DJ Cuppy announces going to Oxford for her masters program

DJ Cuppy announces going to Oxford for her masters program

In a post on Instagram, DJ Cuppy shared her announcement to her parents that she just got accepted into Oxford for her Master’s Program. The post read:

‘HUGE NEWS and I had to tell my parents first!…I have been accepted into Oxford University for a Masters!!! This degree is dedicated to @Nana_otedola & @FemiOtedola #CuppyOnAMission

To be honest, this is extremely surprising because not only is she a successful artist (As a DJ and as a Musician), she is the daughter of one of the richest people in Nigeria. The important thing is that she made a choice, a wonderful one at that and she proves wrong the notion that people in music can’t get higher education or learning as a result of fame, tight schedule and not seeing the essence of it.

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See the video below:

We wish her all the best in Oxford University and hope she continues to make the best of herself as she has always done.

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