Tems if orange was a place review

Tems If Orange was a place review

Tems if orange was a place review

“Tems’ “If orange was a place” is an aura filled body of work that automatically dispenses vibes that are easily relatable.

Tems if orange was a place

After releasing her debut EP titled “For Broken Ears” to critical acclaim. Tems’ has had a sporadic growth in the Nigerian Music industry and the international sphere.

Her collaboration with Wizkid on “Essence”, which is arguably the biggest and most popular Nigerian song, marked a mile stone in her career.

Meanwhile, her recent collaboration with Drake on his mind-blowing album “Certified Lover Boy” is a feat that is usually considered “one-in-a-life time”. There are definitely several artists that want to collaborate with Drake. And then, Tems’ says he hits her up for a collaboration?

She is definitely “some good stuff”. Understatement tho

September 15, 2021 marks the release date of Tems’ sophomore Extended play (EP) titled “If orange was a place”. Let’s get into a track by track review of it.

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Tems if orange was a place track list


1 “Crazy Tings”

Let me first comment on the wonderful production evident in this body of work. Most times, just from the first song in a music work, you get a feel of what to expect from the whole work, and what to expect from Tems’ “If orange was a place” is about to be something goooood.

Being an extended play opener, “Crazy tings” even though it has excellent songwriting and wonderful production and mixing, lacks total delivery. The delivery is not felt completely. I mean, it is very hard to believe what is happening; that the girl is being deceived by her lover, is truly crazy.

Even if Tems were to present this situation as crazy, the passion behind her voice, which would have accentuated the delivery of the song is found wanting.

“Crazy Tings” is not a bad song, but it would have been better had it not been short of delivery.

2 “Found” ft. Brent Faiyaz
Now, this is what I am talking about! The delivery at the beginning of “Found” sparks interest in the song. In fact, a lot of interest.

If Tems didn’t really want her “if Orange was a place” opener to be a song without collaboration, “Found” would have been the perfect option.

The sound from 1:21 is amazing. That hook offers a unique tune for the song.

Also, Brent Faiyaz’s voice is just amaze balls. Not only does it blend into the song, it blends the song.
“Found” ends a nice romantic song which does not bear Nigerian conventional romantic song’s lyrics.

3 “Replay”
The first song with a different theme. Tems goes:

“My voice is a mystery…”

Preach girl!

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This song establishes her person, her stance, her options, and her freedom of choice. Meanwhile, a chorus would have been perfect to make it more memorable.

The 2:24- 2:49 drum pause was amazing and well-needed for the song

4 “Avoid Things”

Not the writer’s favorite song on the album, but still, good. The song requires that you listen, and is a song about relationship complication.

It tells the story of a lady who wants to set things straight with her lover but the guy is kind of “acting solo” and “forming” a bad-guy.

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5 “Vibe out”

“Vibe out” is a song about love complications too and the only thing that establishes its difference from “avoid things” is that the lyrics in both songs are not recycled. They are changed and this gives both songs a different-theme tune even though they speak to the same thing.

In “If Orange was a place”, the songs are all blended together, and in fact, makes it seem like you taste milk, or honey.

They fill your ears with an uncommon aura. “If Orange was a place” is a body of work that gets people’s various mood. There are love songs, love complication songs and a song about freedom of choice.

The EP also showcases Tems’ skills as a good songwriter. If anything, it makes “If Orange was a Place” a worthwhile-listen

While “if Orange was a place” is not a perfect body of work and expounds the need for Tems’ to work on her song delivery, it is filled with very relatable songs, and will do very well on streaming platforms.


Songwriting: 2/2
Production/mixing: 2/2
Delivery: 1/2
Enjoyability/Satisfaction: 1.5/2
Structure/Track listing: 1.8/2
Total: 8.3/10

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