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Meet Daniel Regha, the Twitter Influencer who dishes advices on Twitter

Meet Daniel Regha, the Twitter Influencer who dishes advices on Twitter

Meet Daniel Regha, the Twitter Influencer who dishes advices on Twitter.

This article is about Daniel Regha

If you are a regular Twitter user, then you must know and have heard of Daniel Regha. If you don’t use Twitter regularly, then you are in luck that you found this article. Because you are about to learn who Daniel Regha is and why he has so much influence on the Twitter Space


Who is Daniel Regha?

Daniel Regha is a Twitter User who gives out career and action advices to celebrities on what they should do and how they should do it.

Daniel Regha has gotten so famous in the Twitter Space, that celebrities now know him and respond anytime he gives advices to them.

Most of these advices, are of course, unsolicited.



Daniel Regha has received a lot of negative criticism for the specialty he has of giving advice to celebrities on Twitter.

Although some people commend him for this single purpose he serves on Twitter, the majority of Twitter tweeps condemn him for giving unsolicited advices to celebrities on Twitter.

However, despite these severe criticisms, Daniel Regha does not budge has not never budged in giving unasked advice to celebrities on Twitter.

It seems it is more of a hobby to him, than the fact that he does it to get attention.

Although part of it may be that he does it to get attention and clout from Twitter tweeps, which he actually has now, but it seems more like a hobby; something part of his person and character.

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Daniel Regha has been involved in quite the back and forth with some celebrities who didn’t waste time to tell him to back off, or reply his tweets about not wanting his advice.


Daniel Regha and Davido

Recently, Davido made an announcement on Twitter that he was ready to donate #20 Million to 20 of his Twitter followers as giveaways because of the current hard situation in Nigeria.

He indicated that the sum of 20 Million Naira would be to also help them in their start-up businesses.

daniel regha twitter

However, taking to his Twitter handle, Daniel Regha did not think that was the best move.

He told Davido to do the appropriate thing by not dashing out the #20 million to his fans or those on Twitter but those that truly needed it- like visiting schools and using the money to foot the bills of people who really needed it.

Replying him on Twitter, Davido said Daniel Regha can do whatever he has with his own #20 Million- if, he has it.

He also commented that Daniel Regha should change his display picture on Twitter because it was freaky.


Daniel Regha and Yemi Alade

On January 23, 2022, Daniel Regha made a comment under Yemi Alade’ tweet, asking her to collaborate with other female artists so it can boost her music career and the music career of the other female artists too.

According to Daniel Regha, the Nigerian Music Industry is male-dominated and the females need to start collaborating with one another so they can start taking the lead.

daniel regha
Source: Instablog9ja


The Afrobeats queen did not have it.

She got off by calling him names such as career adviser, Lucozade boost and Torch bearer of female musicians.

After which she told him that the year just started, and she definitely didn’t need career advice or assignments from him.

The back and forth made a lot of Blogs and News Outlets as many people praised on Yemi Alade on Twitter for putting Regha in his place.

However, Regha didn’t seem moved by this and still wished her a happy birthday on her birthday.


Daniel Regha and Blaqbonez

Fast-rising singer Blaqbonez, personally “sought” Daniel Regha’s advice on his upcoming Concert (At the time) “Breaking the Yoke of Love Crusade” which held on February 13, 2022 and his single “Commander”.

In fact, when his video for “Commander” was released too, Blaqbonez deliberately asked for his advice.

daniel regha twitter
Source: Twitter


At first, Daniel Regha said he had earlier been blocked by Blaqbonez and now Blaqbonez was using his name for clout.

He later commented on the Commander video by saying it contained no meaningful message to the audience and Blaqbonez was not pushing his pen at all.


Daniel Regha on Davido’s 02 Show

On Davido’s 2022 02 Arena sold-out show, Daniel Regha had his gems of wisdom to drop.

He suggested that Wizkid should have attended the event so that any “bad blood” between them would end instantaneously.

daniel regha twitter
Source: Twitter

And to also show support between both artists since they are literally the biggest in the game at the moment.


What do Twitter Tweeps think about Daniel Regha?

Opinions are divided. But the majority think that Daniel Regha is doing just too much and has no right to interfere with the business of celebrities.

Some have even accused him of being a Twitter clout chaser by offering unsolicited advices to only Celebrities on Twitter.

However, others think Daniel Regha is building a space on Twitter because he started with only three thousand followers. And now, Daniel Regha has close to a hundred thousand followers on Twitter


What’s the deal with Daniel Regha?

We have to view this from an objective point of view.

What Daniel Regha does is not an offence.

Although he may trigger some feelings from celebrities and say things that may not necessarily be what they want to hear, he airs out his views without asking for their views too because he was not asked in the first place.

He has established himself as a Twitter commentator and Twitter Nigeria has known him for it.

Meanwhile, this does not in any way mean that some of the things Daniel Regha tweets are not true.

He does take to his Twitter handle to pen down his thoughts and some of these thoughts are quite thinkable.

For example, after the whole Oxlade sex tape saga, he took to his handle to comment about how Oxlade got a deal with Columbia Records after the release of his sex tape, while Tiwa Savage lost endorsement deals after the release of her own sex tapes.


daniel regha
Source: Twitter

He outlined that gender privileges have always and will always exist.

However, Twitter Tweeps do not think Daniel Regha has the right to advice anyone or say anything to anybody because it is not in his position to do so.

But what a lot of people don’t realize is that, it is Twitter. Everyone is there to speak their mind- many to drag celebrities.

So while Daniel Regha’s own may be so conspicuous and frequent, he is only doing what the bird app was created for – Tweet.

So you see, there is no white and black of the matter.

Daniel Regha is definitely not in the position to advice celebrities about their career or actions, but he is not the only one doing it, and he doesn’t seem to care.

Which is why we know that no matter the criticisms or backlash, Daniel Regha will not stop with the unsolicited advices.


What are your thoughts on Daniel Regha? Share them below


Interested in Daniel Regha tweets? Follow him here on Twitter.


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