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2023 Grammys Album of the Year {AOTY} predictions

2023 Grammys Album of the Year {AOTY} predictions

2023 Grammys Album of the Year predictions


Here are Predictions for the 2023 Grammy Album of The Year category- which is one of the four major categories in Grammys. Since the deadline for nominations is September 30, 2022 and voting starts around October/November. It is only safe to say that we can make the 2023 Grammys Album of the Year Predictions now.



2023 Grammys Album of the Year Predictions

  1. “30” Adele
  2. “Harry’s House” Harry Style
  3. “Renaissance” Beyoncé
  4. “Special” Lizzo
  5. “Mr Morale and the Big Steppers” Kendrick Lamar
  6. “I never liked you” Future


Definitely, the nominations are bound to be longer than this especially since nominations have now been extended to 8 slots.


First, let’s narrow down the albums that have low probabilities of winning and why.


“I never Like You” Future

Future’s “I never liked you” is an incredible album, and like most albums that will be nominated based on 2023 Grammys Album of The Year Predictions, it spawned a Hot 100 chart topping song- “Wait for You”.

But the probability that Future wins Album of the Year is 0-6 because the category is just too tight and his album didn’t make as much global impact as most of the albums on our 2023 Grammys Album of the Year Predictions.

True, the academy doesn’t use this as criteria.

Afterall, Don Batiste won Album of The Year against contestants like Billie Eilish. Still, that was a once in a blue moon thing. And let’s be real, 2021 Grammys was a once in a Blue Moon thing.


“Mr Morale and the Big Steppers” Kendrick Lamar

2023 grammys predictions

Lamar’s album is a good one, no doubt about that, but it still stands 0-5 because, like Future’s I never Liked you”, it just doesn’t seem to have that “Album of The Year” vibe that the Grammys go for.

It doesn’t make it less of an incredible album, still it would seem that the album will receive an Album of the Year nomination based on respect for the body of work.


Albums with High-winning probabilities


4) “30” Adele

2023 album of the year grammy prediction

Adele’s Last Album of the Year win was “25” against Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” and the album was really a good one that its win was considered reasonable, to an extent. But not totally comprehendible.

Her new album spawned a chart topping Hot 100 single “Easy on Me”.

But Adele’s Chance of winning based on our 2023 Grammys Album of the Year Predictions is 0-4 because while “30” is that Album of the Year material, the recording academy would want to gravitate towards something more fresh, more original and more baring. 

Adele’s “30” album checks most of these boxes, but they might want to pass her because there are albums on that list that checks the boxes more and they would want someone “new” to actually win that Album of the Year category. 

Meanwhile, our 2023 Grammy Album of the Year Predictions shows that Adele still has a 60% chance of winning the award. But her chances are 0-4

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3) “Renaissance” Beyoncé

Grammys 2023 album of the year prediction

Beyoncé has been up to something non-conformist for the past four years and it all began with her collaboration album for Africa “The Lion King: The Gift” which later won 2 Grammy Awards at the 2020 Grammys.

But Beyoncé going all out to make an album that would not sell as commercially as her other albums showed that she really has stopped caring for awards and charts.

Her loss of Album of the Year to Adele in 2016 was shocking because her album- “Lemonade” was one of the most critically acclaimed and best selling albums of 2016.

Even Adele, during her acceptance speech, stated categorically that Lemonade would have been the better choice for “Album of the Year” and not her “25” Album.

It would seem that Beyoncé unintentionally but slightly made “Lemonade” an Album of the Year material, but when she didn’t get it even though she deserved it, she must have been like “What else do I need to do??”

She has most Grammys as a singer but she has only won an award in one of the 4 major Grammy categories.

After Lemonade, Beyoncé must have pulled a middle finger to the Grammys and recorded “Renaissance” , an album she herself said was deliberately tailored towards “imperfection” as she needed a place to scream and release herself, and so did the world.

Renaissance has been tagged a “Dance Album” and there have been no visuals to support the album even though it produced a Hot 100 Chart topping song “Break my Soul”.

The lack of visuals might actually work against her getting that award based on our 2023 Grammy Album of the Year Predictions.

But Beyoncé doesn’t seem to care about that. It’s been more than a month since her album dropped and there have been no visuals.

But then again, who knows? The Grammys might decide to award her. 

Beyoncé has a 65% Chance of winning the 2023 Grammy Award for Album of the Year but her chances her 0-3


2) “Special” Lizzo

Grammys 2023 album of the year prediction

What most people don’t know is that Lizzo is that person that would win the “Album of the Year” at the 2023 Grammys and everyone would be like “Oh, Lizzo. Of course. She deserves it”.

It would make not giving either Beyoncé, Adele or Harry Styles, fair.

But let’s be real, Lizzo has a 75% chance of winning the 2023 Grammy Award for Album of the Year and her chances are 0-2.

Special” has the potential of an Album of The Year material. True, it is not the most successful, although it did spawn a Chart topping Hot 100 song “About Damn Time”.

And it may not be the most critically acclaimed, but it will make the Grammys look good, that they operate on merit. Well sometimes.

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1) “Harry’s House” Harry Styles.

Who will win album of the year at 2023 grammys

“As it was” is the longest charting Number one song on Billboard this year. But this is not the only factor that indicates that Harry Styles will win the 2023 Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

The album is personal and is literally the most resonating album and the most commercially successful among the other nominations.

Based on our Grammys 2023 Album of the Year predictions, “Harry’s House:” has an 85% chance of winning Album of the Year at the 2023 Grammys. His chances are 0-1


2023 Grammy Album of the Year Predictions

  • “I never liked you” Future- 45%
  • “Mr Morale and the Big Steppers”- 55%
  • “30”- Adele- 60%
  • “Renaissance” Beyoncé- 65%
  • “Special” Lizzo- 75%
  • “Harry’s House” Harry Styles- 85%

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  1. I wish people would do their research before just making statements. Beyonce had won in the four major categories before for the song Single Ladies.

    1. Exactly! Beyoncé won for Single Ladies. But looks like the writer already corrected that. Cool article though

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