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The best platforms to promote your music for free and still get paid

The best platforms to promote your music for free and still get paid

The best platforms to promote your music as an independent/upcoming artist and still get paid

The music industry is a gold mine. No, scrap that. It is a valueless mine because once you are talented and are ready to put in the work, you are set up for a lifetime of success and well, financial freedom.

It is that easy right? Well the bombshell is, it is not always that easy for upcoming and or independent artists who haven’t had a chance to put their music out there to the world or to be discovered by people.

It is for this reason that we have put up a list of seven great free streaming platforms where you could upload your music and still get paid. Not only that, you get a chance to be discovered and who knows, your breakout may be around the corner!

*Note: THE SCOOVE AFRICA does not accept payment in any form from these platforms and is in no way affiliated to them.

1 Trac

Trac is a music platform that was majorly set up to support independent/upcoming artists. I think they are a new industry and it would be best for people to try it out soon to get the best of it before it becomes a very popular site. They have free unlimited music distribution and you keep 100% of your earnings. They can also help you promote your song on every music platform.

Trac helps with your branding and helps you personalize your profile. They have a free plan but you could also go for other pricing plans depending on your goal. To learn more about Trac, their pricing options and whether it would suit you, visit

2 Distrobeat

Like Trac, Distrobeat is a music distribution platform that helps artist showcase their talent to a worldwide audience. They are connected to over 100 streaming platforms and they give you 95% of your royalties. You’ll also be able to earn money with streams and downloads. Their plans are also comprehensive and include the free plan, Single plan, Album plan and you can also decide to create a record label. To learn more, visit

3 Djooky


Djooky is a unique kind of music platform! You can actually make real money because they always have weekly contests and if your song wins the contest, you will get paid. In fact, there is always an ongoing global competition on the platform.

It is also free. To learn more about Djooky, visit their official website:

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4 Songtradr


Songtradr is also a music distribution platform. It is free. It allows you to keep 90% royalties and maintain full control of your music rights. They also have a pro service where you get unlimited uploads and keep 100% royalties. Songtradr is dedicated to connecting artists with opportunities. To know more, visit

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5 Audiomack

Audiomack is wonderful! So wonderful. You get a free account where you can upload unlimited music. Audiomack is more youth-driven but it is not restrictive to a particular age. Most new artists get discovered on Audiomack and some producer decides to sign them, and that is how they get great opportunities.

If you get lucky, or if you are talented and have released a great song, your song/album would be featured on the Trending page- the first page where everyone will have a chance to discover you whether they like it or not. Visit

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6 Soundcloud

Soundcloud is the G.O.A.T of music streaming platforms. It is an “Online music distribution platform/music sharing website that enables users to upload, promote and share music/audio. I think they also allow podcasts.

It is one of the largest streaming platforms and has over 176 million monthly users worldwide. They offer both free and paid membership on the platform. Visit to know more

7 Guardian TV

Guardian TV helps you get your music videos aired for free on Guardian TV. They are kind of a big deal because, well, “The Guardian” is a big deal. You need to send your video to Rutam house, Apapa Oshodi express way in Lagos Nigeria. Alternatively (maybe even better), you could send a mail to

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