Ti blaze

TI Blaze: Biography, Age, Songs, News 2022

TI Blaze: Biography, Age, Songs, News

TI Blaze whose real Name is Akintunde Abiodun Timileyin, is a Nigerian Singer and Songwriter who received Nationwide fame after the release of the remix of his song “Sometimes’ featuring rapper Olamide in January 2022.

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TI Blaze attended New Creation College, in Ogun State. He is yet to go to any University.

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Record Label

Currently, TI Blaze is not signed to any record label. He is still an independent artiste.

Ti blaze biography

T.I Blaze


TI Blaze is 22 years old. He was born on February 16, 2000



TI Blaze whose real Name is Akintunde Abiodun Timileyin, is a Nigerian Singer and Songwriter who received Nationwide fame after the release of the remix of his song “Sometimes’ featuring rapper Olamide in January 2022

He was born on February 16, 2000 in Ogun State.

He has always been a lover of music since he was a teenager and would sing and rap for his classmates when he was in secondary school.

This music passion pushed him to sing and record songs while dropping them on Digital platforms under his stage name- TI Blaze.

During this time, TI Blaze was an unknown artiste and many people didn’t really know him then because he was an upcoming artist.

However, TI Blaze got enormous recognition in early 2022 with the release of the remix of his song “Sometimes” with Olamide.

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Rise to Fame: How TI Blaze became Popular

TI blaze age

TI Blaze

In an interview with Cool FM, TI Blaze revealed that he didn’t know he would become famous so quick and he never expected it.

According to TI Blaze, he had released a song as usual, in August 2021.

The song was titled “Sometimes” and it spoke on people’s struggles and how we all deal with reality when it hits us at different phases of life.

TI Blaze revealed that he was sleeping in one day when his brother came in and said Olamide posted the cover art of his sing “Sometimes” on his Instagram Story.

This really shocked TI Blaze because he said he knew that several people would have viewed the story and even streamed his song on digital platforms. 

Above all, he knew that even Olamide had listened to the song and he wouldn’t have posted the cover art on his Instagram Story if he hasn’t listened to the song.

Next, TI Blaze said he texted Olamide and asked if he could do a remix of the song “Sometimes

Olamide replied and asked TI Blaze to come to his place so they could do a remix of the song.

In January 2022, TI Blaze released the remix of “Sometimes” featuring Olamide and it gained massive airplays and streams.

This shot TI Blaze into recognition in the Nigerian Music Industry.

According to Olamide, he has been listening to TI Blaze’s “Sometimes” for six good hours before posting the covert art of the song on his Instagram Story.

TI Blaze said “Sometimes” was inspired by his experiences and his struggles and this propelled him to write the song

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Further Recognition

Ti blaze

T.I Blaze

TI Blaze decided to bank on his newly gotten recognition and released his sophomore Extended Play (EP)- titled “The Fresh Prince of Lagos(2022)

Before he became famous, TI Blaze had already released an EP in 2021 titled “New Generation

TI Blaze’s “The Fresh prince of Lagos” was released independently on February 25, 2022. It was a 5-track EP.

The Fresh Prince of Lagos by TI Blaze garnered so many streams on music platforms.

On Audiomack, the song has been charting and re-entering their top albums chart.

Also on Audiomack, TI Blaze’s “Fresh Prince of Lagos” has garnered 72 million streams.

On Boomplay, it has raked in 24 million streams

The EP produced two major hits “Try” and “Gbedu” asides “Sometimes

On The EP, TI Blaze featured Bary Jhay, Blxcie, and Rasaqi NFG.


Future Collaborations

In an interview, TI Blaze said he would love to do a song collaboration with Joeboy, Wande Coal and Fireboy

ti blaze biography

T.I Blaze


TI Blaze said he writes his songs based on his thoughts and inspirations


Before Stardom

TI Blaze said he was really struggling before the release of the remix of his song “Sometimes” with Olamide.

He said there were times he had no place to stay and he had to hang around a hotel kitchen

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TI Blaze Songs

Here is a complete list of all TI Blaze’s Songs

1) Sometimes

2) Try

3) Basic

4) Ali

5) Sometimes (Remix) ft. Olamide

6) Gbedu

7) Kilo

8) Overload

8) Tomiwa

9) Pay Me

10) U are D One

11) Zero Joy

12) Attention

13) Grace

14) Feelings

15) Letter to Enemies

16) Oba

17) Ali (Remix)

18) Ballers Anthem

Ti blaze

EPs (Extended Plays)

New Generation (2021)

The Fresh Prince of Lagos (2022)


Stream TI Blaze’s songs here.



How old is TI Blaze?

TI Blaze is 22 years old. He was born on February 16, 2000

What Record Label is TI Blaze signed to?

Currently, TI Blaze is not signed to any record label. He is still an independent artiste

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TI Blaze “Try” Review

The music video for TI Blaze’s Try is indeed an impressive watch. It shows that we should Try to get money, and be successful, but never at extreme lengths.

TI Blaze’s “death” in the short video shows the death that comes as a result of trying to follow shortcuts to success.

The robbery in TI Blaze’s music video for Try shows that while the gang actually got money, it was at a great cost.

TI Blaze lost the remaining two of his gang and he had to dispose of their bodies in a river.

Afterwards, he gathers the money but is even too shocked to realize that he had also been shot.


Song theme

TI Blaze shows that money is extremely important even to man’s health because money is just the language of the world.

And in fact, engaging in different endeavors means having a lot of money to run these endeavors. To this extent, TI Blaze says he has to try to get money regardless.

He says that:

“No girl will love you if you no get money”

Which may in fact, be TI Blaze talking from experience. This shows he has to Try to get money at all costs.



Ti Blaze’s Try is lyrically applauding.

I mean, the lyrics are so suitable and address a contemporary issue such as the hustle to try to get rich.

It doesn’t get more realistic than that. The lyrics of Try by TI Blaze makes the song sink in better, and the lyrics also enhance the song theme.



If there is something about TI Blaze’s Try, it’s that it is very realistic.

We all try and struggle to make it every day because it is just what makes the world turn around.

On Social media, there is always the flaunt of money and achievements. Consciously or unconsciously.

These flaunts have an effect on us and push us to Try to make it just like the people we see every day.

This influence may even come from our admiration of celebrities and how far they have come.

We just want to Try to be like them and this remain the point.

This is why he says:

I don try I don try. I no fit stop till I get enough money.

However, as much as TI Blaze urges us to Try to be successful (at least, as interpretive as the lyrics get), he establishes a moral stance that robbery or any other illegal activities can never be the way to success because there is just no shortcut.

Whether we like it or not, Success is a long road and anyone or anything that makes us think otherwise is just leading us on a journey of deceit.


There is so much to success than just robbing an individual, shop or bank blind.


It never ends with that. This is because Success has been programmed to work with a particular activity- that we do consistently.


This is why no matter how much robbers steal, it is almost never “one and done” with them.


So as TI Blaze suggests, we can only Try to be successful and hope that our endeavors are blessed as we abide by the principles.



TI Blaze’s delivery on Try is impressive.

It is amazing how natural he gets with delivering Try.

TI Blaze discusses a contemporary subject of people’s efforts to hustle and he adopts an emotional (although subtle) tone to approach this subject.


Replay Value

The relatability of Try makes it have a high replay value. You just want to listen to it over and over again because, somehow, it propels your hustle.

It encourages you to keep on trying because money is important whether we like it or not.

And in fact, our greatest worries are about our financial difficulties.







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