Ruger and buju bnxn beef

Ruger and Buju BNXN Beef | The Timeline

What is Ruger and Buju BNXN beefing about exactly? The Timeline

If you have been a good “Twitter resident”, or as we like to call it, a diligent tweep, you would know that Ruger and Buju BNXN have had no love lost between themselves. Even Twitter trolls cannot separate them. But the big question is, what is Ruger and Buju BNXN beefing about?


What Ruger and Buju BNXN are beefing about

It always starts with music. Industry beefs are almost always not personal.


Ruger and Buju BNXN Beef Part 1

Ruger and Buju BNXN beef originally started when Ruger replied a fan that he is a better singer than BNXN.

Their counterparts did not take such declarative insinuation with smiles.

Omah Lay took to his Twitter account saying that it was rude for Ruger to say something like that considering that Buju has more global hits than Ruger has, and that they’re both contemporaries and such comparison was highly unnecessary.

Ruger and bnxn

Meanwhile, Buju BNXN remained silent for a while before posting that he loved making music and he hated feuds, but he would definitely not sit around and listen to another artist like him profess that he is better than him.

At this stage, it seemed Buju was trying to avoid a beef with his fellow artist by saying the comparison and “better than you” insults were unnecessary.

This was how the Ruger and Buju BNXN beef started, way back in the middle of 2022.


Ruger and Buju BNXN Beef Part 2

What Ruger and Buju BNXN are beefing about continued when Buju BNXN released his long-awaited Ep “Bad Since ‘97” and shared a screenshot of the project doing well on streaming charts. But not only did he share the screenshot, he added “What if I? What if I, What if I coooook?”

What is ruger and bnxn beefing about

This was a popular glib that Ruger used in his hit song “Girlfriend” when he says “What if I?” and mostly “Cooook that thing!” It was apparent it was targeted at Ruger and was a means of refueling the Ruger and Buju BNXN beef.

Furthermore, he added “Project number 1, and I didn’t have to whine waist”. This was Buju BNXN taking a shot at Ruger whose new dance routine for his hit song “Girlfriend” involved shaking his waist to the pleasure of his fans.

Meanwhile, Buju BNXN was not done, he further stated in a tweet with an added screenshot “From the Pandemid project and the second shave”.

This was a mockery play on words of Ruger’s Eps “The Second Wave” and ‘The Pandemic” which were charting at Number 33 and Number 164 at that time in comparison to Buju BNXN’s number one EP.

To this, Ruger replied, “Get a solo hit then talk to me fatty bum bum”

Ruger bnxn beef

It would appear the Ruger and BUJU BNXN beef was already heated at this stage because they traded insults vicariously at one another using their insecurities.


Ruger and BUJU BNXN Beef part 3

What Ruger and Buju BNXN are beefing about at this point, was unspoken, and was majorly done by their fans.

It was around the announcement of the 2022 Headies Award nominations when both artists were put against each other in the most coveted category of “Next Rated Award”, which is almost synonymous to the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Twitter Tweeps took to their various accounts to express that either Buju or Ruger would go home with the award. This nomination further spurred the beef between Buju BNXN and Ruger


Ruger and Buju BNXN Beef Part 4 (Most Recent)

The fourth part that entails what Ruger and Buju BNXN are beefing about happened recently and started around November 23, 2022 when Buju stated that Ruger was biting the fingers that fed him.

He further called the artist out by saying that he hasn’t sold out anywhere. Not Muri Okunola Park, Balmoral or not even Eko Hotels. To this, Ruger responded with two tweets. The first was to ask Buju BNXN to list five of his solo hit songs.

What is happening between Ruger and Bnxn

This may be based on the fact that most of Buju BNXN’s hit songs are collaborations with other artists. Examples like Finesse, Hustle, and Mood. For Ruger, he hints that he has solo hit songs like Snapchat, Dior, Girlfriend, Bounce and recently, Asiwaju.

Ruger also adds that Buju BNXN crams his songs in people’s ears on TikTok so they could become hit songs.


It seems the Ruger and Buju BNXN beef might be a never ending one.


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Michael Adebayo Olayinka (born 23 September 1999), popularly known as Ruger, is a Nigerian Afrobeat singer and songwriter.

Ruger came into lime-light 2021 after he signed a record deal with D’Prince “Jonzing world record” with a publishing and distribution deal with Columbia Records, and Sony Music Entertainment, U.K division.

Bounce”, became a major hit song from Pandemic EP, and debuted at number 39 on the Top 50 chart. In the same year, it debuted at number 20, on the TurnTable End of the Year chart.

On 19 November 2021, he released his second EP, titled The Second Wave, and was led by “Dior” from the EP, which is the first to peak number 1 song in Nigeria 2022, along side Gambia, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Madagascar and other African countries).

He was introduced to the public by D’Prince, following the release of “One Shirt”, with Rema.

On 19 February 2021, he released Ruger, a self-titled single off his first EP project, titled PANDEMIC.

Pandemic was certified “Platinum in Sub-Saharan Africa” He achieved mainstream recognition with the release of his debut extended play and its hit track “Bounce”, which became his major hit, with over 45 million views on youtube music video and had reached number one on Apple Music in Nigeria, and other African countries.

Also number 2 most shazam songs of 2021 Nigeria and Number 3 Apple music top songs 2021. He also peaked number 1 top rising artiste on Boomplay 2021.

On 19 November 2021, he released his second extended play titled The Second Wave, solely produced by Kukbeatz.

Which was led by “Dior” from the EP, becoming the first to peak number 1 song in Nigeria 2022, along side Gambia, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Madagascar and other African countries).

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