Best 2022 Nigerian albums

The Best 2022 Nigerian Albums so far {Ranked}

The Best 2022 Nigerian Albums So Far

Here is a list of the best 2022 Nigerian Albums so far brought to you by The Scoove Africa.

Even Number years comes with the release of Albums in Nigeria. In 2020, Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Omah Lay, and a lot of other artists released albums. This year has seen so many albums that we can’t wait to share with you in our rankings.

Ranked, here is a list of The Best 2022 Nigerian Albums so far.


10) Chike “The Brother’s Keeper”

Top 10 2022 nigerian albums

Chike’s The Brother Keeper is a follow up to his critically acclaimed debut album “Boo of the Booless“. The reviews that have poured in indicated that The Brother’s Keeper matched up to the power of the singer’s debut album, and is indeed an incredible album.

It is definitely one of the top ten 2022 Nigerian albums

☆Rating: 6.8/10


9) “More Love Less Ego” Wizkid 

Top 10 Nigerian 2022 albums

Wizkid’s More Love Less Ego thrives on Wizkid’s soulful and impressive delivery combined with his vocals which makes the songs so musical. Meanwhile, the lack of creativity on the album and the absence of diversity in song themes is a far shot from the artistic development expected from Wikzid’s Fifth Studio album.

☆Rating: 6.9/10


8) “Rave and Roses” Rema

What are the best 2022 albums in Nigeria

Rave & Roses

Rema had an extremely successful release with his debut album “Rave and Roses”.

However, the album generated majorly negative reviews from critics. Examining the album objectively, it sounds like most of the songs sound alike in terms of lyrics and themes.

Yes, we know Rema is now in that stage where he is expressing his sexual self in numerous ways, but those are not the only things to sing about and it definitely didn’t help the album.

It is making the list of the best 2022 Nigerian albums because in terms of mixing and production, and to some extent, Relatability, it doesn’t fall short.

☆Rating: 7/10


7) “Boy Alone” Omah Lay


Omah Lay, like Burna Boy, is not just a singer, but an artist. When you listen to songs like “Understand” and “Godly”, the music sounds so timeless and extremely relatable.

His first two Eps: “Get layd” and “What have we done” racked up huge streaming numbers and put him right in the spotlight.

However, “Boy Alone” comes with such a dinky light behind his first two projects.

The songwriting on the album is brain-bursting, but the delivery is majorly the sabotaging element of the album. The songs are really deep, and are as true as an artist can be, but “Boy Alone” actually possesses the emotional power it was supposed to possess.

Its authenticity makes it one of the best 2022 Nigerian albums so far.

☆Rating: 7.3/10


6) “19 & Dangerous” Deluxe Ayra Starr

Top 10 2022 Nigerian albums

19 and Dangerous is Ayra Starr’s response to her fans that she has found her sound. With songs like “Rush” and “Bridgertn”, the music diva is fast establishing the factvtaht she is becoming Nigeria’s Queen of Music.

Her diversity is next to none

☆Rating: 7.5/10

5) Catch me If You Can” Adekunle Gold

Top Nigerian albums 2022

Catch Me if you Can

“Catch me if you can” is one of the best 2022 Nigerian albums so far because it speaks to Adekunle’s growth and evolution in the music industry.

Adekunle Gold went from singing songs like “Ire” and “Orente” to singing “High” and “Sinner”. How do you measure that?”

Adekunle Gold answered that by recording “Catch me if you can”, and as albums go, it’s has its fair share of replay value.

True, some of the songs on the album did not produce hit songs, but they are solid tracks that will get an audience entertained in a concert.

☆Rating: 7.6/10


4) “V” Asa

Top 10 Nigerian albums 2022


“V” is an emotionally empowering album that sees Asa releasing herself to so many emotions and admitting that love comes with its flaws, but this doesn’t make it less desirable.

The album produce d a couple of hit songs of which are “Show me off” “IDG ft. Wizkid” and “Mayana”.

“V” is on our list of one of the best 2022 Nigerian Album because it has a good replay value, and the artistry on the album is commendable. It is not as powerful as Asa’s first two albums, but it is definitely better than “Lucid” her 2019 album.

☆Rating: 7.6/10

3) “Mr Money with The Vibe” Asake.

Top 10 2022 Nigerian albums

Mr Money with The Vibe Album shows that Asake’s growth has increased with the need to give people an insight into his sound, and we actually do.

Asake is a dancehall artist that incorporates elements of Fuji and Afro-classic into his sound. Mr Money with The Vibe shows that Asake is more of a song performer than he is a songwriter.

Undeniably, some of the songs on the album show evidence of thoughtful lyricism, but we are taken aback by the sheer ordinariness of a few songs on the album which either sound incomplete or like a freestyle.

Other than this, Mr Money with The Vibe Album reviews implores us to give Asake an applause. For a debut album, Asake has sealed his status into the music industry and has proved that he will have a successful career with die-hard fans.

It is definitely one of the top ten 2022 Nigerian albums

☆Rating: 7.6/10


2) “Love, Damini” Burna Boy.

Top 2022 Nigerian albums

Love, Damini

Burna Boy is not a singer. He is an artist. And there is a difference because while a singer just sings songs because they are inspired to and because they know they can sing, an artist explores their musicality and evolves with it. “Twice as Tall” and “African Giant” were considerably good albums.

Meanwhile, “Love, Damini”, while being very emotional and authentic, does not entirely match up to the power of these former albums.

Don’t get it wrong, it is definitely the best 2022 Nigerian Albums so far. Meanwhile, of all 19 songs on the album, only 8 songs stand out.

☆Rating: 7.8/10.

Nigerian Artists on Billboard Chart


1)”Playboy” Fireboy DML

Best 2022 Nigerian albums

Playboy by Fireboy

So far, Playboy album has proved to be the best 2022 Nigerian album so far because of its huge replay value. Burna Boy’s “Love, Damini” would have easily taken this spot, but there are definitely skips on Love, Damini album.

This may be because Burna Boy had 19 songs on the album, but he doesn’t take away from the fact that the album was a really good listen. The amount of authenticity and sound evolution that Playboy has is just incomparable.

☆Rating: 8/10. 


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