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Peru remix: Ed Sheeran nails his verse on “Peru” remix: {Review}

Peru remix: Ed Sheeran nails his verse on “Peru” remix: {Review}

“Peru” remix Fireboy ft. Ed Sheeran review

For a few days now, social media has been agog with expectation of the remix of “Peru” featuring Ed Sheeran. “Peru” itself was a huge hit upon release. I mean, you got everyone “vibing” to this song even if they don’t have it on their mobile or gadget

While expectations for the song was agog, mixed feelings; while not being agog, was also expressed. Some people felt like the song might be murdered by asking Ed Sheeran to jump on it. Fireboy, whether for promotion or to relay people’s fears about this, released a clip of himself and Ed Sheeran singing the song.

The video trended as people uploaded it on their statuses and posted it on Twitter. Well let’s get over all the mixed feelings and expectations, and get into the song.

“Peru” remix Fireboy ft. Ed Sheeran
Wow. One word! Ed Sheeran nailed his verse! I think one of the things that makes this remix a hit is because Ed Sheeran got versatile with his verse on the song. He sings R&B, Fireboy sings R&B, but we all know they sing different genres of R&B.

However, for Ed Sheeran to complement Fireboy’s verse so much on “Peru” remix, means that he must have listened to the song well enough to know what will make it top notch.

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Don’t get me wrong, Fireboy’s “Peru” is an 100% song and while the music video left so much to be desired, the song itself was an all-in-all attempt by Fireboy.

It can therefore be inferred that this remix was not an attempt to better the song, but to make it “The whole entrée”, an undeniable perfectly crafted work of art.

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Ed Sheeran’s delivery on “Peru” remix is so powerful. If anything, I think Ed Sheeran understood the significance of this remix. American Artists are inclined to break into the global sphere by collaborating with Nigerian artists.

I mean, you have Wizkid and Justin Bieber on “Essence”, Burna Boy and Sia on “Hey Boy” as well as Davido and Nicki Minaj, Young Thug, Chris Brown…the list is endless.

Ed Sheeran’s verse on “Peru” remix has this fluency and effluent delivery that makes you feel like you are in a world of bliss where music is the source of happiness.

The fact that Ed Sheeran says:

“Won ni won see me…won ni won see mi…”

This line adds to the creativity of the song and makes it more colorful. It also makes it cool that Ed Sheeran does not try to over-impress Nigerians that he can actually speak Yoruba.

When he said:

“Peru..Para..girl I’d rather go find somewhere quiet…you glowww”

..The mood and vibe of the song reaches an undeniable climax that makes the listener want to listen to the song as many times as possible.

Both artists ultimately delivered!

“Peru” remix Fireboy ft. Ed Sheeran is a step-up to the original song. It is devoid of complexity and the need to over-impress. It sets flawless rhythmic lyrics that blend with the song and makes the song retain its originality while still adding to its addictiveness. One word? A jam!

Chart breakthroughs

Recently, “Peru” remix topped Adele’s “Easy on me” on London Apple Music Chart. It is the first Nigerian song to achieve this.

Although, Adele has reclaimed her spot on the chart, the brief displacing of the artist on the chart is a shock to many considering that Adele is a bigger artist in comparison to Fireboy.

Peru remix

Not only that, the original “Peru” song is also charting on London Apple Music Chart as no 15. This seems to open a new year of bliss and success for Fireboy, especially with his upcoming studio album.

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As at Friday 7th, 2022, “Peru” remix charted on official UK charts, appearing as number 6. This makes it Fireboy DML first’s top ten entry on the chart. “Peru” also made it’s debut on UK Rhythmic) Radio Chart

peru remix

On January 13, 2022, it earned a top spot on Shazam UK Top 100 chart.

On January 28, 2021, Fireboy DML took to his Twitter account to announce the certification of “Peru” remix as Peru Remix has earned a Brit Certification as a Silver Single.

peru remix
Speaking on “Peru” remix, fireboy said:

The moment I saw his DM I went crazy. I was jumping up and down in the studio. And then when he replied when we go talking, I was like, am I really chatting with Ed Sheeran?

And then when I met him in person I couldn’t even afford to be star struck because it made me feel so comfortable because he’s such an easy going, down to earth guy.

peru remix

And the vibe it was like we’ve known each other for years, like we were really close friends.

On Ed Sheeran’s part, someone sent him the “peru“song . He said:

“A friend of mine, Jamal, sent Fireboy DML’s “Peru” to me. He said he wanted me to listen to it and that Fireboy DML would love me on the remix of the song.

Peru” is blowing up in the Nigeria and Ghana club scene at the moment. So, I have done the remix to the song and it’s great.”

As of December 2021, the song was charting in the following countries:


■#2 Ghana

■#2 Kenya

■#2 Nigeria

■#10 United Kingdom

■#10 Zimbabwe

■#30 South Africa

■#36 Ghana

■#39 Sweden

■#44 Oman

■#46 Gambia

■#54 Uganda


■#2 Ghana

■#2 Kenya

■#2 Nigeria

■#5 Nigeria

■#10 United Kingdom

■#10 Zimbabwe

■#30 South Africa

■#36 Ghana

■#39 Sweden

■#44 Oman

■#46 Gambia

■#54 Uganda

On YouTube:

■#2 Ghana

■#2 Kenya

■#1 Nigeria

■#5 Nigeria

■#10 United Kingdom

■#10 Zimbabwe

■#30 South Africa

■#36 Ghana

■#39 Sweden

■#44 Oman

■#46 Gambia

■#54 Uganda

Apple Music:

■#2 Liberia

■#3 Anguilla

■#3 Malawi

■#3 Sierra Leone

■#4 Nigeria

■#4 Tanzania

■#5 Gambia

■#5 Ghana

■#5 Kenya

■#6 Dominica

■#6 Seychelles

■#6 United Kingdom

■#7 Uganda

■#8 Cameroon

■#8 Zimbabwe

■#11 Gambia

■#12 Chad

■#12 Kenya

■#12 Liberia

■#12 Malawi

■#12 Namibia

■#12 Uganda

■#14 Zimbabwe

■#16 Tanzania

■#19 Ghana

■#20 Niger

■#21 Anguilla

■#21 Cyprus

■#22 Guinea-Bissau

■#23 Mali

■#23 Oman

■#23 Saint Kitts and Nevis

■#24 Sierra Leone

■#25 Grenada

■#26 United Arab Emirates

■#27 Benin

■#28 St. Vincent and The Grenadines

■#29 Dominica

■#29 Senegal

■#30 Cameroon

■#30 Cape Verde

■#30 Guyana

■#30 Trinidad and Tobago

■#31 Benin

■#32 Republic of the Congo

■#33 Namibia

■#33 Niger

■#35 Nigeria

■#35 Seychelles

■#36 Mauritania

■#36 Qatar

■#37 Malta

■#37 Republic of the Congo

■#37 Senegal

■#38 Mali

■#41 Grenada

■#42 Lithuania

■#45 Antigua and Barbuda

■#49 Bermuda

■#49 Mauritius

■#55 United Kingdom

■#57 Côte d’Ivoire

■#57 Papua New Guinea

■#57 St. Vincent and The Grenadines

■#58 Qatar

■#59 Botswana

■#61 Oman

■#62 Ireland

■#68 Sweden

■#69 St. Lucia

■#70 Barbados

■#73 Côte d’Ivoire

■#77 Jamaica

■#79 Slovenia

■#81 Bahrain

■#83 Cape Verde

■#87 Serbia

■#104 Croatia

■#105 South Africa

■#109 Botswana

■#109 Cayman Islands

■#111 St. Lucia

■#123 United Arab Emirates

■#126 Guyana

■#132 Algeria

■#132 Greece

■#133 Belize

■#136 Madagascar

■#139 Turks and Caicos

■#140 Netherlands

■#140 Trinidad and Tobago

■#144 Jamaica

■#146 Estonia

■#161 Sweden

■#162 Latvia

■#165 Tunisia

■#166 Cayman Islands

■#171 Mozambique

■#176 Mozambique

■#179 Swaziland

■#183 Antigua and Barbuda

■#186 Papua New Guinea

■#192 Saudi Arabia

■#193 Cyprus

■#196 Mauritius

“Peru” remix Fireboy ft. Ed Sheeran lyrics:

[Fireboy DML:]
Peru para
Peru para
Peru para
Peru para
Peru para
Peru para
Peru para

Omoge no be so
Girl you wan capture my soul
Omoge no be so
Make me wan wombolombo

Peru para
Peru Peru para
I’m loo
Even Peru don dey para

Tonight in jozi, I’m in jozi
Mo n korin funwon won jo si
I’m not playing with you, I’m not joking
My third album is loading
Mi o kin fagbo but I’m on molly
I’m on duty, but I’m on lowkey
They wan do me, they wan do mi
They wan do me gan, they wan do mi
Won ni won wa mi, woni wo n wa mi
I’m in San Francisco jamming
Won ni won wa mi woni won wa mi
I just flew in from Miami

Peru para
Peru Peru para
I’m loo
Even Peru don dey para

[Ed Sheeran:]
Pour out the bottle I wanna level up
When I’m with you, I never get enough
Slow whine I’m not in a rush
I can hear music when you’re here
Tonight, we’re rolling, party ’til closing
Since I put the ring on her finger it’s still frozen
Love in slow motion

I wanna feel you over me, yeah
Somethin’ magic in your eyes (yeah)
Girl, I love the way you ride it
And it happens every time you arrive, that’s right
Girl, I want you in my life (yeah)
If there’s a heaven then it’s right here
I will never leave your side, stay tonight
When you wan’ see me, when you wan’ see me
I’m in West London this evening
Givin’ me feelings, no I’m not leavin’
Until I fly LA next weekend

Peru, nah, girl, I’d rather go find somewhere quiet
You’ll glow, and I’ll get lost here in your eyes
Omoge no be so
Girl, you just capture my soul
Omoge no be so
Make me wanna just take you home

[Fireboy DML & Ed Sheeran:]
Peru para
Peru Peru para
I’m loo
Even Peru don dey para
Peru para
Peru Peru para
I’m loo
Even Peru don dey para

[Fireboy DML:]
Peru para
Peru Peru para
I’m loo
Even Peru don dey para

Credit: AZ Lyrics

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