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Most Streamed Nigerian Artists on YouTube 2022

Most Streamed Nigerian Artists on YouTube 2022

Most Streamed Nigerian Artists on YouTube

It is now a known fact that Nigerian music-or put better- African Music has gone as global as possible and there is always the need to measure what kind of success and traction (mostly through streaming) it is making out there, especially on digital platforms like YouTube where artists have to share the music videos to their songs through VEVO.

Most viewed Nigerian 2022 YouTube Videos

1} Rema- “Calm Down” 193M

2} Rema “Calm Down” Remix- 182M

3} Burna Boy “Last Last”- 137M

4} Fireboy DML- “Peru” remix- 132M

5} Kizz Daniel “Buga”- 105M

6} Burna Boy “For my Hand”- 68M

7} Pheelz “Finesse”- 60M

8} Ckay- “Emiliana” 56M

9} 1Da Banton “No Wahala” Remix- 53M

10} Ayra Star- “Rush” 48M

Meanwhile, here is the list of the most streamed Nigerian artists on YouTube<

*This list is updated monthly

11) Tiwa Savage

most streamed Nigerian artists youtube
Tiwa Savage

Number of Subscribers- 1.1M

Number of videos- 167

Double-figure streams (*Millions) – 8

Most streamed videos:
“Ma Lo”
“All over”
“Eminado” ft. Don Jazzy

One of the most amazing things about Tiwa Savage is how she has been able to hold it down and showing that being older than one’s peers in the industry, does not mean you can lose your touch or traction.

This woman keeps holding her head up, showing she is talented and making hits while at it. Recently, she was signed to Universal Music Group and she has been doing well with the record label.

Over the past two years, she has had hit releases like “49-99”, “Koroba” and very recently- the new TikTok anthem- “Somebody’s son”

10) Ada Ehi

most streamed Nigerian artists youtube
Ada Ehi

Number of subscribers: 1.3M

Number of videos: 79

Double figure streams (*Millions): 6

Most streamed videos:
“Only you Jesus”
“Jesus: You are able”
“I testify”

Ada Ehi is a gospel singer who has released so many hit gospel songs that she goes to several countries to tour and is widely known and accepted. Her music is more highlife, but this does not water down its “sermonic” effect on the populace of those who listen to her song. Her songs are inspiring and uplifting.

She is signed to Loveworld Records and started singing since she was 10 years old. Ada Ehi has a total of 276 million views on YouTube.

8) Rudeboy

most streamed Nigerian artists youtube

Number of subscribers- 1.4M

Number of videos- 45

Double figure streams: 6

Most streamed videos:
 “Reason With Me”
 “Reality”
 “Double Double”

Great news that Psquare are back together. It feels so good! However, they did split and during this time, it was very reasonable that it didn’t affect their music.

Rudeboy still went on to deliver wonderful hits like “Reason with me” to his fans. In fact, quite recently, about a year ago, he made a hit with Yemi Alade on “Deceive”- which trended No 1 on YouTube.

Rudeboy has shown that he still has music in the bag and keeps garnering fans and streams to show that.

7) Sinach

most streamed Nigerian artists youtube

Number of Subscribers: 1.8M

Number of videos: 103

Double figure streams (*Millions): 8

Most streamed videos:
 “Waymaker
“I know who I am”
“The Name of Jesus”

After releasing her hit song “Waymaker” which has over 176 million views on YouTube, and being The first Nigerian to win “Song of the Year” at the 51st GMA Dove Awards, Sinach is easily the most recognized Gospel artist in Africa.

She was recognized by the US Congress while on tour in the United States of America. “Waymaker” has been covered by more than 60 gospel artists and has been the most played song in churches across the United States in 2020.

Sinach is also signed to Loveworld records

6) Yemi Alade

most streamed nigerian artists youtube
Yemi Alade

Number of Subscribers- 2M

Number of videos- 211

Double figure streams (*Millions): 13

Most streamed videos:
 “Bum Bum”
“Na Gode” ft. Selebobo

The major thing that makes Alade stand out is her ability to make herself different from other artists; and by different, I mean giving fans what she has made them realize only her could give- and that is her creative YouTube videos.

She makes such wonderful and thrilling videos that she has been dubbed “The Queen of Content”. Her recent release titled “Rain”– A Pan-African song featuring Mzansi Youth Choir, was extremely applauded for its scenery and beauty portraiture of Africa.

And who doesn’t remember “Shekere” the 2019 hit with Angelique Kidjo that is one of the Best Nigerian Music Videos till date?

Or even “Deceive”- where she featured Funke Akindele and fast tracked the video to The No 1 Nigerian YouTube Video in December 2020. She deserves all her trophyyyy.

Alade is currently the Most Followed Woman in Nigeria

5) Tekno

most streamed Nigerian artists youtube

Number of Subscribers- 2.1M

Number of Videos- 63

Double figure streams (*Millions): 15

Most streamed videos:
 “Pana”
 “Diana”
 “Duro”

Tekno still has it good in the music industry, but after taking a minute breaking and sticking to writing songs, one may begin to wonder if he still has good music on lockdown. But you know what they say? “Once you good, you good”.

He has been making good music over the past few months and his YouTube stats emphatically shows that. This guy has made the best Nigerian hits till date, with songs like “Pana”, “Diana”, “Skeletun”, “Woman”, and “Rara”

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4) Wizkid

most streamed Nigerian artists youtube

Number of Subscribers- 2.4M

Number of Videos- 88

Double figure streams (*Millions): 7

Most streamed videos:
 “Come closer ft Drake”
 “Fever”

The G.O.A.T himself. There seems to be mutual agreement that Wizkid is now the “forte holder” of Nigerian Music.

After “Made in Lagos”– which did not leave billboard and charts till forever and on the Twitter, it is undeniable that the man has established himself as a legend.

He has two Grammy Nominations now and has one of the most popular songs in the world “Essence”. The level of worship with which Nigerians hold Wizkid is just deserving because he has come a long wayyyy.

Most streamed Nigerian Artists on Apple Music 2022

3 Burna Boy

most streamed Nigerian artists youtube
Burna Boy

Number of Subscribers- 2.6M

Number of videos- 109

Double figure streams (*Millions) – 15

Most streamed videos:
“On the low”

Give it up for the only Nigerian with a Grammy Award- yet {Without association}.

Burna has made a huge mark in the industry and funny, he is still like 28 years old, which means he is just getting started!

With hits like “On the low”, “Ye’ and “Kilometre”, he proves that making hits comes easy with him. He also has incredible Spotify streams and monthly listeners.

2) Davido

most streamed Nigerian artists youtube

Number of subscribers: 3M

Number of videos: 69

Double figure streams (*Millions) – 10

Most streamed videos:

Of course, the top spot always goes to Davido, but this is not because he comes from money. It’s because he has been able to consistently use his talent to deliver fresh music all the time.

This guy is responsible for most of hits that graced the Nigerian Music industry about 6, 7 years ago when there were not many artists releasing hit songs. You have “Aye”, “If”, “Assurance”, “fia”. And recently, off his sophomore album- “A better time”, we have “Fem”, “Shopping Spree” and “Holy Ground”.

1) Ckay

Ckay most streamed Nigerian artists youtube

Number of Subscribers- 3.2M

Number of Videos- 66

Double figure streams: (*Millions): 4

Most streamed videos:
“Love Nwantiti” ft. Joeboy and Kuami Eugene
“Love Nwantiti”
“Love Nwantiti” (North African Remix)

I think when Ckay wakes up, the first thing he does is wonder how a single song is able to revitalize one’s life and music career so much that you actually don’t recover from it throughout your career.

Because of his popular hit song “Love Nwantintin”, Ckay is currently the Most Streamed Nigerian Artist on Spotify with more than 140M streams on a particular song.

The remixes he has had with “Love Nwantintin” are even making bigger waves and charting boards in US, UK, Switzerland, Argentina and Germany

By highest streams, below is the list of the most streamed Nigerian Artists on YouTube:

1) Ckay “Love Nwantiti” ft. Joeboy, Kuami Eugene– 342M

2) Burna Boy “On the Low”– 293M

3) Rema “Calm Down”– 292M

4) Davido “Fall”– 253M

5) Burna Boy “Ye”– 217M

6) Sinach “Waymaker”– 216M

7) Wizkid “Joro”- 216M

8) Ckay “Love Nwantiti”-211M

9) Tekno “Pana”– 189M

10) Davido “If”– 159M

Therefore, Ckay is the most streamed Nigerian artist on YouTube with his music video “Love Nwantiti” which has 342M views on YouTube.

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