, Tobi Makinde, Sola Sobowale, Kelvin Ikeduba, Nkem Owoh, Bimbo Ademoye, Tina Mba, Femi Jacobs and Wumi Toriola.

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Release Date

Battle on Buka Street movie is scheduled for a December 16, 2022 cinematic release. Show times and tickets will be available here on FilmhouseNg 


Box Office Projections

Battle on Buka Street is definitely expected to be a box office hit.

Based on the fact that the movie has a somewhat unique storyline, viewers are expected to find the movie an interesting watch because apart from the action and the contest the movie promises, it also features some crime and consequences.

Funke Akindele’s last movie- Omo Ghetto the Saga, which is currently the highest grossing Nollywood movie, grossed over #600,000,000. Battle on Buka Street does not look like it has the sheer power and weight that Omo Ghetto the Saga has, but it will most likely cross the #300,000,000 box office mark.


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About the Filmmaker 

Akindele-Bello Olufunke Ayotunde born (24 August 1977) popularly known as Funke Akindele or Jenifa, is a Nigerian film actress,politician and producer.

Akindele starred in the sitcom I Need to Know from 1998 to 2002, and in 2009, she won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

She rose to fame for her role in the movie titled Jenifa which earned her the nickname Jenifa. The Omo Ghetto trilogy contributed to her fame.

Battle on Buka Street movie

Funke Akindele played the lead role in the show Jenifa’s Diary, for which she was named the Best Actress in a Comedy at the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice AwardsL.

Again, at the 2020 and 2022 AMVCA, she took home the same award, making it her third win for the Best Actress in a Comedy category.

Akindele was born on 24 August 1977, in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

She is the second of three children (two girls and one boy). Her mother is a medical doctor while her father is a retired school principal.

She attended Grace Children’s School, Gbagada, Lagos State. She obtained an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Mass Communication from the former Ogun State Polytechnic, now known as Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. She earned a Law degree from the University of Lagos

Akindele came into the limelight after starring in the popular United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)-sponsored sitcom I Need to Know, which ran from 1998 to 2002.

Funke Akindele played Bisi, a curious but highly intelligent secondary school student. Funke Akindele’s big break came in 2008 when she appeared in the movie Jenifa.

In an interview on July 2016, Funke Akindele stated she was acting less in the Yoruba film industry at that time because of piracy.

Akindele plays the lead character in the ongoing hit TV show Jenifa’s Diary, alongside Fisayo Ajisola, Falz, Juliana Olayode, and Aderounmu Adejumoke. The show is a spin-off from the movie Jenifa.

The 2018 comedy film Moms at War stars Funke Akindele and Omoni Oboli. In July 2019, Akindele started a new web series, Aiyetoro Town, a spinoff from her popular TV series, Jenifa’s Diary.She is the CEO of Scene One Film Production

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