Mike Afolarin Biography

Mike Afolarin: All you need to know about “Far From Home” Rising Star

Mike Afolarin Biography: All you need to know about “Far From Home” Rising Star


Mike Afolarin is the talk of the movie industry right now and the reasons are more than glaring. After an incredible performance in Netflix’s Latest hit Nollywood series- Far From Home, he has gotten praise and positive critics’ reviews for his role as the main character of Far From Home. Here is Mike Afolarin Biography.



Mike Afolarin Biography

Mike Afolarin is Ishayo Bello in Far From Home and he plays the lead character in the Netflix Series.

In Far From Home, Mike Afolarin, who plays Ishayo Bello, is a charismatic teenager and talented artist from a poor family whose dreams suddenly appear within reach when a prestigious scholarship to the most exclusive school in the country, Wilmer Academy, catapults him into the affluent world of Nigeria’s elite.

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He played the role of Ishayo Bello so well that he has gotten praise and rave reviews from people like Kate Henshaw.

Mike Afolarin

Here is all you need you know about Mike Afolarin- Ishayo Bello in Far From Home Netflix Series: Mike Afolarin Biography


How old is Mike Afolarin? Mike Afolarin Age

Mike Afolarin is 29 years old. He was born on September 1, 1993



Biography of Mike Afolarin

Mike Afolarin is a Nollywood Actor, Photographer, Short Film Director and Movie Producer. He grew up in Ibadan but moved back to Lagos State at the age of 7.

After his secondary School education in Federal Government College, Ijakin, Lagos, he proceeded to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from The University of Lagos in the year 2016.



Acting Career of Mike Afolarin

Mike Afolarin started acting as far back as 2013 when he was still in The University of Lagos. Meanwhile, at that time, he was still acting in stage plays.

Personal projects are a fantastic method to break into the film industry, according to  Mike Afolarin, who made this claim in an interview with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) on February 1, 2021.

Mike Afolarin Age movies

He investigated chances in the industry as a director of two short films, An Interview Story and Peace, an associate producer, an aerial cinematographer, a set designer, and an assistant director of a short film, The 3rd Rule.

Mike Afolarin also selected all aerial views for the Oyo State Government’s Comprehensive Investment Documentary, which Tolu “Lord Tanner” directed in 2018. As one of the main characters (Chikodi) in Emamode Edosio’s “Kasala,” which also starred Tomiwa Tegbe, Chimezie Imo, and Emeka Nwagbaraocha, Afolarin first gained attention.

Mike Afolarin continued to appear in numerous short films in 2019, including Charles Obi Emere’s Stuck In Deep Mud, Fortunately Ridiculous, and Blast.

Soon after, he appeared in the Funke Akindele-directed film Your Excellency, starring Akin Lewis and Shaffy Bello, which was produced by Ebonylife TV|Ebonylife Films.

His hilarious performance as Kinto in the critically acclaimed African Magic TV series Brethren, starring Daniel Etim-Effiong, Akin Lewis, and Demola Adedoyin, helped him become more well-known. Inspector K, a 2020 episode of Red’s TV series, featured Afolarin as Idris.

The most notable of Mike Afolarin’s works, including Far From Home, Soole, Kasala (film)|Kasala, and Your Excellency, are available on the well-known streaming service Netflix.


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Mike Afolarin On Landing a Lead Role in a Netflix Series

While speaking to Bella Naija in an interview on how he landed a lead role in the hit Netflix Series Far From Home, Mike Afolarin said:

Shout out to my friend and colleague, Kolade Shasi. I believe he mentioned my name in the casting room. Soon after, he reached out to me and asked for my headshot. Then, due process prevailed, and after several auditions (self-tapes and physical), GOD DID!

Mike Afolarin Biography

According to Mike Afolarin, playing a lead role in a huge Netflix series like Far From Home was a lot of work and pressure.

There was a lot of strain because, in the first place, I had to travel far from home in order to film this. Overall, it was a really hectic moment in my life. I enjoyed myself despite the physically taxing portions that required numerous takes and the early call times.

Working with some of my most amazing friends, the kind folks at Inkblot, and of course Netflix made the experience extraordinary for me since I got to do what I love. We had a great time creating this masterpiece since every member of the cast and crew gave it their all.

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(Source: Bella Naija)

While speaking with Guardian Nigeria, he notes that Far From Home is a mix of affection, relatability, admiration, and perhaps contempt, he observes.

The repeating themes of family, survival, and devotion are just a few of the many relatable takeaways for the audience, but one thing is for certain: everyone would find a little of themselves or their situation in “Far From Home.”

  • The story follows him as he attempts to make sense of his existence, according to Mike, who portrays him as a typical Nigerian child. It is much simpler for Nigerian youth to identify with Ishaya’s character because, like many of them, he makes every effort to make the most of the unjust circumstances life has dealt him. (The Guardian Nigeria)


Mike Afolarin Movies

  • Soole (2021) as Maxwell
  • The Wait (2021)
  • Miss Bamidele’s Girls (2022)
  • Your Excellency (2019) as Tunde Ajadi
  • Inspector K (2020) as Idris
  • Ajoche (2018) as Young Odunmu
  • Far From Home (2022) as Ishayo Bello


Mike Afolarin states that he can’ wait for the next phase of his career because it is already getting more interesting and he can only go up from here!

Article sources: The Guardian Nigeria, Bella Naija. 


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