Shanty Town Cast

Shanty Town Netflix Cast | Let’s Meet Them!

Shanty Town Netflix Cast | Let’s Meet Them

Meet The Cast of Netflix’ Shanty Town


Streaming giants, Netflix have released the trailer for the highly anticipated film series ‘Shanty Town’. The trailer was released on the 4th of January and is primed for global release on the 20th of January. Here is Netflix Shanty Town Cast.



Shanty Town Netflix Cast

The Cast of Netflix’ Shanty Town boats of an ensemble of Ini Edo, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Uche Jombo, Nancy Isime, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Shaffy Bello, Zubby Michael, Mercy Eke, Ali Nuhu, Toyin Abraham, Shaffy Bello, Chidi Mokeme, and singer/performer Peter Okoye– one half of the legendary P-Square.


About Shanty Town Cast

The Cast of Shanty Town Netflix Series have been matched with the perfect characterization that makes it easy for us to decipher how Shanty Town Cast are going to interact with each other in the movie and how the power play works.


Chidi Mokeme Scar- as The Ruthless Kingpin

Shanty Town Netflix Cast

Shanty Town Netflix Cast has Chidi Mokeme playing the character of Scar- The Ruthless Kingpin who is somewhere at the top of the food chain but he is not the one that commands everything. True, he has some power but he still takes orders from someone.

He is some sort of instrument in the hands of the real power people and he has his own chain of people he commands. However, he is important enough to not be just another piece on the chess board.

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Ali Nuhu as the Uninquiring Accountant

Shanty Town Cast has Ali Nuhu playing the role of the uninquiring accountant who knows of all the shady things being done by the lords of Shanty Town, but decides to turn a blind eye to it all and count the dirty money while managing all the operations financially.

He is a perfect example of someone who pretends as if they don’t know what’s going on because it’s safer that way. 

Also, he represents the class of people who are actually skillful at what they do but the circumstance of the economy i.e. unemployment, has made them succumb to doing jobs like working for a drug kingpin.

Meanwhile, his justification is that he doesn’t participate in their nefarious activities but just counts the money.


Shaffy Bello as “Her Excellency”- The Disruptor

Actors in Shanty Town

One of the major Shanty Town Cast is Shaffy Bello who plays the character of the woman running the show- popularly called “Her Excellency”. Apparently, she is at the top of the food chain and she runs everything and has a say in everything.

She is kind of like “The King of Boys” in this situation. This is because, as a woman, rising in the ranks of dangerous men is quite difficult, if not impossible.

But she is also nicknamed “The Disruptor”- someone who has the power to create a ripple anywhere she goes and get the kind of attention she wants.

Meanwhile, we get an inkling that wealth has afforded Shaffy Bello the position on top of the food chain of Shanty Town than experience has. She gets her power from her stupendous wealth, and so everyone has to do what she says because money runs the world.

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Sola Sobowale as “The Mother”- Dark Princess of The Zanga

Names of people in Shanty Town

If there is something about Sola Sobowale; there is no role she cannot morph into and deliver effortlessly. Sola Sobowale is part of Shanty Town Netflix Cast and she plays the role of the “spiritual mother”.

A Dark Princess who has the power to control the spiritual affairs of Shanty Town. Others look to her for spiritual advice and power. 

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Nse-Ikpe Etim as The crafty One

Shanty Town Cast

Nse-Ikpe Etim, A Shanty Town Cast, plays the character of the Crafty One who thinks she can go chest to chest with the powerful lords and ladies of Shanty Town by coming up with schemes and methods that makes her hide in plain sight while she carries out her mission and stays alive.

Her motive is not only survival, but to get a fair share of the power.


Ini Edo as Inem– The Firebrand

Inem in Shanty Town

A Firebrand is someone who is very passionate about a cause, and there is no one who is as passionate as Ini Edo about getting justice for all the wrongdoing and wickedness that the lords and ladies of Shanty Town have done to one of her own- someone she cares deeply about. As a Cast of Shanty Town, She therefore seeks the help of The Mother- Dark Princess of The Zanga.

We see Inem (Ini Edo) who is the main protagonist return from a place called Zanko and we can tell that’s a cause of worry for Scar (Chidi Mokeme) who is a ruthless kingpin.

Inem’s mission is to rid Shanty town of Scar, all though she’s a little handicapped as Scar runs an organized crime empire


Nancy Isime as The Bait

Shanty Town Netflix Cast

Nancy Isime is a Shanty Town Netflix Cast who plays the character of the bait and hopes to get the Lords and Ladies of Shanty Town to trust her so she can get their secrets and bring them down.


Shanty Town Netflix Cast

  1. Ini Edo as Nnem
  2. Chidi Mokeme as Scar- The Ruthless Kingpin
  3. Shaffy Bello as Her Excellency
  4. Ali Nuhu as The Accountant
  5. Nancy Isime as The Bait
  6. Sola Sobowale as The Mother- Dark Princess of Zanga
  7. Zubby Michael
  8. Remi Mofe-Damijo
  9. Peter Okoye
  10. Uche Jombo
  11. Nse-Ikpe Etim
  12. Mercy Eke

See full Cast pictures here on Instagram

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About Shanty Town Netflix Series

Shanty town is a 6-part limited series created by Xavier Ighorodje and Chichi Nworah. It was directed by Dimeli Ajibola, produced by giant creative studios and written by Xavier Ighorodje.

Shanty town tells the story of three Lagos hustlers who wage war against the biggest and most ruthless crime ring in the state. They attempt to escape the grasp of a notorious kingpin – but corruption and blood ties make freedom a near- impossible goal. 

It’s a crime thriller that’s going to get you off your feet and keep you tense. Netflix described it as violent and gritty, so you know this is something we haven’t seen before.

Shanty Town Cast

Meanwhile, if something is obvious, there is a class divide in Shanty Town Netflix Series and this divide is what creates the conflict between  Lagos Hustlers and the Lords and Ladies of Shanty Town. It is like a society ladder where some people are at the top of the food chain.

Those at the top of the food chain do not only leave crumbs for those at the bottom of the ladder to eat, but also determine their lives and what happens in their town.

Shanty Town is going to delve into the spiritual and political aspects of the underworld in Nigeria’s society.

The series producer, Chichi Nworah said

 “Shanty Town is a unique show in that it is at once different as it is familiar. The tale of redemption will especially resonate with audiences familiar with the grit and hustle mentality of Lagos, and indeed other fast-paced and vibrant cities around the world. We are spotlighting the underbelly of the city, and bringing to life the various character dynamics that exist beneath the cover of everyday “normal life,” thus telling a truly fresh and compelling story. I cannot wait for the entire world to see Shanty Town!”

The crime genre has definitely been on the rise lately with movies like Rising: City of Dreams and Brotherhood doing well in cinemas.


Shanty Town Netflix Trailer

The trailer doesn’t reveal much of the story but it does get you excited enough to watch it.

We see Inem (Ini Edo) who is the main protagonist return from a place called Zanko and we can tell that’s a cause of worry for Scar (Chidi Mokeme) who is a ruthless kingpin.

Inem’s mission is to rid Shanty town of Scar, all though she’s a little handicapped as Scar runs an organized crime empire.

We also see explosions, fight scenes and a somersaulting vehicle. All the ingredients needed for a cliché action flick.

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