Why Cruella is still the best 2021 movie

Why “Cruella” is the best 2021 movie so far

Even though being in the second quarter of the year and so many good movies have been released, it is with a chest-thumping confidence that we have picked “Cruella” as the best 2021 movie so far.

It is not every year you get to watch a mix of perfect storytelling, crime, violence, class, nobility, individualism and poetic justice perfectly meshed together in a film. Yes, “Cruella” gave us that and more.

Cruella is not just a film about poetic justice, it transcends the status quo of storytelling in a crime thriller and explores an unpredictable narrative while delving into intriguing scenes of a roller-coaster heroine, all the while guiding the audience on a journey of truth and sensibility.

Let us get into a few reasons for our stance:

1 Storytelling.

A good story has never been told. What intrigues the audience about Cruella most is the gruffly, mystical voice of Emma Stone as she starts the narration of the film.

“From the very beginning I have always made a statement. Not everyone appreciated that, but I wasn’t for everyone…”

Even though “Cruella” takes us on a complete journey of Estella’s childhood through her transformation to “Cruella” and subsequently the reality of her situation, it does not get boring at any minute.

One then wonders what would have happened if Emma Stone had not been in the background narrating her own story in an omniscient kind of way. It gets very interesting every minute. She has seen it all and cannot wait to pour them out to us. It’s like in “Acrimony”, where Taraji Henson tells the story of her character (but why she is not able to know the end of it), Estella does, and it is this very reason that makes the screenplay a special and thorough adaptation.

2 Acting

You have to give it to Emma Stone, she is goooood! Why this is the first time I see her in a movie, I don’t have to be convinced she is a pro. No wonder she was 2017 highest paid actress in the world, and has an Oscar.

“Cruella” Poster

She really knows how to morph into character. Whoever played young Estella did a wondrous job, and while Emma Stone came to pick it up, we were not disappointed. From being a cleaner in the first fashion house she worked in, to working for the Baroness and upstaging the Baroness, Emma prepares her character for this transitioning, and boy did she transition well.

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I think one of the few, and I mean very few people who could pull this character off perfectly is Margot Robbie. Emma gave some real Margot Robbie’s “Harley Quinn” character in her portrayal of “Cruella”, and even though there is a striking similarity, the uniqueness cannot be understated. It felt like we could not get enough of Emma Stone.

3 Individualism

The representation of individualism in “Cruella” is top-notch. I mean, the way each individual has next to no struggle identifying themselves and going down the path suitable for them. Even when Estella works as a thief with the rest of the gang, she knows she wants more, and Jasper knows this too. He knows that is not the life for her, and gets her a job at the fashion house.
The Baroness knows she hates and does not believe in people. She cannot stand to trust them and treats people like trash. She knows all this and confesses them with no shame, but in fact, with dignity.

When it comes to reconciling with her long lost daughter, even Estella knows the Baroness will push her off the cliff and while the Baroness pretends to do what other people should do in that situation (which seemed like the right thing), she knew that wasn’t her, and what was going through her mind was Estella upstaging her again and taking over her inheritance.

4 Fashion and Class

I have seen several movies about class and fashion, but its presentation in “Cruella” is done as real and jaw-breaking as possible, especially with fashion. I really saw wonderful designs that I have never seen in my life and it didn’t take five minutes to be convinced that Estella is a really talented fashion-curator and designer

The Baroness’ classy and glassy behavior is not at all surprising, after all, if you watched a show like “Into the Badlands”, you would understand that Barons and Baronesses subjected the people to their own will, and the Baroness has no problem doing this.

Meanwhile, the intriguing thing is that she does all this while being a shrewd businesswoman, she knows what is profitable and what is not and keeps her nose and eyes on everything.

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To be fair, “Cruella” is definitely not a perfect movie, while the conclusion was rushed and it really didn’t have the kind of entirely convincing effect it ought to have on viewers, all things considered, it is the best 2021 movie yet.

Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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