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Here is “Traboski” Meaning by BNXN

Here is “Traboski” Meaning by BNXN

Traboski Meaning by BNXN

Here is the meaning of Traboski as implied in his new song of the same title.  This meaning is brought to you by The Scoove Africa 


Mo ti traboski, already
Padi mi, shaa nu mi
Hmm, hmm, hmm
Mo ti traboski, already
Padi mi, shaa nu mi
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
Mo ti traboski, already
Padi mi, shaa nu mi
Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn
Ko de wa steady
Padi mi, sho fę pa mi ni

Traboski Meaning

Traboski means “To work hard and put your all in something”.

This is what BNXN means when he said “Mo ti Traboski, already, padi mi shanu mi”. Based on Traboski Meaning, this translates to “I have worked hard enough already, guys, let me have fun, I deserve it”

There is also an inferred Traboski meaning in the sense that the song itself is about cruise and that’s the meaning Traboski itself is associated with.

For example, in the chorus, BNXN asks “Sho fe pa mi ni?” which means “Do you want to kill me?’

Here, Traboski meaning as implied by BNXN introduces the idea of the amount of pressure that is put on artists to put out projects or always worry about streams and whether their songs are charting or not.

So, BNXN’s response to all these, as implied by Traboski meaning, states that “I worked my arse off, let me enjoy myself and have fun”


Traboski Meaning Verse 1

They demand on cruise
Show me who are you
Mo de mu times two
Kan ma lo rope
Anything I say
‘Cause I dey on cruise
Now do as you’re told
‘Cause me I don dey
And me I feel good
If you give me one shot or two
I doubt if I go fit move 

In verse 1, BNXN hints at what he means when he says that “Mo ti Traboski”, which means “I have paid my dues”.

He says he wants to have fun to the extent that if you give him one shot of alcohol, he may not be able to move anymore because that’s just how desperate for fun and relaxation he is.

BNXN “Traboski” Lyrics


Traboski Meaning Verse 2

One time for the babes I put on
They put me on flex, hmm, hmm
And more so I dey flex
If na you, I really like text
I tell you something
You do like say you no wan learn
I no dey really like vex
No yawa, we just wan sex
If party don go (Giddem)

Bash the moto
We go fix am tomorrow
Nkan ti mo n ro
Don’t let no one know
I just wan live your way oh
Where we con go
It’s somewhere real nice
Somewhere nobody know
As e dey go, me I don go
And I’m just dancing alone


In verse 2, BNXN’s brings out more on Traboski meaning when he says that after working hard (which is what Traboski is all about), he wants to have fun and flex with ladies and also have sexual relations with them. This is what happens after all the work he put in and that’s his own way of having fun.

As verse 2 progresses, he says he doesn’t mind bashing his car if it means that he is trying to have fun and forget about life and the pressure everyone is putting on him.

He says that he wants to go somewhere nice, somewhere nobody knows so he can be himself without all the celebrity restrictions hanging all over him


Therefore, according to BNXN, when you Traboski, it means:

  • You put in your all in something and you just want to have fun
  • You paid your dues and kept all the shit that happened to yourself just to obey the rules
  • You’ve worked hard for something enough

That’s Traboski Meaning


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BNXN “Traboski” Lyrics

Ruger and Buju BNXN Beef | The Timeline



Buju- Daniel Benson, who now goes by BNXN, was born on May 19, 1997. His genre of music- of Afrobeats, is referred to as “Afrofusion“.

He is a songwriter, singer and record producer who got very famous after featuring Ladipoe on the song “Feeling” which later on became a hit.

BNXN has also been on a number of respectable collaborations like “Mood” with Wizkid off his “Made in Lagos“ deluxe album, and “Bling” with Blaqbonez, who recently released a new single- “Commander“

Traboski Meaning

To date, BNXN has released 2 extended plays {EP} titled “Sorry I’m late” Sorry I’m Late is the extended play (EP) project of Nigerian Singer and songwriter BNXN, It was released on October 27, 2021, under the management of T.Y.E/ Empire Records.

It features guest appearances from Nigerian Highlife music duo, The Cavemen, and production from Steph, Perlz, Denzl, Timi Jay and Rexxie. Mixed and mastered by Vtek and Poppil.

Consequently, BNXN embarked on a “Sorry I’m late tour”

Buju {BNXN} performed his first show in London on November 30, which marked  the beginning of his “Sorry I’m Late” tour.

On the 22nd of December, 2021, Buju headlined his first sold-out concert tagged ‘Buju: Sorry I am Late’, which is also his debut concert in Lagos. The concert was held at Balmoral Convection centre, Lagos.

The concert had surprise performances from top stars that include Wizkid, Burnaboy, Omah Lay, Zlatan and Zinoleesky.

Recently, Budding afrofusion Nigerian singer, announced on social media platforms that he would no longer go by his stage name called “Buju“, he would now go by the stage name “BNXN“.

According to him, BNXN is an alternative way of pronouncing “Benson” which is his original name. Buju- his erstwhile stage name, meant “Beauty Underneath Just Understood”.

To complement the name fully, Buju added “TYE” to it, which meant “To your ears”.

Put together, it means “Beauty Underneath Just Understood To Your Ears”. However, Buju does not go with the stage name “Buju” anymore. He will be going by the stage name “BNXN”

Although speculations arise on it, the strongest suggestion is that Buju changed his name to BNXN because there is already a singer bearing the name “Buju Banton” who is infact, more popular and renowned.

It is only easier and more logical that Buju changed his name to separate it from Buju Banton’s own so as to avoid confusion and mistaken identities.

Besides, the decision was also most likely borne out of the fact that Buju does not want to stay in the shadows of Buju Banton’s career. Buju Banton is a Jamaican Singer and is regarded as one of the best Jamaican singers of all time. He even has a Grammy Award.

Perhaps another reason for this dissociation from Buju Banton and changing his name to BNXN, is that Buju Banton is an ex-convict who has apparently served jail time in the United States because he was in possession of Marijuana.

He was released in 2018 and deported back to his hometown- Jamaica. And he is also banned from entering the United States ever.

Stream Traboski here



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