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Revealing a Nigerian Rising Star- The Rap Prof

Revealing a Nigerian Rising Star- The Rap Prof {Adeyinka Gold}

What is now known as a budding sensation of rap music on Tiktok and Instagram, has been championed by Multi-talented artist called “The Rap Prof”

“The Rap Prof” whose name is Adeyinka Gold, is a fast-rising rapper, singer and songwriter who was born on March 4, 1997. He recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Music at the University of Ibadan.

He went from having five followers on Tiktok, to having seven thousand followers overnight after uploading a single video of his rap song.

In this article, I discuss The Rap Prof’s interest in Rap, how he comes up with his unique rap videos and prospect as an upcoming artiste.

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“Why music? What inspired you to rap?

The Rap Prof: I chose music frankly because I was good at it. I found it easy and more fulfilling whenever I made people excited through composing and all that.

I started with the piano then I gradually sunk down the rabbit hole to composition, singing, then finally to rap music.

I fell in love with rap because it was cool. It was different and it was bold.

I was a shy teen at the time and I needed a confidence booster. Listening to artistes like Eminem helped me feel confident and gave me the chance to vent. I’m still venting. (Laughs)


What made you think you could rap?

The Rap Prof: Well… It started when I was able to rap a really fast verse in an Eminem track.

It impressed my classmates and I just kept doing it. I started rapping by just seeing how fast I could go.

A few years later I got to realize that speed and rhymes were not the only thing to good rap music.

I got to see rap battles and I fell in love with puns and word play.

In my third year of studying music in the university of Ibadan, I decided to make apply all I had learnt about music into rap.

I wanted to show that rap could be interesting to anyone if put through a lens they could understand. I became a nerd of the hip-hop art form.

That’s how the Rap professor was born


Your style of rap is different. It’s so mind-blowing. How did you come up with that idea?

The Rap Prof: I fell in love with Watching rap battles as a teenager.

Especially when the topics covered issues that were personal to me.

Then the thought came to me to try and replicate Nigerian everyday rivalries with rap battles as well.

I felt that by doing this, I could make hip-hop much more appealing to a wider audience.

It seems to be working.


Hmmn…Interesting. How many hours do you spend making a skit?

The Rap Prof: (Laughs). It depends on the topic in question.

Generally it takes quite a while. Good stuff never comes easy.

However, because I really enjoy it, time flies very fast. I tend to do one battle a month.


What artist(s) do you look up to?

The Rap Prof: Lil Wayne, Notorious BIG, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole are people who’s crafts I really respect. I love MI’s work as well. He’s crazy


Yeah…MI is wicked. What do you think you can do differently in the Nigerian music industry?

The Rap Prof: My goal is to make rap just as popular as any mainstream hit in Nigeria.

I want everyone, regardless of age, to love rap music.

This is why I’m covering different topics in my rap battles.

When I begin to release tracks, I also intend to make family-friendly rap music


(Laughs) Well I have to say you are achieving your goal. I am starting to like rap now because you make it look so easy and relaxing.

What was your reaction when your skits blew up? Were you expecting it?

The Rap Prof: Shock actually. I posted half heartedly.

I think the first of my videos that went viral was Private universities vs public universities. I slept with a full battery and 5 followers on tiktok, and woke up to an empty one with over 7 thousand followers and 30k likes


like for part 2.πŸ˜‚

♬ original sound – THERapProffesor


Wowww. It has like 300,000 views now. I learnt you sing too.

How do you intend to balance singing and rapping?

The Rap Prof: I think singing and rapping represent different sides of myself and I intend to treat it that way.

The Rap professor is the part of me that is aggressive, assertive and just lyrically dangerous (Laughs)

But when I’m calm and chill, singing is what you’d find me doing.


So what’s your genre of music?

The Rap Prof: (Laughs) That would be hard.
Gold is a shade of many influences.

The Rap professor however, is a fully committed Hip-hop artiste.

I do not think he will be changing anytime soon.

I intend to allow the other sides of myself to have their own space when the time comes. For now, the Rap Prof is in charge. (Laughs again)


(Laughs) Well we looove the Rap Prof. Which brings me to my next question.

There’s always been so much stereotype surrounding Nigerian male artists, when you become a really big artist, what would you do differently?

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The Rap Prof: I have always wondered why there is so much conformity in the industry.

Whatever the reason is, The Rap Prof intends to remain as original to himself as he can. I’m not sure if the blings and chains would suit me (Laughs).


Lagosians Take the battle to the countries capital. πŸ˜…

♬ Finally my boyfriend – π–˜π–π–Šπ–Šπ–˜π–


They definitely won’t. (Laughs)

The Rap Prof: (Continues)But I intend to more than make up for it with Earth shattering releases.

That’s just my way.

I hope that this would encourage anyone regardless of upbringing, race, or gender to feel welcome and result in diversity in the music industry.

We really need it.

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Hmm…some true words right there. Talking about staying true to yourself as an artist, you might find that you might need to make certain adjustments that you may not completely agree with.

How do you intend to handle this?

The Rap Prof: You’re probably right about this.

I’m still pretty new to music as a business and I would of course prioritize the advice of people who have already been there.

However, I do not intend to be a clone and so a huge part of my uniqueness must stay with me or else I will lose authenticity and probably relevance.

I intend to work closely with my team and come to a kind of compromise.

I’m sure we will be able to figure something out.


Hmmnn…I love what you said about not wanting to be a clone. What record label would you love to be signed to?

The Rap Prof: It will definitely be either Mavins or Chocolate city.

Honestly though, I’m confident I could work wherever I’m given the space and resources to do so.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I can do.

the rap prof

The Rap Prof


Well, damn.Who would you like to collaborate with first?

The Rap Prof: I would absolutely love to collaborate with Rema.

He seems like a really nice guy and he is energetic on his tracks.

I think we could do awesome things.



It was nice having you around! I’m sure you are on to great things and taking Nigeria and the world by the reins! I can’t wait for them to get a feel of your art!

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