Veteran Nollywood actor Sadiq Daba dies
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Veteran Nollywood actor Sadiq Daba dies

Veteran Nollywood actor: Sadiq Daba is dead

Sadiq Abubakar Daba or as he is known Sadiq Daba passed away yesterday March 3, 2021.

Sadiq was one of the best Veteran Nollywood actors Nigeria has ever had and he has been praised for his dynamism in role interpretation in movies

Sadiq Daba was born in the Northern part of Nigeria and obtained degrees in many tertiary institutions, one of which is Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

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In 2017, Sadiq was diagnosed of Leukemia and Prostate cancer.

Despite this, Sadiq Daba still starred in blockbuster movies : Citation (2020), This is my desire (2020), Hotel Majestic (TV series) and High earning box office film October 1(2015) where he played the symbolic role of ‘Inspector Waziri’ and earned an accolade for African Movie Academy award for best supporting actor.

Sadiq Daba has been acting since 1970 and used to work as a broadcaster for Nigerian Television Authority.
He died at the Ayinka General Hospital in Ikeja, Lagos and is survived by his wife- Bolaji Daba, two children and a lot of grandchildren.

His legacy will forever live on as a legend not only in Nollywood, but in the world of broadcasting.

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