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A&R IN Nigeria- TSA offers A&R services

A&R IN Nigeria- TSA offers A&R services

A&R in Nigeria: The Scoove Africa offers the best A&R services

The Nigerian Music Industry is not becoming a massive industry. It is now a massive industry. And with the massive changes it is going through, with addition of new songs and emerging talents, it is important to establish the role of A&R in Nigeria right now.


What does A and R mean?

A&R means Artiste and Repertoire which means “Artiste and skills”.

Majorly, the role of an A and R personnel is to source music talents, manage the promotion of their songs and be thoroughly involved in the recording process of any song or album by the artists they take on.

That, is the job description if an A and R.


A&R personnel in Nigeria

  • Bizzle Osikoya
  • Olayiide Bolaji
  • Oladimeji Maforikan
  • Godwin Tom
  • Asa Asika
  • Adesope Olajide
  • Osagie.o
  • Chin Okeke
  • Muyiwa Awoniyi
  • Kimani Moore
  • Tega Oghenejobo

A&R is not as popular in Nigeria because fitting their job descriptions in the Nigerian music industry, alongside Music Producers and Song engineers, may be a little confusing.

But there is nothing confusing about it.

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Our A&R services

Our A&R services includes artist management, track sequencing of Albums, and for upcoming artists; getting them the traction and visibility they need in the music scene.


Why The Scoove Africa offers the Best A and R service in Nigeria



A hit song could be a good song, but a good song, may not be a hit song.

The Scoove Africa is positioned to offer A and R services in Nigeria because not only do we have the experience, we know the “tricks of the game”.

Apparently, one of the top A&R personnel in Nigeria- Olayiide Bolaji, works with us and he has worked with a number of artists on their songs and albums.

The Scoove Africa knows about music and knows what the best song sounds like. Here is the proof:


Music Reviews

As long as there are new song releases every day; both in Nigeria and Abroad, The Scoove Africa is committed to doing reviews of those song releases and Albums or Extended Plays (Eps) as the case may be.

Our reviews are a way of showcasing our A and R capability. We indicate what makes a song good; what could be done to have made the song better, and what differentiates a hit song from a good song. A hit song could be a good song, but a good song, may not be a hit song.

With the A and R services we offer in Nigeria, we clearly signal how to make a song the best record and gain people’s attention to it.

This is why, at the end of our reviews, we give a rating of the song/Album.

(You can check out our Song and Album Reviews here)

We focus these ratings on Relatability, Delivery, Replay Value, Mixing and Production, and Lyricism.

These five criteria, are what listeners are looking for even though they don’t know it.

On relatability, through our A and R services, we make you understand why and how a song resonates with listeners more.

People tend to listen to songs that resonates with them and the kind of mood they experience at the given time.

a&r service


There is a reason you want to play Sia’s “Unstoppable’ so you could feel powerful, and it is the same reason you want to listen to Alicia Key’s “Girl on Fire” or Beyoncé’s Formation.

The point is that the A and R services we offer explore this part of relatability and shows you how to connect with your target audience.

If you wish to write a song that will connect to women more, because you want them to be your target audience, the lyrics would be different, as well as the vibe on the song.

Furthermore, our A&R services in Nigeria include paying attention to lyricism.

We just cannot shelve that. Lyricism and Relatability go hand in hand.

The kind of lyrics you have on your song will either attract or expel listeners to your song.

It attracts a certain kind of audience. For example, recently, Budding Afro Fusion Singer- Omah Lay, released a song titled “Attention” with Justin Bieber.

The song did not seem to prove its mettle in the Nigerian space because the lyrics and relatability did not reconcile with our culture.

It was about loneliness, depression and love.

These are core and worldwide topics, but Nigerians didn’t resonate with the song or its lyrics as much as they could have.

In our review, we indicated that the song is a good song, but it will translate internationally.

True to our predictions, the song translated internationally but not completely in the Nigerian space.

This is where our A and R services come in, we tell you what resonates, why and what kind of lyrics you should have on your song with your target audience.

This does not in any way mean that our A&R services will affect your creativity.

That is the whole point. We do not want to tamper with your creativity but to make sure that you are absolutely guided in the process of creation.

As creatives, we ourselves understand that creating our art without interruption or judgment is the best thing, but in our innocent motives to share our art with the world, we notice that it is not getting the kind of traction we want, and this is The Scoove Africa’s A&R services come in.

The Scoove Africa offers one of the leading A&R services in Nigeria because we know that, in terms of lyrics in Nigeria, the hit songs do not have the best lyrics, they only have the most memorable ones.

Here are instances. Examine the biggest 2022 Nigerian hit- “Finesse” by Pheelz featuring BNXN.

The song is not the best song of 2022, neither does it have the best lyrics, but it has the most catchy and memorable ones:

Ah…finesse, if I broke na my business”


Our A and R services improves the replay value of your song/Album

By the time we put the expertise of our A&R service on your song/Album, it will be a fine meal ready to be consumed by the world- not even only your listeners this time.

With The Scoove Africa’s A and R service in Nigeria, we can tell you that music transcends race, culture and language. For example, look at the biggest Afro beats song of the decade: “Love Nwantinti”.

It is a song written and performed by a Nigerian Artiste- Ckay. The song was also written in English and Igbo language, but not only did it chart on Billboard but on the chart of many international countries.

It also has one of the highest TikTok impressions for a song- over 15 billion views.

It didn’t matter that the song was written by a Nigerian. What mattered was that the song was well done, relatable and fine to listen to the ears.


Mixing and Production

a&r service in nigeria

Still on our A and R services in Nigeria, we believe Mixing and Production is one of the most important things you do not want to get wrong when making a record.

Think of it this way, you already built the “house” of your song with your delivery, lyrics, relatability and replay value.

Mixing and Production is the roof because it is what makes all your efforts lay on the beats and deliver a packaged euphoria of sound to the listeners.

Also, our A and R services in Nigeria ensures that you deliver your songs passionately. One thing that matters is what kind of energy you have on your song.

The energy you have on your song transfers to your listeners and it can either spur them or turn them off.

The kind of delivery you have on your song will be determined by the song theme. But whatever the song theme, your delivery should be nothing short of passionate.

It should never be passive, because if it is, even the most unobservant listener will notice that. The Scoove Africa’s A&R service highlights this.

There are songs with good lyrics and delivery but poor mixing and production.

When you listen to these songs, you don’t think of the good lyrics and passionate delivery, you get turned off by the poor beats and inappropriate mix.

So yes, our A&R services ensures that the mixing and production of your record is on point.



Is there A and R in Nigeria?

Yes, The Scoove Africa offers one of the best A&R service in Nigeria to artists with reference to song and album review, screening and record adjustments. To get their professional advice on your song/Album, you can contact them through thescooveafrica@gmail.com

You can also send them a direct message on Instagram.


Do you offer A and R service in Nigeria alone?

No, we offer A&R service to any artiste who needs it regardless of country or race. We only make reference to Nigeria so much because our company is based in Nigeria.


How do you offer A and R services?

We offer our A&R services by telling you what needs to be done and what you already did on your song.

We tell you how to make the perfect record and how to make a hit song.

This we do by allowing our A&R personnel offer their professional techniques. To get our A&R services, you will need to contact us.


How do I contact you for your A and R services?

To contact us for A and R, you can send a mail to thescooveafica@gmail.com to indicate your interest.  You can also send us a direct message on Instagram here.


Who do you offer A and R services to?

The Scoove Africa offers A and R services to upcoming artistes, renowned artists and record labels.


Is there A and R in Nigeria?

Yes, there is. The Scoove Africa offers the best A and R services to upcoming artists, independent artists, renowned artists as well as record labels.

Have questions? Contact us.

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