TurnTable Charts: Nigeria’s Original Billboard
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TurnTable Charts: Nigeria’s Original Billboard

TurnTable Charts: Nigeria’s Original Billboard

TurnTable Charts has been doing an amazing job in keeping a record of streams and chart positions of every Nigerian song released. This is also in addition to tracking the radio plays and performances of Nigerian songs on social media.

This article enlightens you about how TurnTable Charts gathers data and why TurnTable Charts is the original Billboard in Nigeria

Besides, it’s high time Nigerians started paying attention to their own chart metrics, and trusting these chart metrics, rather than fixating on international billboard charts.

Several months ago, TurnTable Charts started a journey to create a credible and comprehensive system for charting and music documentation in Nigeria.

turn table charts

It has been a great journey for everyone involved with TurnTable Charts – from their team members, executive members, local and international partners and everyone that has supported the work we’ve been doing.  

TurnTable Charts has incorporated Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify data into their Nigerian music charts.

This is made possible by their data sharing and reporting partnerships with leading music organizations in Nigerian music; EmPawa, The Plug Entertainment, Mad Solutions, Chocolate City, Dapper, Ejoya and Hulivo Digital. 

In the next couple of months, TurnTable Charts will announce more partnerships with other record labels and music distributors in the country in batches.

Data from Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify will be incorporated into TurnTable charts while the metrics will be adjusted to reflect the new data.

Music charts published by Nigerian will aggregate data from Audiomack, Apple Music, Boomplay, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube as well as radio and TV stations across the country.  

With the presence of Afrobeats-focused aggregated music charts in the United Kingdom and United States, it is important that the music of Nigeria is accurately depicted, documented and aggregated at home too – and we are proud to be a step closer to this reality. 

So how does TurnTable intend to make this happen?

After the incorporation of data from these organizations, TurnTable Charts has launched three aggregated music charts; 

Most streamed Nigerian Artists on Apple Music 2022

1) TurnTable Top 100 

An expanded Top 50 singles popularity-based chart 

Click here to see the current TurnTable Top 100 singles chart

turn table top 50

2) TurnTable Top 200

A consumption-based albums chart


3) TurnTable Top Artiste 100

A performance-based artiste chart

Click here to see TurnTable Top Artiste 100 chart


4) TurnTable Top 50 Airplay Chart

An Airplay based chart

Click here to see TurnTable Top 50 Airplay Chart


In the coming months, TurnTable Charts will be working with different individuals and organizations both within and outside music industry to create an independent panel that will help with the creation of metrics for these music charts.

These individuals and organizations will contribute their knowledge and experience with music and data in Nigeria to ensure that the aggregation is made possible. 

According to TurnTable Charts: 

We are at a point in the history of Nigerian music where we have the opportunity to create something that no generation has ever achieved; 

The opportunity to determine what is popular across the country based on aggregated data rather than perception, the opportunity to determine consumer behavior on a wide scale using historical data, the opportunity to make investment and executive decisions using comprehensive data instead of using playlist-themed charts and an opportunity to give the next generation, and the opportunity to give the next generation something we’ve never had – ability to know and tell their history

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