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Angelique Kidjo and Yemi Alade release new song titled ‘Dignity’- A song of social and political consciousness

Angelique Kidjo and Yemi Alade release new song titled ‘Dignity’- A song of social and political consciousness

After the release of “Shekere” off Yemi Alade’s “Woman of steel” album, we knew both had done an excellent job in creating a wonderful cultural anthem. The Video is now at 18 million views and it was such an enthralling beautiful display of culture to watch.

Few days ago, Grammy award winner Angelique Kidjo and Yemi Alade announced on social media that fans should expect a project called ‘Dignity’. We didn’t know if it was a documentary, a joint album or a song. Yesterday, they announced that it was a song and it would be relased the following day (Today) with its accompanying music video.

We have listened to the song and seen the music video and here is our review.

The song

Angelique Kidjo opens with a powerful Beninise language and says ‘Dignity, I wanna hold on to you!”. Surprisingly, Yemi Alade enters quickly and says ” Where you dey yesterday when the gunmen shoot you down?”. She makes a reference to someone who engages in nefarious activities and asks where the person’s dignity is when the individual is caught.

It is an ageless song that questions the dignity of men and call for it. It embarks on a mission of social and political consciousness. It calls for dignity of individuals, people in high places, people in low places and people of authority, stating that dignity is a priceless virtue and whatever the alternative is, is not worth it. It is really an excellent song and it will do well.

Also, Yemi and Angelique have this song chemistry that makes collaborations between them so meaningful and impactful. I mean, Yemi hasn’t really had a collaboration with many female artists, in fact, none in Nigeria. But this, it is just mind blowing.


The song has an upbeat tempo that almost implores the listener to dance. But I think this was probably done to make the song interesting and fascinating to the listeners while successfully passing its message. Also, the “catchphrase” in the song is okay but not perfect. We are struggling to see how “Respect is reciprocal” ultimately corresponds to the contenet of the song, still, it doesn’t feel like it doesn’t belong.

Songwriting: 2
Delivery: 2
Mixing/producing: 2
Replay value: 2
Structure/rhythm: 1
Total: 9/10

The Music Video

Breathtaking illustration of a train worker accepting a bribe which leads to a pregnant woman getting an eviction notice. It was socially-conscious plated as I expected and it was meaningful. You could tell the story being sung in the sung through the music video.

Using Brown Skin video concept was not bad for the scene where Yemi Alade was holding the baby- perhaps a reference to the life the baby should have.


The choreography was okay, but should have been more feisty. I was expecting more dance moves from both singers, but they gave quite little of this. Also, there was no scene of Angelique and Yemi together. I mean, both of them are two of the best performers in Africa and there was no scene of their choreography together. It would have made the video better.

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Aside these, I am proud of a song like ‘Dignity’. A song that has a meaningful and impactful message, an imploring message of integrity. Kudos to both artists on this work of art.

Video score

Structure: 2
Delivery: 2
Message representation: 2
Choreography: 1
Direction: 1
Total: 8/10

Stream the song Here

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