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Namaste Wahala movie review

Namaste Wahala movie review


On February 14, 2021, Namaste Wahala was released much to the excitement of a lot of people because not only is it a romance movie released on valentine’s day, it is a Nollywood-Bollywood collaboration. Despite the excitement that came with the movie, did it really do justice to our expectations? Or was it really worth watching? Therefore, we have decided to do a review of the movie by paying attention to Characterization, plot, chemistry among characters and a few more things.


From the trailer, we all knew that ‘Namaste Wahala’ was about a Nigerian girl meeting an Indian guy and that they fell in love. Because of cultural differences, their parents didn’t give their relationship a go-ahead and kicked against it greatly. I had less expectations for the movie because I thought it would be based on that single event.

Imagine my excitement when I learnt that it also discussed sexual abuse extensively and created a different environment for us to focus on apart from what was going on between Ruslaan Mumtaz (Raj) and Inidima Okojie (Didi). The Law firm owned by Didi’s firm also added to making the storyline concrete and making the movie more dramatic. It would have been a waste of money and great collaboration if the movie just focused on getting Raj and Didi’s parent to give their approval on their relationship.

Chemistry among characters

Namisha- the director of this movie, is a really great director. It is easy to know if a director has done his/her job in a movie. Namisha did her job in ‘Namaste Wahala’, but the credit does not go to her alone. The chemistry between the characters in the movie is just awesome. Didi and her friend Angie have great chemistry, Didi and Raj’s chemistry is also on point. Oh, and before I forget, the chemistry between Broda Shaggi and Raj’s mother at the airport was legendary. All the characters did a great job on this one and honestly, I am not sure if they could have done it better.

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Great structure/plot. The sequence of events in Namaste Wahala is wonderful. There was enough room for the development of Didi, her parents and Raj’s mother


I was excited when I learnt that Inidima Okojie had been cast for this movie. She is an excellent actress! If you haven’t seen ‘It’s her day’- one of the greatest movie of Nollywood, then you should! Inidima was an upper class beasty in the movie. Then, starring Nollywood experts Joke Silva and Remi Mofe-Damijo really helped the movie too. Oh, and can we talk about Didi’s friend? She is such a brilliant actress! I haven’t seen her in a movie before but she looked very experienced and handled her role well.

One of the scenes I found unsatisfying was where Didi’s mother had gone to look for Didi in Angie’s place and Angie’s “Man” was calling her to come back to bed. It sounded more like a recording than a man. If it wasn’t, then that would be funny.

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The editing was great, but was not special/ entirely different. It was not too good or bad. MI ABAGA and DJ Suketu did well on the soundtrack production. The tracks in Namaste Wahala were fire! They suited the situations and if you like, you could even download the audio.

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“Namaste Wahala” is a great movie even though it is based on quite a common storyline. Its enjoyability is undeniable and it achieves its goal of showing the possibility of cross-cultural marriage. It is neither a flop nor a too huge success. But it signifies the beginning of collaborations between Nollywood and Bollywood and that is a landmark!

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  1. First time you didn’t rate, why? I want to see the rating oo. Thanks to you, I got to know about this movie and it made my Valentine night. Didi’s face though was quite darker than every other movie I’ve seen her in.

  2. Broda Shaggi is turning out to be one of the most sought after actors in Nigeria. He’s in about every movie now

  3. Angie has actually been in a lot of Nollywood projects but the problem is she’s always a supporting actress

  4. I disagree on Its Her Day being one of the greatest nigerian movie sha. It was a nice comedy and that was about it. It’s not even in the top 50.

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