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Idan Slang Meaning: Top 10 Idan quotes!

What does Idan mean? 5 signs you are Idan!


Idan Meaning

Unless you have been living under a rock, the latest slang in Nigeria right now is “Idan”. And like most other slangs in Nigeria, this one sprung up from God knows where and is now dominating everywhere. So what is Idan meaning and what is Idan slang meaning in English, and who is idan?


Idan Meaning: Idan Slang meaning in English

Idan is a Yoruba word that means “Magic”. However, Idan is the popular Nigerian slang that is used to refer to someone that does things in mysterious or exceptional ways that doesn’t conform to normal standards or the known norms of things.

Idan slang meaning

That is Idan slang meaning. Hence, when people say you are Idan, they mean you do things in astounding ways- that shock people.


15 popular idan slangs

1). When Idan turns 18, his parents moves out of the house.

2.) When Idan comes late to school, he flogs the teacher for coming too early.

3.) When Idan sends money to you, they credit him and they debit you

4.) When Idan goes to class to learn, it is the lecturer that learns.

5.) When Idan graduates, it is job that looks for Idan.

6.) It is the process that trusts Idan, Idan doesn’t trust the process.

7.) When Idan reads, it is the book that gains knowledge.

8.) When Idan smokes, it is the weed that gets high.

9.) When Idan receives a call in the cinema, they pause the movie till he comes back.

10.) If Idan visits you, you become the visitor.

11.) When Idan downloads an app, the app accepts Idan’s terms and conditions.

12.) When opportunity comes and Idan is not around, opportunity waits for Idan.

13.) When Idan fails a course, it is the lecturer that carries it over.

14.) Idan can forgive but Idan can never forget!

15.) Idan doesn’t check result, it is the result that checks on Idan.

16.) When Idan likes your babe, you become the ex.


The common thing about these Idan quotes is that they are usually a reversal of what happens normally, this is why it is referred to as Idan, i.e. magic. Idan slang meaning infers that it is something mysterious that makes the person called Idan stand out in all situations. Idan is not desperate and is not subjected to the normal things of the world, the world and everyone in it is subjected to Idan.

Idan Meaning in English

For example, the first Idan quote says that when Idan turns 18, it is his parents that move out. This is not what usually happens, but because he is Idan, they move out for him. Same thing happens when he is in the cinema and they pause the movie for him to come back.

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All these quotes emphasize the sheer importance of the person called Idan, so much that whatever he does cannot be called into question and he is all supreme.

Are you an Idan?

What Idan quote got you rolling on the floor and what is your most favorite Idan moment? Most importantly, what is your own personal translation of Idan?


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IDAN simply means I Don’t Accept Nonsense

When idan fails a course, it is the lecturer that carries it over-took me out!😭

This is so Hilarious. Idan is exceptional.

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