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Why “Red Notice” is going to be the biggest 2021 movie

Why Red Notice is going to be one of the best 2021 movies

Set in a grave crime world, Red Notice will shake the world upon its release as it stars superstars Gal Gadot popularly known for her “Wonder Woman” role, Dwayne Johnson known as “The Rock” and you know who- Ryan Reynolds.

It’s about to go down

We don’t know exactly when this movie will be released, but 2021 is a sure bet for its release. And while we are waiting impatiently for its release, we have lined up at least three reasons it is going to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest movie of 2021.
Okay, let’s slow our roll. Probably not the biggest, with Marvel’s “Love and Thunder” and “Spider man No way Home”. Meanwhile, we are convinced this movie will come to stay and here are our reasons:

1 Casting

No, I am not taking about the fact that this movie stars Gal Gadot and The Rock, I am talking of the new characters that have been given to them. This is going to make the movie fascinating to watch. For the first time, Gal would get a role that contradicts her Super-woman status. She is the world biggest art thief. She will be playing the very character she fights against as “Wonder Woman”!
Now, drumroll firsts as I introduce one of the greatest Canadian-American actor ever liveth! Well, he needs no introduction. He is Ryan Reynolds.

One of my favorite actors and yes, he is so talented! He is the world’s greatest con man and will be working alongside the character of Gal Gadot to cause some “trouble”. Trouble we can’t wait to see. It’s gonna be a dangerous combination!

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson is an Interpol agent, and is the world’s greatest tracker. He will be playing a once in a blue moon character of being a man that works for the government and is strictly a man that obey the law.

Red Notice, red notice is biggest 2021 movie

The last time he played something close to this character was in “Central Intelligence (2016) alongside Kevin Hart. He will be going against Ryan and Gal Gadot and we can’t wait to see them battle it out!

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2 Plot

Okay Honey, let’s think about it. INTERPOL issues out a Red Notice to capture the world’s most wanted. A daring heist comes up and well you know, trouble loves company. Ryan and Gal Gadot are rivals, and we all know how Dwayne Johnson can be. Meanwhile, even though rivals, there is a great possibility that Ryan and Gal Gadot be forced to work together to achieve victory against ‘The Rock’

3. Setting

I can’t wait to see the setting of this movie. It’s gonna be lit and I hope it doesn’t turn out to be disappointing. A world where crime is done as perfectly as possible and justice is set to be served as severely as possible. The battle will be fierce and we cannot wait in exhilaration for this kinda setting!

Red Notice will be streaming on Netlix

While our curiosity rises to the highest degree\, drop a comment on why you can’t wait for Red notice. Wink

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[…] Read: Why “Red Notice” is going to be the biggest 2021 movie […]

[…] Read: Why “Red Notice” is going to be the biggest 2021 movie […]

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