Falz’s “Bahd” album is a successful experiment of Rap and Pop music   

Falz’s “Bahd” album is a successful experiment of Rap and Pop music  

Falz “Bahd” Album review

Review: Falz’s “Bahd” album is a successful experiment of rap and Pop music

Falz Bahd Album review

Falz “Bahd” album is a successful experimentation of rap and pop. Although there are just two song themes on the album, there is a blend of at least three song genres. The result of all this is a birth of a classic Falz The Bahd Guy album since moral instruction. The originality is untouched.

1) Another Me

It has Falz experimenting with both vocals and rap on the same song! This is fire. I mean, Falz is majorly a rapper, and for him to experiment with singing on a song, then it’s a huge step that even makes sense because it sounds so good.

The vocals on the song are as authentic as any male singer can sing and it highly exemplifies the theme- that there truly cannot be another Falz D Bahd Guy!

Another me is a good album opener for Falz. It is short and resilient.


2) “All Night”

It has that sexy, romantic, yet very fresh and original vibe that makes a good Afrobeats song. It has the beauty of what makes a true romantic song and it is actually devoid of all the extras of what does not need to be in a romantic tune.

The chorus/hook of All Night is what makes the song very memorable. What’s more? It’s nice that it came second on the track. But it shouldn’t have been as long as it was. The glibs at the end was unnecessary


3) Beautiful Sunflower ft. Tiwa Savage

We know that Tiwa Savage is more RnB than Afrobeats, but she should have been featured on All Night and not Beautiful Sunflower.

The moment Falz starts this, we know that it doesn’t have the potential of being a hit single. All night has that potential to be that hit song with the right collaboration.

Unfortunately, this is not the song you have Tiwa Savage on if you want it to blow. Don’t get it wrong. She absolutely tried on the track, but even the delivery and song arrangement of Beautiful Sunflower is not as dope as it should have been.


4) Parampe

review of falz album bahd

Album Tracklist

Parampe sounds like something Burna Boy would sing and it would really become a hit song. But with Falz on this song, we are trying to see how it connects to the songs we’ve been listening to since the album began.

It seems like Parampe is taking us on another path that we didn’t see coming. Parampe is a good track, but it divides the album at a point and it takes another direction until Knee Down takes us back.


5) Knee down ft. Chike

Good call allowing Chike to start this song. The hook is crazy! It’s what makes this song a bop. By the time Falz the Bahd Guy takes over, he sounds like Ladipoe on Mavin’s Overdose.

This song has a really good replay value because Falz didn’t just sing on it, he rapped and blended this song as well as he could.

Really, Knee Down is an amazing song. It has everything. Kudos to Chike and Falz on this song. It is a love song, but you almost cannot tell because it was discussed so subtly, yet so maturely.

6) Pull Up

“Pull Up” is that song that every male artiste has on their album because they just must have a song that adulates a lady’s body because ever male artiste must be thinking of that all the time, and if they don’t have that kind of song, then their album is not as “interesting” as it should be.

Not saying they shouldn’t sing songs about lady-obsession, but “Pull Up” is too obvious a song. Besides, Falz is supposed to rap this song because that is what could have made it a really good listen like “Ice-cream


7) Gentleman

Now, that is what I’m talking about! This is what Falz could have done on Pull up. “Gentleman” is the perfect love song. Especially the way Falz started the song.

It sounded original, like something Falz would start recording without even writing; especially that part where he paused and said “I’ll like to be your gentleman”.

The fact that he raps at the end is what makes “Gentleman” the best song so far on Bahd album apart from “All Night”. However, this song needed a female collaboration to make it sound more interesting, but it sounds cool anyway.


8) Woman ft. The Cavemen

falz bahd album

Album cover

We get that having The Cavemen on your album means that you love their sound or you know that people love their song, it now seems like featuring them on your album is a must. But still, let’s give Falz and The Cavemen a 60% on this song.

It actually creates some visual images and the Cavemen don’t try to over deliver. It actually sounds cool till the end.


9) Tender Love

Tender Love sounded like a song that was added to Bahd album because it was recorded, but it doesn’t add to making this album phenomenal. It only lengthens the album. The song should have been a bonus track


10) Inside Falz ft. Timaya, Boy Spyce

Inside should have come before Tender love. Timaya delivered on his track, but it would have been so much better if Boy Spyce was the only one on this track.

He would have made the song more of a potential hit because his verse was far better than Timaya’s own. Even his glibs are on fire!


11) Roger Milla

bahd album falz

It sounds like someone was added to this track and the person’s name was not mentioned, but Falz delivered a madness on this track.

Roger Milla was made as just another song on Bahd Album, but the song arrangement should have been better and it could have come before most songs on the album.


12) Ice Cream ft. BNXN

What a wonderful way to end Bahd Album!

This song is next after “All Night”, and “Gentlemen”. It’s such a classic, and it makes you want to listen to Bahd Album again. Asides “Gentlemen”, “Ice Cream” has the next amazing “Falz-killer” rap skills.

Falz Bahd Album review: 

Stand out records: “Another Me”, “Ice-Cream”, ”Gentleman”, “Inside” and “Knee Down”


Lyricism: 1.7/2

Delivery: 1.5/2

Mixing and production: 1.6/2

Relatability: 1.4/2

Replay Value: 1.6/2

☆Total: 7.8/10

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{Review}: Rema’s “Rave and Roses” album shows artistic evolution, but…

Burna Boy “Last Last” lyrics meaning {Explained}

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{Review}: Netflix’s “Blood Sisters” Thrives on Crime and Thrill

{Review}: Netflix’s “Blood Sisters” Thrives on Crime and Thrill

Review: Netflix’s Blood Sisters Thrives on Crime and Thrill

Here is a review of Netflix’s Blood Sisters

On Thursday, May, 5, 2022, Nigeria’s First Netflix Original TV Series- Blood Sisters, premiered on the streaming platform. Blood Sister is the latest Nollywood TV series on Netflix right now and people cannot stop talking about it

Netflix’s Blood Sisters Review

The Plot

This is literally one of the most important thing in a movie and Blood Sisters got it right. A review of the storyline puts the writers of Netflix’s Blood Sister on a respect pedestal.

review of blood sisters netflix

Etim Effiong, Gabriel Afolayan, Kehinde Bankole

The co-ordination of the plot of Blood Sisters to deliver an end result to viewers at the end of Netflix Blood Sisters was nothing short of noteworthy.

For the record, Netflix’s Blood Sisters was written by Craig Freimond and Zelipa Zulu.

It sounds like they are not Nigerians but it really doesn’t matter.

The scripting of Netflix’s Blood Sisters formed the plot and it was incredible.

“Blood Sisters” Netflix Cast

The buildup was maintained till the very last episode of Blood Sisters. This was what was needed to make Netflix’s Blood Sisters an intriguing watch.

Right from the first few scenes, we can see there are loads of secrets hidden between the major characters Kemi (Character played by Nancy Isime), Sarah (Character played by Ini-Dima Okojie) and Kola Ademola (Character played by Deyemi Okanlawon).

The diversion in plot during Sarah and Kemi’s adventure was very much needed.

The storyline of the Good Doctor that was the organ harvester was a twist we didn’t see coming, and the smart commendable thing was that it was not connected to the main plot of Blood Sisters. If it were, it would have ruined the series.

Blood Sisters Netflix review highlights the tension that brewed between these people and we couldn’t wait to unveil it.

Every scene appeared to carry meaning and this was indeed, applauding. However, a further critical review of Blood Sisters reveals a few plot flaws

blood sisters review netflix

Nancy Isime, Ini-Dima Okojie

Plot Flaws in Netflix’s Blood Sister (Review)

The first plot flaw was when Abasiama (Character played by Toke Makinwa) accosted Kola Ademola when he was about to get married and asked if they still didn’t have a chance together.

A few more episodes and we learn that she was abused by Kola and she didn’t want to talk about it because it was indeed a horrendous experience for her.

If it really was, then why was she at the wedding trying to win Kola back?

It would appear logic was suspended at that moment just to seem like both their exes wanted them back (since Kenny was also at the wedding)

Netflix’s “Blood Sisters” 2022 Episodes

The second plot flaw (although this may not entirely be a flaw), was when Timileyin (Character played by Genoveva Umeh) killed Femi Ademola (Character played by Gabriel Afolayan) and Yinka Ademola (Character played by Kehinde Bankole) at the end of the series.

If anything, these two were really interesting characters who would have made viewers extremely excited in case there was a comeback for Blood Sisters



blood sisters netflix review

Kate Henshaw

Blood Sisters was action packed.

Big ups to Kate Henshaw for delivering her role till the end and not adding any extras to her delivery but being natural with it.

It established the kind of class the film needed for her role.

Other standouts characters are Genoveva Umeh, Kehinde Bankole, and Gabriel Afolayan.


Action Flaws in Netflix’s Blood Sisters (Review)

While Nancy Isime and Ini-Dima Okojie stepped up to be co-leads on the crime thriller, their role interpretation needed more than the energy they put into it.

Don’t get it wrong, these two delivered till the very end, and they even made their scenes intriguing. But it got to a point that you wonder if they didn’t need more action than they were putting in.

Yes, we get that Ini-Dima Okojie had a role that required her to be a fearful person, while Nancy Isime was the friend who always faced the reality of the situation and acted fast.

But both Ini-Dima and Gabriel Afolayan had very similar roles.

In Netflix’s Blood Sisters, Gabriel was a person who was trying his best but just didn’t have enough in him to be a leader.

Even if he didn’t say it, we could see it through everything he did on screen, and this made his character interesting and to an extent, pitiful

blood sisters review

Blood Sisters Netflix Review

Overall, Netflix’s Blood Sisters thrives on crime and thrill that spurs the interest of the viewers till the very end. The suspense, action and scripting of the movie holds us up through every episode and we do not get tired of it. It is a commendable effort from Ebony Life Studios.

Storyline of Netflix’s Blood Sisters 

Blood Sisters Netflix TV Series is built around the lives of two very close friends- Sarah (Character played by Ini-Dima Okojie) and Kemi (Character played by Nancy Isime).

These friends are so close that their personal and romantic lives are interwoven as well.

While Sarah is engaged to a man she loves dearly- Kola (Character played by Deyemi Okanlawon), there is a very dark side to their union and Kemi could sense it.

However, Sarah wants to go on with the wedding and damn any of Kemi’s instincts or even her own instincts that there was something negatively extraordinary about her fiancée.

With this ardent desire to go on with the wedding a series of catastrophic events break out that results to anger, geed, murder and betrayal.

Blood Sisters Netflix TV series makes us see through friendships and what people go through in their relationships in relation to real-life scenarios.

Blood Sisters dwells on societal issues and normal life situations like relationships, friendships, love, substance abuse as well as physical abuse.

In Blood Sisters, Sarah and Kemi go through a tumultuous journey that tilts the balance of their normal life and sets them into a roller coater of events that is hard to get out of.

But this is not all, Blood Sisters centers on a dangerous secret that both sisters share which is able to cause so much trouble in their lives that it becomes impossible to accept the fact that they could ever be safe.

This dangerous secret that the Blood Sister share, is life-threatening


Plot of Blood Sisters Netflix TV Series

blood sisters review netflix

Kola Ademola (Deyemi Okanlawon) is the CEO of a powerful pharmaceutical firm in Nigeria, and after closing a major transaction, he announces to the assembled crowd that he is headed to his wedding. He’ll marry Sarah Duru (Ini Dima Okojie) in a five-star hotel.

The bride’s parents usually pay for the engagement party (part of a Nigerian wedding weekend), which Sarah’s working-class father Ifeanyi (Keppy Ekpenyong-Bassey) resents, while her mother Olayinka (Kehinde Bankole) is excited about joining such an influential family.

Meanwhile, they both have reservations against this combination. Sarah’s best friend Kemi  (Nancy Isime) believes Sarah still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend.

Kola’s mother Uduak (Kate Henshaw) and brother Femi (Gabriel Afolayan) aren’t exactly in Sarah’s camp, either. Kola also turns out to be a domineering jerk, ordering Sarah to return to her room and change out of the dress she wore to the rehearsal supper.

Sarah’s ex shows up suddenly at the rehearsal dinner and then Kola confronts her and gives her a slap.

Kemi wants her to put the wedding off, Olayinka doesn’t want Sarah to squander this powerful bond for just “one slap.”

On the day of the  engagement party, Sarah decides to notify Kola that the wedding is off. He removes a gun from  after fending off a hitman he believes was hired by his brother Femi.

He had no idea that the pistol will be utilized later. But by who? Find out in Blood Sisters Netflix TV Series









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{Review}: With “Outlaw”, Victony proves Music can be Therapy

{Review}: With “Outlaw”, Victony proves Music can be Therapy

Victony “Outlaw” EP Review

Here is a review of Outlaw EP by Victony


Victony Outlaw EP Review

With Outlaw, Victony shows that music can indeed be therapeutic. Following his accident, Victony uses Outlaw as a symbol of his victory over the challenges he faced. He is an “Outlaw” because he doesn’t believe in the status quo of things people used to.

victony outlaw ep

Victony’s Outlaw EP also registers the fact that he still loves romance and relationships even though he faced a life-threatening situation.

On the EP, Victony sounds like a changed man- like a more matured man who saw a lot of things and decided that those things would not be a one-time lesson, but a lifetime one

Here is a track by track review of “Outlaw” EP by Victony

  • Outlaw

Outlaw is more like an intro. And on this track, Victony expresses how he felt following his accident that put him in a wheel chair.

There is something to be learnt here, Victony uses subtle lyrics to indicate that he felt so much support during his recovery.

Victony also expressed how he came out stronger than ever after the recovery from an accident that almost claimed his life. According to him, he feels nothing can harm him no more now because he has been through fire. He saw his life flash before him and now he uses “Outlaw” to show that he came up on top of all that to do what he loves doing again

With this track, Victony says he is no longer afraid of life challenges because “Champion does not fear fire” and he definitely is not afraid of anything that could hurt him anymore.

{Review}: Rema’s “Rave and Roses” album shows artistic evolution, but…

  • Chop and Slide

Chop and Slide follows the story of how a lady likes to have sexual relations with Victony and she wants no romantic feelings.

She want to be friends with benefits.

She just wants to “chop and slide”. She wants no relations apart from being Victony’s sexual partner.

The relatability of this song is above the roof. There are many girls and even guys that want no relationship or romantic intentions with their sexual partner. They just want to have sex, and that is the end of it.

For Victony, he already starts having feelings for this girl and he wants “Everything” from her.

A review of this song shows that it thrives on relatabaility. The mixing and production is not entirely stellar. But the lyrics and passionate delivery is on point.

outlaw ep victony


  • Apollo

Victony is a lyrically god on Apollo and only God knows how he came up with such intriguing Lyrics for Apollo.

Whoever produced Apollo did an amazing job. Apollo has a dancehall tune to it. It’s a gbedu, and for every gbedu, there must be a sick beat.

It’s as if Victony got angry and went to the studio to record this fire song.

Apollo is a mad jam and Victony delivered every line, every single Lyric, every hook, even the chorus was with so much passion and energy that we wish the song does not end on time even though it’s almost three minutes long.

The noteworthy thing is that Victony’s delivery on Apollo was so natural that it didn’t sound like he was trying to over-do it.

Victony’s Apollo has a strong party vibe and dancehall influence combined with interesting lyrics that makes it a jam. This increases its replay value and makes you want to listen to the song over and over again.

{Review}: “Boy spyce” EP is the whole package deal


  • All Power

The Song Arrangement of this song sounds off. Also, the mix is not prominent and this prevents the lyrics and Victony’s delivery on the song from laying on the beats perfectly.

All Power sounds too similar and it is the least powerful song of Victony’s Outlaw EP so far.

Although All Power is the statutory “bad-boy” song anthem of male singers in the Nigerian Industry, it still doesn’t sound remarkable even with the lyrics.


  • Jolene

Jolene starts with some “No Wahala” vibes. It sounds like “No Wahala” beats were sampled on this song.

But it may not be true too. So far, Jolene is the standout record on Victony’s Outlaw EP asides Apollo.

It has a very catchy hook that seals into the head of listeners. With the lyrics: “Jolene” and the repetition of that particular name, we get very interested in this song. It sounds like “Jolene” will become a hit single from Victony’s Outlaw EP.

Jolene sounds too much like a potential hit. However, the “No Wahala” 1da Banton song doesn’t not help. It should have been beaten down.


  • Soweto ft Tempoe

Soweto is more of a reference to a girl than it is to a city. It is a romantic song and it sounds really good. But a review of this song on Victony’s Outlaw EP sounds like Soweto lacks song direction.

The pauses indicate that and the fact that the song lyrics are not so interesting even though the song theme is.


  • Kolomental

  • The lyrics of Kolomental by Victony is suitable for the song. Victony uses Kolomental lyrics to talk about staying true to oneself and forgiving people despite what they have done to us.

The lyrics of Kolomental by Victony emphasizes how being his own man is instrumental to being safe.

Victony implies that staying as one’s own man without intervening in other people’s daily affairs will be helpful in getting a grip of life.

To an extent, Victony uses Kolomental lyrics to show that seeking people’s approval is not the way to go.

People can drag you in the mud with them even if you all you try to do is do right by them and you are trying to please them.

victony outlaw ep review

Victony’s Kolomental is very relatable.

It sets a precedence for accepting people’s fault and knowing that you can be your own person without the influence of other people.

If you try to examine other people’s act and behaviors because it could make you go crazy.

That’s why Victony uses kolomental lyrics to say that you can’t calculate it People are bound behavior based on how they feel no matter how positive your feelings with them can be.





On Victony’s Outlaw EP, the standout records are “Apollo”, “Outlaw”, “Kolomental” and “Jolene”



Delivery: 1.5/2

Lyricism: 1.6/2

Mixing and Production: 1.4/2

Replay Value: 1.7/2

Relatability: 1.5/2

☆Total: 7.7/10



Victony Outlaw EP Tracklist

1) Outlaw

2) Chop and Slide

3) Apollo

4) All Power

5) Jolene ft KTIZO

6) Soweto ft Tempoe

7) Kolomental


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{Review}: Gentility song discusses Men’s Sexual Prowess

{Review}: Gentility song discusses Men’s Sexual Prowess

Recently, Melvitto and Wande Coal’s “Gentility” song has been topping some charts and gaining popularity after two years the song was released.

Gentility song talks about men’s sexual prowess

Gentility song Review


The lyrics of Gentility by Melvitto and Wande Coal suits the song theme well.

Gentility song shows that being gentle is not a bad thing but it does not equate stupidity.

It also speaks about relationships and how being gentle does not equate to being an incapable person in a relationship.

Wizkid and Ayra Starr Collaboration: All we know

Melvitto and Wande Coal uses Gentility song to express their sexual prowess.

Gentility song is used by Melvitto and Wande Coal to speak against one of women’s greatest notions that being a gentle guy means that you have less sexual prowess and that you are probably not good in bed.

With the song lyrics of gentility, Wande Coal and Melvitto imply that that is not the case with them.

They may be gentle, but they can have the same sexual prowess as men who seem tough do.

In fact, Wande Coal and Melvitto use Gentility song to show that they may even have more sexual prowess than men who appear tough.



Melvitto, Wande Coal

According to them, Gentility is not humility.

Although Melvitto and Wande Coal use some of the lyrics of Gentility to portray such raw sexual words that makes the song sounds a little too much, it still drives home the point.

The raw song lyrics of gentility used by Melvitto and Wande Coal may have added to the originality of the song to make it sound bare to the listeners.



Melvitto and Wande Coal deliver gentility song with an amount of intention; probably because they are singing about something of which they have great expertise in.

It may seem they have been undermined by some women and Gentility song is their way of showing that they still have the power and sexual prowess.

gentility song review wande coal Melvitto

Their delivery on Gentility song comes with an amount of unapologetic description of their sexual prowess and their recognition of it.

They do not, for once want to admit or equate being gentle to being stupid or less sexually appealing



Gentility is highly relatable because of its song theme and lyrics.

The lyrics of gentility, as well as the song theme, makes it very relatable.

People; especially guys who are gentle, get labelled as not having enough sexual prowess in comparison to guys who are goofy.

For women too, gentility song is relatable in the sense that they may have seen guys that have gentle but still have sexual prowess.

Or for ladies that make the assumption; that not all gentle guys are limited sexually.

Most Streamed Nigerian Artists on YouTube 2022


Replay Value

The lyrics of gentility, as well as its relatability and song theme increases its replay.

Gentility song is currently the most played song on Apple Music in Nigeria for a reason; so yes, it must have a high replay value because it was sung two year ago.

gentility song


Mixing and Production

The Mixing and Production of Gentility song is simple enough but it’s not as great to contribute to the overall listen of the song.

At least, it’s okay that the mixing and production allows for the song to flourish while attention is paid to the lyrics and the song theme



Gentility song has its fair share of flaws. Let’s ignore the raw words and lyrics; there are too many extras on the song. The part where the guys go on and vocalize “stupidity”. Seriously? Nah.


Review Rating

Delivery: 1.3/2

Relatability: 1.7/2

Lyricism: 1.4/2

Replay Value: 1.6/2

Mixing and Production: 1.3/2

☆Total: 7.3/10


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Gentility o se stupidity

Gentility o se stupidity

Gentility o se stupidity

Mon wo e

Ton se mi bakan mon wo e

Ton se mi beyen mon wo e

Gentility o se stupidity


{Verse 1}


Tinuke baby mi

Folasade mi o ah


She say she like the boy

She not go fit to leave the boy

She say she feeling the boy

Say I’m the man, they say i’m the man

She say she want the man

She want to leave the boys

Omoge duro na wanbi

Je kin fun e bo se wanbi


Ose ose ose temi

Titemi bad gan tin ba fun e ah

Ama se gudugudu meje

Gentility ko se humility

Gentility o se stupidity

Gentility o se humility

Jo fimile ko kan mi

Je kin dahun ko kan mi




Gentility o se stupidity

Gentility o se stupidity

Gentility o se stupidity

Mon wo e

Ton se mi bakan mon wo e

Ton se mi beyen mon wo e

Gentility o se stupidity


{Verse 2}

Won to be

Fuck that shit won to be

Gentility o se stupidity

Alo shako tititi o sa gi titi

Omoge funmi loyan hannn

Oya funmi nidi yen hannn

Jen gbe wole hannn

Kole remi kole re body mi

Funmi ni meji hannn

Jen fun e ni merin hannn


Omo to soji hannn

Omo yii so ma n moti oya ma moti lo o baby ye

Ama parawa lale yii hann

Ma fun e lale yii hann

Ma ja e lateyin baby

Talk to me walk for me

Walk for me you the one for me

I just no need to sit talk for me

Every now i doing things is all for me




Gentility o se stupidity

Gentility o se stupidity

Gentility o se stupidity

Mon wo e

Ton se mi bakan mon wo e

Ton se mi beyen mon wo e

Gentility o se stupidity


{Verse 3}

To whom it may concern

Everything you do dey for my mind

I no forget i go remind

W c no go decline oh

Hmm make I unwind

Big yansh big breast combine

You too sweet like a red wine o

If you lost me girl i go find oh














Eh e yeah

Eh e yeah

Eh e yeah

Wo wo wo wo chiii

Wo wo wo wo.

Ye ye ye…

Oh oh oh…







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{Review}: “Boy spyce” EP is the whole package deal

{Review}: “Boy spyce” EP is the whole package deal

Boy Spyce is the latest addition to Mavin Record label and he just released his self-titled EP titled Boy Spyce.


boy spyce ep review

Boy Spyce

Here is a review of Boy Spyce EP

Boy Spyce EP contains songs that have thoughtful lyrics. It addresses contemporary issues in such a practical way. Even the love songs on Boy Spyce Ep have such unique lyrics that make them sound original. The passionate delivery with which Boy Spyce delivers the EP increases its replay value. It is obvious he doesn’t try to over impress. Indeed, Boy Spyce is the whole-package deal.

There are no bad songs on Boy Spyce Ep. The standout records are ‘Nobody”, “Dreams”, and “Bad things”. 

Boy Spyce may be young, but the amount of wisdom and maturity he displayed with the lyrics on the songs of Boy Spyce Ep, shows that he is a true artist.

Age is not a barrier to being a good singer, and Boy Spyce is proof of that!


Here is a track by track review of Boy Spyce Ep


{Review}: Rema’s “Rave and Roses” album shows artistic evolution, but…


On dreams, Boy Spyce exemplifies that people have different dreams, and that no one should force anyone to be what they don’t want to.

There are some that education suits well and they know that the best way for them to make it in life is through education.

Boy Spyce makes an example with himself by saying he knows how to sing and write songs, and he is not overwhelmed by what other people are saying.

He didn’t go to university because he knows what he wants and he went after it.

Meanwhile, he doesn’t disparage other people’s dreams but emphasize that people should chase their dreams without getting influenced by other people or copying them just because it is the norm.

Too many times, we have been influenced by what the norm is supposed to be and not what we should make of our life.

There are things we should pay attention to and that is our dreams.

Boy Spyce uses lyrics that shows that he doesn’t stand on the fence when it comes to chasing one’s dreams. Go for what you want, and that is what is important.

Boy Spyce also show with dreams that people should support each other’s dreams. He shows this by asking his friend to call him when he gets to his destination.

“Hit me on the phone when you don reach Greece”


Bad Things

Bad things is the most illustrative song on Boy Spyce Ep yet.

He describes how he wants to be with the lady he has over. Boy Spyce delivers such descriptive lyrics on Bad things that it becomes impossible not to imagine these things.

Boy Spyce says that he wants the lady so much and he wants to “chop her like wafer

Bad things is accompanied with such lyrics that do not show men’s crude desires, rather, Boy Spyce makes Bad things sound like these things are inviting even though they are bad things.

Boy Spyce makes those “Bad things” sound like they are actually good things.

It doesn’t sound bad at all. Of course, these things are sexual. But he presents it in such a way that makes it sounds like the lady wants the bad things he wants to do to her.

Boy Spyce sounds so persuasive with Bad things. Kudos to Boy Spyce on this record.


Why Buju changed his name to BNXN


boy spyce ep

Boy Spyce

First, the mixing and production on Wayo is sizzling.

It is applauding that, because Wayo is the second romantic song on Boy Spyce Ep, and it is immediately followed by Bad Things, which is the second song off Boy Spyce’ EP.

Wayo doesn’t have similar lyrics to Bad things, and this is commendable, Boy Spyce did well on this.

Wayo has that raw afro beats lyrics and beats that makes him sound like he is a pure afro beat artist, which is in fact who he is.

Wayo is reminiscent of a polished Afrobeats ‘90s song. The chorus of:

“So baby no go do me

No wayo wayo”

Wayo means to deceive someone, and Boy Spyce pleads with his love interest not to deceive him.

The glibs that Boy Spyce uses on Wayo even make the song sound better because the song is well embedded with suitable lyrics.

Boy Spyce did well on this track, because Wayo is supposed to be the least powerful track on Boy Spyce Ep.

Meanwhile, Boy Spyce seemed to invest a lot of passionate delivery on this track which even makes it a potential hit.



Destiny is the second song off Boy Spyce Ep that is not a romantic song.

Boy Spyce shows an amount of maturity on each of the tracks on Boy Spyce EP and this is applauding.

Destiny is a sermonic song on which Boy Spyce enjoins people to actually put in the work rather than hoping grace comes to save them.

Destiny is the least powerful song on Boy Spyce Ep, but it is so didactic that its relatability makes it have a high replay value.

Boy Spyce doesn’t mince words in telling his listeners that they should work had because “destiny no go come meet you for house”– which is in fact, very true.

It is very amusing that he puts the funny comedic voice at the end.

This is indicative of someone that is lazy and still doesn’t know what they want.

Most likely, it is the inspiration behind the song.

Destiny has that old-highlife sound that makes it sound more interesting.

Boy Spyce may be young, but he spills the truth with such clarity and wise words.

Boy Spyce insists that hard work does bring success and people should pay attention to this rather than banking on grace and leisure.



After Bad things, nobody has the highest replay value.

One may wonder why it came last.

But then, it was probably to make listeners listen to Boy Spyce EP again.

Nobody has the catchiest chorus ever and this makes it such an amazing song.

It’s the catchy chorus that Boy Spyce puts on Nobody that makes it a song that stands out on Boy Spyce Ep.

Nobody is a song that can be played at weddings.

It is the perfect song. It has the best lyrics.

Boy Spyce puts a lot into this track. He sounds so real on this track and the truth in his voice makes Nobody a track that listeners will listen to most on the Boy Spyce EP.

Imagine when he says:

“Love won’t work if your heart doesn’t beat”


“Kwaku the Traveller” Lyrics Meaning {Explained}

Boy Spyce EP Review

review of boy spyce ep

Boy Spyce EP contains songs that have thoughtful lyrics. It addresses contemporary issues in such a practical way. Even the love songs on Boy Spyce Ep have such unique lyrics that make them sound original. The passionate delivery with which Boy Spyce delivers the EP increases its replay value. It is obvious he doesn’t try to over impress. Indeed, Boy Spyce is the whole-package deal.

Stream Boy Spyce Ep here


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Review: Adekunle Gold’s “Catch me if you can” offers so much truths

Review: Adekunle Gold’s “Catch me if you can” offers so much truths

Adekunle Gold is out with his latest and most anticipated album “Catch me if you can”, and there is so much to say about it.

Adekunle Gold “Catch me if you can” album review

adekunle gold catch me if you can review


1) “Born again“ft Fatoumata Diawara

Born again” is the representation of the indication of Adekunle Gold’s new sound, new music growth and certain decisions he made about his music career.

He indicates that he is under no pressure whatsoever becaue since he turned 30, he realised he has been living people’s wishes rather than his.

He indicates how he found freedom and purpose in marriage. It is funny that he says:

“Motherland na overseas”

This is a bold statement, even from Adekunke Gold, because he signals that if the grass is greener at the other side, then Overseas might soon become his new home.

Although it gets painful that we do not get enough of Fatoumata on this song. Adekunle Gold should have let her have a verse on “Born again”, because the way she spices up the chorus alone makes the song sound mystical.

If anything, it would have made the song better even though it’s an intro. It, however, is a good album opener.

2) Win

Win” has different lyrics, but it’s to similar to a lot of what artists sing now about people trying to bank on their sucess.

But Adekunle Gold is smart, he thanks his fans and mother for his success. This shows some amount of maturity, unlike how many artists say it like they woke up and suddenly become a star.

Adekunle delves it into the desire to be a winner all the time. He says: “See my throwback…” He doesn’t want to get back to the life he used to live because it was accompanied with so much suffering.

This explains his artistic evolution, with which he would go to any length to protect and ensure his growth.

3) Mase Mi

Adekunle Gold is such an amazing artiste! This is the third track on “Catch me if you can” and there is no romantic song yet. Big up!

He prays that he doesn’t fall prey to the devil’s tactics because the devil gives something for everything. This is why he says:

Mase me o, especially ma se mi, omo elomi ni ko se o”

He even prays for some amount of connection and relationship with God so it doesn’t give the devil space to possess him.

If there is anything about Adekunle Gold, it’s about how he is able to make a song a hit, even though the song is something any other artist can sing and not get enough traction for. “Mase mi” is a jam!, and it will enjoy some popularity in Nigeria.

Adekunle Gold “One woman” lyrics ft TY DOLLA SIGN

4) “One woman” ft TY Dolla Sign

Adekunle Gold confesses to being a romantic, being a man that wants only one woman and not conforming to what many “men” determine as been “manly“. Ty Dolla Sign makes his verse so magnificent. When he said with a sudden realisation:

Wait, she is really hottt”,

The song became a sizzling tune! Ty Dolla Sign killed his verse! But this song could have been very much better.

First, this is not Adekunle Gold’s best on a song with so much future like this- a song that has Ty Dolla Sign on it! .

He could have done so much better on his verse because it sounded like we’ve heard it somewhere before, so, our attention diverts before Ty Dolla Sign comes up

5) Mercy

Meanwhile, with “Mercy” the case is different. Adekunle Gold gets as real as possible, admitting his fame and growth in the music industry, and questioning the substance of people’s support for him.

He says:

“Make I no dey pop rose with my enemy”

Here, Adekunle Gold prays to God to guide him on his journey to stardom. No doubt, he is already a star, this stage is a new level for him, and on this level, he needs original friends, and not friends that come with clout.

“Mercy” gets more real when Adekunle gold actually admits that he is now a star. He knows he is big enough that people will want follow him everywhere and probably hurt him.

Oh lord have mercy mercy
This fake love con dey plenty plenty
And they try do man dirty dirty
jo jia ma je kia sesin sesin
ye ye o

“Mercy” is an amazing song because when Adekunle Gold prays to God for protection and guidance, it’s not obvious he is praying entirely, and he doesn’t bore the listeners with recycled over used lyrics.

Of course, the lyrics on “Mercy” is awesome, but this is not all that contributes to making the song.

Read: Why Chike’s “The Brother’s Keeper” album is worth waiting for!

It is devoid of all extras to make the song sound like a “feel-good” song.

It is a real song about a real life situation and not to get at anyone in particular.

“Mercy” proves that Adekunle Gold doesn’t make music to impress anyone. Or, for a lot of people who thought he changed his sound completely.

This is still Adekunle Gold that sang songs like “Fame” with all practicality.

The other “changed” part is just a evolving part of being an artist.

“Mercy” is a song embedded with so much originality that depicts Adekunle Gold’s complete sense of duty as a musician. It underlines how authentic Adekunle Gold has stayed to passing a message to his fans with his music.

6) More than enough

Finally! A romantic song! “One woman” is supposed to be the romantic song on this album, but it doesn’t stick enough as woman adulation.

But with “More than enough“, it’s so afrobeat! So “Adekunle Gold“. It is a jam. It sounds like you are listening to an Adekunle Gold Onyeka Onweanu. He says:

Chike’s “Nwoke Oma”, a good indication of his album? {Review}

“Owo ti de, je ka gbe daviDa local….you are my to-do list today!”

Although this song might go on underrated because of its afropop authenticity and rawness, it is one of the best on “Catch me if you can“. Adekunle Gold understood the assignment and absolutely delivered.

7) Sinner ft Lucky Daye

“Sinner” trended a lot after its release, and as funny as it sounds coming from Adekunle Gold, it is a jam. People can do crazy things because of love, especially for women.

Which is why Adekunle Gold says:

“If I can’t get you, no one else can”.

Sinner” is about addiction to a girl. It gets realistic because some guys are this way about girls; they can’t just stop thinking about them and hope they see the lady every single day. “Sinner” is almost devoid of it’s faults.

8) FYE ft Stefllon Don

We are trying to ge what “FYE” is, but the fact that there are no indications, except the fact that Adekunle Gold says “Fye ooo..” gives a misleading clue that doesn’t help enough.

Of course, Stefflon Don killed her verse, and if this song is going to be a hit, Stefflon Don is a major contributor, because Adekunle Gold panthers on this song and it’s so obvious.

He rambles the lyrics together, like he was trying to write something together but couldn’t write a whole song piece but added some different lyrics together.

9) Sleep

Sleep” is supposed to be a romantic song too, but it has so much RNB influence, that you wonder if it’s Adekunle Gold! The song is cool- for when you want to listen to a cool romantic song.

However, of all songs, this song should have had a collaboration because it feels like there’s another side to the story. We hear Adekunle Gold’s part on “Sleep“, but we want to hear something else apart from that. Since there is none, it reduces our curiosity on this song.

10) “High” ft Davido

Well, we all know this song was, and is a jam! But it has its own faults. The song engineering is on point! But it could have been more lyrically embedded, because if not because of the catchy chorus and hook:

“Me I just want to be high”.

The funny thing is that Davido’s verse is not as highlighted as it should be. It contributes very little to the development of the song.

Although he picks on later, it should have been as soon as he started his verse. This would have helped the song. But the way this song was arranged covers so many of its flaws! Well, a jam is a jam.

11) Dior Dior Dior Ft Foushee

It is wonderful that Foushee opened this song! Her voice is like butter and it makes you so interested in the song. It’s also amazing that the love is compared to being expensive like Dior.

Unfortunately, this is when Adekunle Gold goes all afrobeats when we need his full RNB side on a song as “Dior“.

He should have incorporated some RNB into this song to complement Foushee’s verse, and the drums and percussions are not helping either.

It sounds as though they are singing two completely different songs- by the time Adekunle Gold picks up Foushee’s verse.

This kills whatever curiosity or vibe we had for “Dior“. The genres are too contradictory,and it waters down the effect of “Dior” on listeners.

Adekunle Gold should have gone with the same tune that Foushee went with.

Ayra Starr hints possible remix of “Bloody Samaritan” with Kelly Rowland

12) It is what is

“It is what it is” is about Adekunle Gold’s own authenticity, and not bowing down to what people down even when it hurts you. He says

“If it’s go cost my peace, then I go take my leave”

Adekunle Gold says so many true things on “It is what it is” like how happiness and having money can be two unrelated things.

He also hinted that people find fulfilment in what makes them satisfied and happy; hence the reason a lot of people are looking for what will make them happy. For him, it’s not money, because money can never be enough.

13) Selah

Classic Adekunle Gold move! You think “Selah” is Adekunle Gold’s way of closing “Catch me if you can” but no, he wants peace from a girl because she is so untrustworthy.

Catch me if you can adekunle gold

Selah” is the kind of song that should have come up earlier on “Catch me if you can” because it has a good vibe and arouses curiosity. It is also very relatable.

It gets funny when Adekunle Gold said

“She want take me to mama…Ewoo..but her mama crazy too”

The chorus on this song is embarrassing. It sounds too much like “High” and it almost turns listeners off immediately.

A better chorus should have been added so it doesn’t make this song sound like it was rushed, because it actually sound like it was. “Selah” is a nice song, but it was not handled and arranged as effectively as it should have been done.

It’s a jam that should have been made “jammier”

14) “Catch me if you can”

“Catch me if you can” begins like “Born again“, but it should have been made to sound so different since the album is hinged on it anyway.

It sounds a little basic and makes you think looking forward to the track is what you should not have done in the first place.

Catch me if you can” proffers some nice lyrics, but it’s too wordy, it should have been a balance of Adekunle Gold’s truth, some short catchy memorable lyrics, a preferably not slow beat, and more catchy hook. This is exactly what Ayra starr did on “Bloody Samaritan

Read: Afro Nation 2022: See Artists lineup

Catch me if you can” is an amazing album. But it is not Adekunle Gold’s best. The song offers new sounds, Adekunle Gold’s truth, and his ideals as a man with new responsibilities. But it sounds like so many things have been beaten down on the album, and this waters down the album to an extent.

It feels like there should have been more, like there is still so much Adekunle Gold wanted to say.

Overall, “Catch me of you can” is a good album, but more attention should have been paid to a blend between the genres and lyrics. Only about three songs stand out, aside from the official singles (“High”, “Sinner” and “Mercy“)

What we expected from Adekunle Gold’s “Catch me if you can” album

adekunle gold catch me if you can review

1) The album will be a “feast of dynamic sounds”
Upon the release of Adekunle Gold’s “High” with Davido, a user commented on YouTube that Adekunle Gold has reinvented himself to boost his status, streams and income in the industry.

“It is what it is” sounded like what signposts a new decision. Like “Hey guys, I been singing “good boy songs” since all this while, but let’s switch it up”.

So yeah, it is what it is. In all sincerity, this new sound is really helping Adekunle Gold’s career and status in the industry because his song “High” is literally everywhere in Nigeria.

It has gained so much traction and popularity that it is competing with his greatest hits “Orente” and “Pick up”

Review: Why love Nwantiti is here to stay for decades

These dynamic sounds will also usher in a new stage in Adekunle Gold’s career as he seems to have “broken” whatever was holding him down from exploring all parts of his music.

Though the songs actually sound more like “bad boy songs”, his fans are going crazy about it and accepting it very well because his music sounds good; sounds fire, and as long as he still makes good music, he has the support of his fans.

2) Sound Engineering
“Gold”– Adekunle Gold’s debut album, was a masterpiece. The sound engineering was on point and the reason for this was not far-fetched.

His wife- Simisola actually mixed and mastered the album. Simi is a sound engineer apart from being a singer and songwriter. And if you know something and sound engineers and record producers who also happen to be singers and songwriters, they have no bad songs- no matter how hard they try to.

The sound engineering on “Catch me if you can” will be delicious, as the singles released ahead the album already proved that fact.

The sound engineering will help the authenticity of Adekunle Gold’s sound and reduce all imbalances to produce the right effects that will get people more synced with his songs.

3) Features
So far, he has released three singles ahead “Catch me if you can” and two of the singles have very interesting features. The first is with American Singer- Lucky Daye, and the second “High”- with Davido.

Both singles (“High” and “Sinner”) have cleared such a promising path for the album, and it’s only easy to assert that the album will do very well on streaming platforms and top numerous charts- both local and international.

Catch me if you can

There seems to be more promising features on the album that will make it a bomb upon release. Hopefully, he may have a song with Simi on the album.

But then, more interesting features on this album will increase its reception, streams and traction

Facts? Adekunle Gold has come far and has tangible results to show for his journey.

It may be difficult to say what record label he is signed to currently. He has about 20 singles and most of them-in fact, majority of them are hit songs and we hope he’s bringing the heat on his new album “Catch me if you can”.

Click here to stream the album

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{Review}: Why Chloe’s “Treat Me” is way better than “Have Mercy”

{Review}: Why Chloe’s “Treat Me” is way better than “Have Mercy”

Review: Chloe Bailey’s “Treat Me” is way better than Have Mercy

Here is why:

After releasing several teasers of Treat Me, and keeping the internet “suspended” for the release of her second single off her debut album, Chloe Bailey has released “Treat Me” and here is the review.


Chloe charges the lyrics of Treat me with some compelling assignments for whoever is interested in her.

The lyrics of Treat Me by Chloe indicates that it is not a to-do list. It is a must-do list.

The lyrics of Treat me by Chloe can make you feel powerful as a woman and help you lay down what you want from a man.

But Chloe Bailey’s Treat me Lyrics are not gender specific. Somehow, it charges men to treat their women far above the way they treat themselves.

They have to do the special thing; the extra thing, and they have to put in the effort. This is why Chloe says with the lyrics of Treat me at the beginning:


You know you go broke tryna handle me

Take it from someone who know how to handle me

I’ma need that real grown kinda energy, uh

Do you know? Do you know?

How Treat Me is better than Have Mercy

Treat Me sounds more intentional than Have Mercy and it serves more interesting lyrics than Have Mercy.


treat me chloe


True, Have Mercy established Chloe Bailey as a sex symbol and showed that she was showing control of her body and didn’t care what people were saying, but Treat Me not only establishes her as an independent woman, it shows she appreciates herself and it doesn’t have to be in a sexual way.

It becomes trite when women have to show that the way they can be appreciated is only sexually.

Have Mercy did this, but Treat Me shows that she can be appreciated all round because she is a successful woman who needs a real man.

Also, Treat Me has better replay value than Have Mercy because of its catchy chorus of “Treat me like I treat me” which Chloe Bailey has cemented into the head of her listeners prior to the release of the song.


Chloe Bailey seemed to do some intentional “Tik Tok” thing to Treat Me. The beginning is perfect for a Tik Tok challenge.

This will make Treat Me enjoy some amount, if not a lot of popularity.

It sounds like the perfect Tik Tok sound.

This is a smart move from Chloe Bailey because even though Treat Me sounds Tik Tokey, it doesn’t take away substance from the song.

Also, performing this song on stage would be crazy! Imagine Chloe performing the introduction of this song with a mad choreography! We can’t wait to see that.

Chloe really put all these in perspective and it shows she is truly coming up with something amazing with her debut album. So yes, Treat Me will be a successful release.

Review: Chris Brown employs creative storytelling for “Iffy” video


Song Theme

Chloe Bailey says the concept of Treat Me is to show that if you treat yourself amazingly as a lady, then why should any man treat you less.

Or in fact, if you treat yourself so well, why do you need any man.

The beginning of Treat Me alone sets the tone for the song, Chloe Bailey does some tuneless vocals in a sexy voice saying her man goes broke trying to handle her.

He says handling her is a lot of responsibility and he would have to step up his game because she is a lot handle.

Therefore, she asks that he handles her well and treat her right.

Chloe Bailey chose the right song theme because it is different; you don’t hear it every day and this retained some originality in the song and made us interested in it enough to want to listen to it.


chloe treat me

Chloe Bailey


Chloe Treat Me is a way of telling ladies to not settle for less.

Since they treat themselves well, why should they accept any less from any other man? It’s a call to ladies to wake up and she says

“Any other less is unacceptable”

To some extent, Chloe Bailey’s Treat Me spurs men up to take some responsibility and treat their women well.

Chloe Bailey’s Treat me lyrically reveals that not only do women take care of themselves, they do it in a great way and any man that will do so should come correct and serve the care with exceptional skills and resources.


Delivery: 1.6/2

Lyricism: 1.7/2

Mixing and Production: 1.4/2

Replay Value: 1.7/2

Relatability: 1.5/2

☆Total: 7.9/10


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Chloe Treat me Lyrics


{Verse 1}

You know you go broke tryna handle me

Take it from someone who know how to handle me

I’ma need that real grown kinda energy, uh

Do you know? Do you know?


‘Cause you’re dealing with a lotta competition

You’re gonna have to do a lotta ass kissing

You know I got someone with the time to listen

Tell me boy, do you know? Do you know?



I, I, I, I, I

Do it every night, show me a good time

You can too, I let you

Try, try, try, try, try, oh

This right here your chance, learn it from the best

Here’s what you gotta do



Treat me like I treat me

(Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ еverywhere)

And you know I do it right

(Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ еverywhere)

Treat me like I treat me

(Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere)

Oh, I make me feel so nice


(Rockin’ everywhere, rockin’ everywhere)

Treat me like I treat me

(Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere)

Love me like I love me completely and deeply, now

(Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere)

(Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere)

Oh, treat me like I treat me

(Rockin’ everywhere, rockin’ everywhere)


{Verse 2}

Exceptional, you know, anything less is unacceptable

Don’t get me wrong, I’m flexible

But only in all the ways my legs can go

Confessional, I’m skeptical

‘Cause being on my level is difficult

You better wake up and put me on a pedestal

I bet you know, I know, do you know?



I, I, I, I, I

Do it every night, show me a good time

You can too, I let you

Try, try, try, try, try, oh

This right here your chance (Chance), learn it from the best (The best)

Here’s what you gotta do



Treat me like I treat me (Treat me, baby)

And you know I do it right (And you know I do it right)

Treat me like I treat me (Oh, oh, oh)

Oh, I make me feel so nice (Oh, oh, oh, I)

Treat me like I treat me (Oh, oh, oh)

Love me like I love me completely and deeply (Oh)

Ah, now (Oh)

Treat me like I treat me




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{Review}: What is so special about Kwaku the Traveller?

{Review}: What is so special about Kwaku the Traveller?

Kwaku the Traveller Review

For a number of days, Kwaku The Traveller has been topping charts and has gained a lot of popularity in Nigeria. But the reason for this meteoric rise is not far-fetched. Here is why Black Sherif’s Kwaku The Traveller is making waves and topping charts


1) Relatability 

Kwaku the Traveller is extremely relatable, especially with its lyrics. When we highlight the part of Kwaku the traveller that says.

Of course I fuc**ed up

Who never fuc**ed up
Hands in the air
No hands?
It speaks to us and makes us examine ourselves.


So yes, Kwaku the traveller is very relatable and we are drawn into our past.

But that is not the only thing that matters.

Apparently, he even names himself “Kwaku the hustler” and this may encourage us to come back strong with a hustling spirit no matter the challenge we have been through.

There is something to take from Kwaku the traveller, and it is deep.

Kwaku the traveller, apparently, goes on like a rolling stone. And this is exactly what we should do too.

We should move on even stronger.


2) Delivery

If there is something about Kwaku the traveller, it’s about Black Sherif’s delivery on the song.

It is so powerful, so passionate.

It sounds like Black sheriff is discussing a personal thing- something that happened to him or something that he did.


kwaku the traveller

Black Sherif

This may have influenced his delivery on Kwaku the traveler.

He delivers Kwaku the traveller with a kind of energy that transfers to us and makes Kwaku the traveller achieves its purpose.

We are drawn into the world of Black Sherif and this makes the song very believable.

We admire Black Sherif’s delivery on Kwaku the traveller, it is indeed powerful.


3) Lyricism 

The lyrics of kwaku the traveller suit the theme of the song.

It is highly impressive that Black sherif pays attention more to the lyrics of Kwaku the traveller because a song like kwaku the traveller demands lyrics that establish the purpose of the song and speaks to the audience about Black Sherif.

And this is exactly what Black sheriff did with Kwaku the traveller.

It is noteworthy that the mix and he beats take a backseat and allows Black Sherif’s voice to take the lead and deliver the lyrics of kwaku the traveller so we can hear everything as perfect as possible and take in the lyrics of kwaku the traveller.

Kudos to Black Sherif on this.

The lyrics of Kwaku the traveller also highlights the theme of the song in a way that makes us understand the song very well.

It is indeed good how lyrically embedded kwaku the traveller is. Especially when Black Sherif says:

“Oh I keep going, cos I’m a rolling stone”

So yes, the lyrics of kwaku the traveller by Black Sherif suits the song perfectly.


3) Mixing and Production 

The beats on Kwaku the Traveller is hard, and it is applauding how Black Sherif’s voice does not hide below the mix but rises above it that attention is paid to the lyrics of Kwaku the traveller but not the beats.

This highlights the lyrics of kwaku the traveller by Black Sherif and it makes the song sink in its message.


4) Replay Value

The passionate delivery, relatability, mixing and production and lyrics of Kwaku the traveller increases its relay value.

Out of all these, the relatability does the most work of making Kwaku the traveller have a high replay value.

You want to listen to Kwaku the traveller as many times as possible!



Delivery: 1.5/2

Lyricism: 1.8/2

Mixing and Production: 1.4/2

Relatability: 1.6/2

Replay Value: 1.7/2

☆Total: 8/10




kwaku the traveller review

{Verse 1}


Kwaku killa don’t lie when i say i did it,

i did it (i did it, i did it)

Big stacks big cash my way

but still i fumbled it

Under one minute

Still i can’t believe


But i can’t blame myself for this shit

I knew mandem was born for this shit,

of course i f*cked up

Who never f*ck up hands in the air, no hands?

Still i can’t believe, you know what i mean

I was young what you expect from me?


It is what it is, but i keep going o

More like a rolling stone

Cause i have no stopping time

Can’t nobody stop a man

Oh i keep going on


More like a rolling stone

Cause i have no stopping time

Can’t nobody stop a man (youhh)

I go dey run my race

I’m gonna keep my pace


Cause? i really have no one to blam?

when i fall again

I can’t stand this pain

I can’t watch me fail

So anytime you pray

Remember my name



Remember you know a traveler

The name is Kwaku the hustler

He’s been far away chasing guallala

I’ll be back again bro, meka menan

I swear on my life

I can’t wait to be back

I know you miss me i know… x2


{Verse 2}

They say, when it’s on then it’s on

You can’t stop till it’s done (then it’s ooooooon)

Sika dam na meebor

Abrantie aa masi so, cigarette si mano


Ntampe nkoa na meetwe

Cigarette si mano

Cigarette si mano, when it’s on then it’s on

I can’t stop till it’s done (then it’s ooooooon)

Sika dam na meebor


Abrantie aa masi so

Cigarette si mano

Ntampe nkoa na meetwe

Cigarette si mano

Cigarette si mano



Nti daaaaa

You’ll see me on the roadside

Talking to the most high… high, high, high



Remember you know a traveler

The name is Kwaku the hustler

He’s been far away chasing guallala


I’ll be back again bro, meka menan (i’ll be back again,

i swear on everything)

I swear on my life

I can’t wait to be back

I know you miss me i know

Remember you know a traveler


The name is Kwaku the hustler

He’s been far away chasing guallala

I’ll be back again bro, meka menan

I swear on my life

I can’t wait to be back

I know you miss me i know








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Asake “Ololade” EP Review: Impressive, but not powerful enough

Asake “Ololade” EP Review: Impressive, but not powerful enough

Asake “Ololade” EP Review

Latest YBNL Signee- Asake, is out with his debut EP and while applause should be given for his wonderful attempt, it still shows that there are some things that need to be said.

Asake ololade ep review


Asake “Ololade” EP Review


Trabaye” starts well as an EP opener, and it’s slightly reminiscent of Olamide. it opens Asake’sOlolade” EP Well, but it is not the perfect EP opener, although it can be.

It sounds a little too rookie-like. The voice over is good, but there should have been more delivery on it. There is not much conviction in Asake’s voice as we would like to hear.

2) Sungba 

Sungba starts with the kind of powerful delivery that Asake should have had on “Trabaye“. Although Asake’s music is more fuji than afrobeats, it’s still fits a little into what people could listen to, to chill.

However, the glibs on this song are too much. It’s true that Fuji uses Glibs more than other genres, but there are too much glibs on this song that it becomes almost impossible to identify the theme of the song.

While Asake’s music fits between Fuji and Afrobeats, a spice from both is needed so Asake does not lose his afrobeats audience, because, in contemporary Afrobeats, lyricism is appreciated over glibs.

3) “Omo Olope” ft Olamide

Omo Olope” is the first single off Asake’s “Ololade” EP and the truth is, it’s a hit.

It is easily the best song off Asake’s “Ololade” EP, and this is because, there are not only appropriate lyrics to suit the song, the beat is on point, even the glibs are considerably appropriate.

Asake does his all on this track. It’s almost too perfect!

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Of course, Olamide never loses his touch, not even for a moment. He spices the song all up with a mix of his glibs and Lyric and it’s so impressive!

4) “Baba God”

A song of appreciation to God. Even as an appreciation song, Baba God needs some improvements. The mixing and production leaves much to be desired. The lyrics are not entirely appealing enough.

Even the chorus which is supposed to sound catchy: “Some people want me to sober…but me I get Jehovah”. It rules out that Asake leaves all to God- that God is entirely responsible for him.

Asake’s “Ololade” Ep is a nice debut, but it’s not powerful enough. It shows that there is a lot of work that still needs to be done with the artist.

His genre is one of a kind, which makes his sound even unique, but Asake needs to do much with Lyricism and song themes. Ololade EP shows that there is room for growth for Asake, and he needs to tune up his delivery and lyricism to match the attention around him.

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